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Suspected drone strike kills up to 30   Pakistan's army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has condemned the latest raid by US unmanned drones as 'intolerable and unjustified'   McChrystal regrets Afghan deaths   Twelve Afghan civilians were killed when two rockets fired by coalition forces missed their intended target, as the Taliban showed stiff res... 'Scores die' in explosion Map of Kunduz Afghanistan
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Politics Main Event: Kunduz MSF clinic worke...
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1. 2016-06-05 US journalist and translator killed in Afghan ambush Marjah, Southern Afghanistan
C. 2016-02-14 Afghan civilian death and injuries 'reach record high' Afghanistan
D. 2015-11-25 Kunduz bombing: US attacked MSF clinic 'in error' Kunduz, Northern Afghanistan
4. 2015-10-10 Kunduz strike: US to compensate victims of hospital bombing Kunduz, Northern Afghanistan
F. 2015-10-06 Kunduz: Afghan MSF hospital strike a mistake, says US Afghanistan
2015-10-02 Kunduz MSF clinic workers killed Kunduz, Northern Afghanistan
H. 2014-06-10 Nato forces kill five US troops in Afghanistan Zabul, Southern Afghanistan
I. 2014-03-05 Five Afghan soldiers 'killed in Nato strike' Charkh, Logar, Afghanistan
J. 2013-10-30 Pakistan says drones killed 67 civilians since 2008 Pakistan

  Nato forces kill five US troops in Afghanistan Map of Zabul Afghanistan  Five American soldiers have been killed accidentally by their own side in southern Afghanistan, US military sources have confirmed   Five Afghan soldiers 'killed in Nato strike' Map of Charkh Logar Afghanistan  A Nato airstrike has killed five Afghan soldiers in eastern Afghanistan, Afghan government officials say Pakistan says drones killed 67 civilians since 2008 Karzai: Nato has caused suffering Afghan children 'killed by Nato' Nato apology for Afghan boys' deaths Civilian casualties in Afghanistan fall Afghanistan mine kills 10 girls Afghan women 'die in Nato strike' Nato air strike 'kills Afghan family' NATO probes report of Afghan civilian deaths Afghan civilian death toll rises U.S. talked with Pakistan before fatal strike Nato raid prompts Pakistan review   Nato admits Pakistan troop deaths
US journalist and translator killed in Afghan ambush Afghan civilian death and injuries 'reach record high' Kunduz bombing: US attacked MSF clinic 'in error'   A US aircraft attacked a Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) clinic in the Afghan city of Kunduz because of 'human error', a US military inquiry ... Kunduz strike: US to compensate victims of hospital bombing Kunduz: Afghan MSF hospital strike a mistake, says US Kunduz MSF clinic workers killed Map of Kunduz Afghanistan

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Jun.5   Southern Afghanistan
Feb.14   Afghanistan

year 2015 Top ^

Nov.25   Northern Afghanistan
Oct.10   Northern Afghanistan
Oct.6   Afghanistan
Oct.2   Northern Afghanistan
  A clinic has been bombarded in the northern Afghan city, killing three MSF aid workers, with Nato investigating whether it was behind it

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Jun.10   Southern Afghanistan
Mar.5   Afghanistan

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Oct.30   Pakistan
Oct.7   Kabul
Apr.7   Afghanistan
Mar.2   Afghanistan
Feb.18   Afghanistan

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Dec.16   Afghanistan
Sep.16   Afghanistan
May.27   Afghanistan
Feb.10   Afghanistan
Feb.3   Afghanistan

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Dec.2   Pakistan
Nov.26   Pakistan
  Nato spokesman: It is 'highly likely' that Nato aircraft were behind a deadly overnight raid on a Pakistani border checkpoint.    Pakistan says at least 24 soldiers were killed. Prime Minister Gilani called it 'outrageous'. Pakistan is blocki...

Mar.17   Tribal Areas

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Feb.14   Afghanistan

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Sep.3   Northern Afghanistan
  At least 90 people have been killed after NATO air strike blew up a fuel tanker hijacked by the Taliban
Jun.23   Tribal Areas 'Dozens dead' in US drone strike   At least 45 people, attending a funeral for others killed in a US drone strike, have died in a missile strike by a US aircraft in Pakistan May.31   NW Pakistan Mingora city centre 'destroyed'   The scale of the damage to the main city in the Swat valley has become clear, as fears are expressed about the humanitarian situation May.15   West Pakistan Thousands flee fighting
  Thousands of people are streaming into camps seeking refuge from the conflict between the army and Taliban rebels in the country's north-west
May.12   Sri Lanka War zone hospital 'hit'
  The government forces have shelled a hospital inside the conflict zone killing at least 49 people
May.11   Sri Lanka UN mourns Sri Lanka 'bloodbath'   UN spokesman in Colombo Gordon Weiss: more than 100 children died during the 'large-scale killing of civilians' May.10   Sri Lanka   Shelling kills 378 civilians in 'no-fire' zone  Nearly 400 people were killed overnight Saturday by government shelling in what is supposed to be a 'no-fire' zone May.8   NW Pakistan Tens of thousands flee war-torn region Map of Swat Valley Pakistan  The United Nations' refugee agency warned of a 'massive displacement' of civilians as military broadens its offensive against Taliban May.7   Pakistan Displaced Pakistanis crowd camps  Thousands fleeing south to escape the escalating conflict between the military and Taliban militants in northwestern Pakistan May.5   NW Pakistan Swat residents 'flee their homes'   Residents of Swat Valley are reported to be fleeing their homes despite authorities rescinding an earlier order for them to leave Feb.2   Sri Lanka   S Lanka tells civilians to leave  International humanitarian aid agencies called for increased access to northern Sri Lanka, where government and Tamil rebels are locked in b... Feb.1   Sri Lanka Deadly strike on hospital  The UN says many people, including children, have been killed by shells landing on a hospital in rebel-held territory in the north-east

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Aug.11   Southern Afghanistan   U.S. air strike kills 25 militants, 8 civilians   An air strike by the United States kills 25 Taliban militants and 8 civilians in Oruzgan Provinc

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Aug.24   Afghanistan   U.S. jet 'bombs British troops'
  3 soldiers have been killed by so-called friendly fire from American fighter planes

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Oct.26   Southern Afghanistan Nato confirms raid deaths
  Southern Afghanistan 'Civilians killed' in Nato raids  Scores of civilians have been killed during operations against Taleban in southern Afghanistan

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Jul.1   Afghanistan U.S. bomb hits wedding party
  At least 20 people were killed and more than 60 injured when a plane dropped a bomb as celebrants fired into the air

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