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Prime minister: Major fighting over  Ali Mohamed Gedi said that Islamic fighters have been scattered, and he does not expect any more major fighting Militia abandon last major stronghold Map of Kismayo Somalia  Islamist militiamen have fled the southern port city of Kismayo, their last major stronghold Mogadishu falls to government troops Map of Mogadishu Somalia  Triumphant government fighters backed by Ethiopian tanks and jets enter Mogadishu Islamists withdraw from Mogadishu
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Politics Main Event: Kenya 'turned into kill...
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1. 2011-02-20 Libyan leader's son warns of 'civil war' Libya
2. 2010-12-30 I Coast attack 'may restart war' Ivory Coast
3. 2010-12-26 Ivory Coast in civil war warning Ivory Coast
4. 2010-01-06 Aid groups warn of Sudan civil war risk Sudan
2008-01-17 Kenya 'turned into killing field' Kenya
6. 2007-01-02 Prime minister: Major fighting over Somalia
H. 2006-12-31 Militia abandon last major stronghold Kismayo,, Somalia
I. 2006-12-28 Mogadishu falls to government troops Mogadishu, Somalia
J. 2006-12-27 Islamists withdraw from Mogadishu Somalia

  I Coast attack 'may restart war'  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned supporters of incumbent Laurent Gbagbo not to attack his rival Alassane Ouattara's HQ Ivory Coast in civil war warning  Foreign intervention to oust incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo could ignite a civil war, a spokesman for the president has warned Aid groups warn of Sudan civil war risk  Ten international groups say a 2005 peace deal in Sudan is on the verge of collapse and that the world must act now to prevent renewed confl... Kenya 'turned into killing field'
  Libyan leader's son warns of 'civil war'

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Feb.20   Libya
  In a speech on state TV, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi blamed drunks, criminals and foreigners for fomenting violence in the North African nation.    Sayf al-Islam, admits the military over-reacted against anti-gov...

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Dec.30   Ivory Coast
Dec.26   Ivory Coast
Jan.6   Sudan

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Jan.17   Kenya
  Opposition leader Odinga has accused the government and the police of turning the country into 'killing fields of the innocent'

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Jan.2   Somalia

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.31   Somalia
Dec.28   Somalia
Dec.27   Somalia
  Somali Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed said that all Islamist forces had withdrawn from the capital.    'We have withdrawn all the leaders and members,' the top Somali Islamic leader told al-Jazeera. Gunfire e...
Dec.26   Somalia   Islamic forces retreat  The government and Ethiopian troops advanced toward the capital as Islamists bloodied by a week of artillery attacks Dec.20   Somalia Heavy fighting erupts  A deadline from Islamists for Ethiopia to withdraw troops from Somalia expired. There is a mortar fire at Daynunay Nov.26   Chad Rebels moving toward capital  A rebel column moved westward on the main highway toward N'Djamena Oct.22   Somalia Somalis flee as militamen gather  Residents of a town of Bur Haqaba are fearing renewed fighting between government forces and their rivals Jun.14   Somalia Islamists capture key town   Islamic fighters have captured the town of Jowhar from warlords, 90km to the south of Mogadishu Jun.5   Somalia Islamists claim Mogadishu victory Map of Baquba Somalia
  An Islamist militia has seized the capital, after weeks of fighting against an alliance of warlords backed by the US
May.25   Somalia Battle intensifies for Mogadishu  Islamic militiamen have taken key points in the capital, as fighting intensifies with their rivals May.12   Somalia 130 dead in fighting  Battles between transitional government forces and Islamic fighters have killed mostly civilian bystanders Apr.12   Chad Rebels close in on capital
  Rebels vowing to overthrow the president have moved to within 65 miles of N'Djamena

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Jul.28   Liberia Rebels capture port city of Buchanan
  The port had been taken by the MDL. The government forces were massing outside the city Jul.26   Liberia   Liberians die in church mortar hit  7 killed, 30 more were seriously wounded from the blast Jun.8   Liberia   Rebels push into capital  Liberians pray to a backdrop of weapons fire and mortars, appealing for peace

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Feb.22   Angola Rebel leader killed  The Angolan authorities say Jonas Savimbi is killed in fighting between Angolan army forces and his Unita rebels

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