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  UN blames Syria for Houla deaths  Syrian troops and militia were behind the Houla massacre of 108 people in May, UN investigators have found US condemns Afghan bodies 'abuse'  The Los Angeles Times published photos Wednesday of U.S. soldiers posing with what the newspaper said were bodies of insurgents   Obama condolences over massacre   US President Obama has phoned his Afghan counterpart Karzai to express condolences over the massacre of 16 villagers in Kandahar Video shows alleged U.S. Marine abuse
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Auschwitz guard, 89, arrested in US   UN implicates Assad in war crimes   The human rights chief has said an inquiry has produced evidence that war crimes were authorised at the 'highest level', including by Assad UN confirms sarin attack in Syria U.S. official: Almost no doubt Assad regime used chemical weapons   Fort Hood gunman Hasan convicted Map of Fort Hood Texas  Maj Nidal Hasan, the US Army psychiatrist who shot dead 13 comrades at a Texas Army base in 2009, has been convicted of all charges Afghan massacre US soldier 'sorry' UN urges clarity over Syria attacks Afghan massacre victim eyes US soldier   US suspects Syria of chemical attack
Russia again blocks extension of chemical attacks probe UN watchdog says Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun attack   US accuses Russia of 'barbarism' in Aleppo   The US ambassador to the UN has accused Russia of 'barbarism' over the bombing of the Syrian city of Aleppo   Syria conflict: US 'holds Russia responsible' for deadly aid attack   The US has said it holds Russia responsible for a deadly attack on an aid convoy near the Syrian city of Aleppo on Monday Islamic State 'committed genocide', says US PM Abe offers 'deep repentance' over war with US US used Nazis as Cold War spies Four guilty of Blackwater killings Exiled Nazis collected US benefits Gaza crisis: Rafah school strike 'criminal' - UN chief   U.N.: Hamas, Israel may be guilty of war crimes   The United Nations humanitarian chief said both sides in the conflict may be guilty of war crimes MH17 plane crash: Kerry points finger at Russia   MH17 hit by missile from rebel-held Ukraine - Obama

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Nov.17   UN Security Council
Jun.29   UN

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Sep.24   UN Security Council
Sep.20   Washington
Mar.17   Washington

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Apr.29   U.S. Congress

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Oct.27   Washington
Oct.22   Washington
Oct.20   Washington
Aug.3   UN
Jul.23   UN
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Jul.18   Washington
  US President Barack Obama has said a surface-to-air missile fired from a rebel-held area in east Ukraine brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17
Jun.18   Philadelphia

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Dec.2   UN
Sep.16   UN
Aug.25   Washington
Aug.23   Texas
Aug.22   Seattle
Aug.21   UN
Aug.20   Seattle
Apr.25   Washington
  US intelligence agencies believe 'with varying degrees of confidence' that Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels

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Aug.15   UN
Apr.18   Washington
Mar.11   Washington
Jan.11   Washington
  A number of websites posted a video showing four men dressed in U.S. Marine Corps combat gear urinating on the apparently dead bodies

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Oct.14   Washington US troops to aid Uganda battle   President Obama is sending about 100 troops to help hunt down the leaders of the notoriously violent Lord's Resistance Army in and around Ug...

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Mar.4   House of Representatives   Congress panel accuses Turks of genocide  House Foreign Affairs Committeel has described the killing of Armenians by Turkish forces during WWI as genocide, despite White House

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Nov.5   UN Gen. Assembly   Gaza war probes get U.N. approval  The General Assembly approved a resolution endorsing a U.N. report calling for both Israel and Palestine to carry out independent investigat... Sep.15   UN U.N.: Gaza acts amounted to war crimes Jun.10   Washington Shooting at Holocaust museum May.15   Washington   Obama to resurrect military tribunals  President is planning to resume the Bush administration's military commission system for some Guantanamo detainees May.11   Ohio   Demjanjuk deported to Germany
Map of Cleveland Ohio  Nazi war crimes suspect John Demjanjuk, 89, was deported after he was removed from his home

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Jun.19   UN Security Council UN classifies rape a 'war tactic'

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Oct.10   House of Representatives   US bill on Armenia moves forward
  A bill recognising the killing of Armenians in Ottoman times as genocide passed through the House Foreign Affairs Committee by 27 votes to 21.    The nonbinding resolution says the deportation of nearly 2 million Armenians from the Ottoman Empire between in 1915-1923, resulting in the deaths of 1.5 million, amounted to 'genocide' Presi...
Aug.3   Southern California Marine sentenced over Iraq murder  Sgt Lawrence Hutchins has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of a civilian during a failed search for an insurgent

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Dec.21   Washington Marines charged in Haditha killings   4 Marines have been charged with murder in the killings of 24 Iraqi civilians, and 4 officers are accused of failing to investigate Jun.21   USA 8 U.S. troops charged with murder  Seven Marines and a Navy corpsman were charged with murder in the killing of civilian near the town of Hamdaniya Apr.28   Washington Abu Ghraib interrogation chief charged

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Sep.26   Texas   US soldier guilty of Iraq abuse  A military panel has found Private Lynndie England, 22, guilty of abusing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib jail Jan.14   Texas   Iraq jail abuse 'leader' guilty
  Charles Graner, 36, accused of abuse at Abu Ghraib jail has been found guilty of mistreating detainees

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Aug.24   Washington Abu Ghraib report attacks 'chaos'
Jun.23   UN US war crimes immunity bid fails Apr.30   Washington Iraq prison abuse sparks outrage
  A coalition military spokesman is 'disgusted' by photographs that apparently show U.S. soldiers abusing detainees

Crime Main Event: US accuses Russia of 'barb...
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B. 2017-11-17 Russia again blocks extension of chemical attacks probe UN Security Council
C. 2017-06-29 UN watchdog says Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun attack UN
2016-09-24 US accuses Russia of 'barbarism' in Aleppo UN Security Council
E. 2016-09-20 Syria conflict: US 'holds Russia responsible' for deadly aid attack Washington
F. 2016-03-17 Islamic State 'committed genocide', says US Washington
G. 2015-04-29 PM Abe offers 'deep repentance' over war with US U.S. Congress
7. 2014-10-27 US used Nazis as Cold War spies Washington
8. 2014-10-22 Four guilty of Blackwater killings Washington
J. 2014-10-20 Exiled Nazis collected US benefits Washington

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