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  Oil slick spreads from sunken rig  A 1-by-5-mile sheen of crude oil mix has spread across the Gulf of Mexico's surface around the area where an oil rig exploded and sank Alert over oil leak on Great Barrier Reef Map of Great Barrier Reef Australia
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Cargo Ship Accident Main Event: NZ ship oil ...
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B. 2017-03-22 Indonesia survey shows massive coral death from cruise ship Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
2. 2015-05-03 Costa Rica shipwreck sparks toxic chemical spill alert Puntarenas, Costa Rica
D. 2013-08-20 Deadly ship collision also leaking oil along coastline Cebu, Southern Philippines
E. 2012-01-28 Cruise ship fuel pumping delayed Giglio island, Italy
5. 2011-10-10 Spill NZ 'worst marine disaster' New Zealand
2011-10-10 NZ ship oil spill 'significant' Tauranga, New Zealand
7. 2011-10-09 NZ races to empty oil spill ship Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
I. 2010-05-24 Oil leaks from Singapore tanker Singapore
J. 2010-04-25 Efforts to stop leak after oil rig explosion Louisiana

NZ races to empty oil spill ship Map of Bay of Plenty New Zealand  Salvage teams are racing to extract oil from a leaking container ship stranded off New Zealand, ahead of forecast gale-force winds and swells Oil leaks from Singapore tanker  Emergency teams are working to contain a crude oil spill after two ships - a tanker and a bulk carrier - collided in waters off Singapore   Efforts to stop leak after oil rig explosion
Indonesia survey shows massive coral death from cruise ship Map of Raja Ampat West Papua Indonesia  19,000 square meters of pristine coral reef was damaged by a foreign cruise ship that ran aground in waters off West Papua province Costa Rica shipwreck sparks toxic chemical spill alert   A shipwreck off the coast of the tourist town of Puntarenas sparked an emergency alert when it went down in heavy seas full of toxic chemica... Deadly ship collision also leaking oil along coastline   The ferry disaster is turning into an environmental catastrophe for the surrounding area as spilled fuel contaminates coastlines   Cruise ship fuel pumping delayed   Operations to pump fuel from the tanks of the wrecked Costa Concordia lying off the Italian coast have been delayed because of bad weather   Spill NZ 'worst marine disaster'   The oil leaking from a stranded cargo ship off New Zealand has become the country's worst maritime environmental disaster NZ ship oil spill 'significant' Map of Tauranga New Zealand

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Mar.22   Indonesia

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May.3   Costa Rica

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Aug.20   Southern Philippines

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Jan.28   Italy

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Oct.10   New Zealand
  New Zealand
  Efforts to recover oil from a ship carrying nearly a half million gallons of heavy fuel that ran aground after striking a reef
 Up to 10 times more oil than originally estimated is now thought to be leaking from a cargo ship
Oct.9   New Zealand

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May.24   Singapore
Apr.25   Louisiana
  Officials found oil was leaking from the well Deepwater Horizon. Rescuers suspended the search for 11 people missing
Apr.22   Louisiana
Apr.3   Queensland
  The Shen Neng I, a Chinese ship, has run aground off north-eastern Australia, sparking an alert of an oil leak into the Great Barrier Reef

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Mar.13   Queensland Australia declares oil spill disaster
Map of Brisbane Australia  The Pacific Adventurer sustained damage when Cyclone Hamish struck the waters. The ship lost 30 of its 50 containers of ammonium nitrate

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Aug.1   Oceania   U.S. sub leaked radioactive water  Water with trace amounts of radioactivity may have leaked for months from a submarine as it traveled around the Pacific

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Dec.7   South Korea Tons of oil spill into Yellow Sea
  Thousands of tons of oil spilled off the western coast of South Korea after an oil tanker collided with a barge carrying a crane.    The crane punctured holes in the side of the tanker...
Nov.12   Russia Death toll rises in oil disaster   Russia and Ukraine launched a rescue and cleanup operation in the Black Sea after fatal storms sank 5 ships, including an oil tanker Nov.11   Russia Russian oil tanker breaks in two Map of Kerch Strait Russia  A tanker split in two during a fierce storm, spilling some 560,000 gallons of fuel into a strait leading to the Black Sea

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Dec.11   Spain   Tanker could leak oil until 2006  The sunken Prestige could cause long-lasting damage to the coastline of north-west Spain Nov.19   Spain   Tanker sank spilling oil
  17,000 tonnes of fuel oil was leaking
Sep.17   South Africa Oil leak ship abandoned  Workers have abandoned efforts to refloat a grounded blazing ship after discovering the vessel's cracks were worsening Sep.16   South Africa Struggle to stop freighter breaking up  Salvage operators are due to begin trying to refloat the vessel Sep.13   South Africa Oil spill threatens wildlife park  An oil spill from a stricken Italian freighter beached in an environmentally sensitive area off the eastern coast

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Mar.21   Rio de Janeiro Oil from sunken rig contained  Platform's owners said the spill was being contained. Only one body has been recovered

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