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Government helicopters 'drop chlorine' on Aleppo   Syrian government forces have been accused of dropping barrel bombs containing chlorine on a suburb of Aleppo, injuring 80 people Chlorine gas was used in attacks on Syrian villages. Northern Syria Claims of new poison gas attack in Syria. Northern Syria Report: Syria to ship toxic agents out of country US 'concern' at Syria weapons delay. Washington Syria chemical arms transport 'slow' First chemical weapons leave Syria Map of Latakia Syria  Northern Syria: The first consignment of Syrian chemical weapons materials has left the country on a Danish ship Syria urged to help ship toxic arms 'Progress' in destruction of Syrian chemical weapons Plan to destroy Syria weapons at sea Syria chemical arms plan adopted   Syria met first weapons deadline: OPCW   Syria has destroyed all its declared chemical weapons facilities, and all of the chemical weapons at inspected sites have been placed under seal Safety concerns keep inspectors from 2 weapons sites Ban: Syria mission 'unprecedented'. UN More weapons inspectors sent to Syria US credits Syria over chemical arms. Washington   Syria chemical arms removal begins  The destruction of Syria's chemical weapons has begun, international monitors have said. The operation is being overseen by OPCW   UN adopts Syria chemical resolution
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War Crime Main Event: 20 children and 52 adu...
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B. 2018-04-16 Syria chemical attack: Investigators allowed to visit site Douma, Damascus
2. 2018-04-07 At least 70 killed in suspected chemical attack in Douma Douma, Syria
3. 2017-06-29 UN watchdog says Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun attack UN
E. 2017-04-19 Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun attack, OPCW says Khan Sheikhoun, Syria
F. 2017-04-12 UN draft resolution on Syria attack: Vote fails with Russia veto UN Security Council
G. 2017-04-09 Tillerson: Russia 'failure allowed Syria chemical attack' Washington
2017-04-05 20 children and 52 adults killed in chemical attack Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib, Northern Syria
8. 2016-09-06 Government helicopters 'drop chlorine' on Aleppo
J. 2014-09-10 Chlorine gas was used in attacks on Syrian villages Talmanes, Northern Syria

UN watchdog says Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun attack Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun attack, OPCW says   UN draft resolution on Syria attack: Vote fails with Russia veto  UN Security Council: A vote by the U.N. Security council on a draft resolution to condemn the chemical weapon attack in Syria failed, but China abstained Tillerson: Russia 'failure allowed Syria chemical attack'. Washington 20 children and 52 adults killed in chemical attack Map of Khan Sheikhoun Idlib Syria
Syria chemical attack: Investigators allowed to visit site Map of Douma Syria  Damascus: Chemical weapons inspectors in Syria will be permitted to visit the site of an alleged chemical attack on Wednesday   At least 70 killed in suspected chemical attack in Douma Map of Douma Syria

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Apr. 16
  At least 70 people have died in a suspected chemical attack in Douma, the last rebel-held town in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

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  Northern Syria: Aome of the victims had symptoms consistent with exposure to nerve agents. Clinics treating the injured were then targeted by air strikes

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  UN Security Council: The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a binding resolution on ridding Syria of chemical weapons.    The 15-member body backed the draft document agreed earlier by Russia and the US. The deal breaks a two-a...
Sep.21   Syria hands in chemical weapons data  The international chemical weapons watchdog says it has received 'the expected' account by Syria of its chemical arms program Sep.20 Syria chemical weapons data assessed  Hague: The international chemical weapons watchdog has said that it is studying details submitted by Syria about its arsenal of poison gas and nerve... Syria submits 'initial disclosure' of chemical weapons program  Syria has submitted an 'initial disclosure' of its chemical weapons program, a spokesman for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical... Sep.18 Assad: 'One year to destroy weapons'. Damascus U.N. chemical weapons inspectors to return to Syria   UN: U.N. investigators are planning to return to Syria to follow up on more allegations of chemical weapons use UN to get Syria evidence - Russia. Moscow Sep.13 UN to confirm chemical use in Syria Sep.12   Tense talks in bid for Syria deal   Geneva: The Russian and US foreign ministers have begun crucial talks in Geneva on a plan to place Syria's chemical weapons under international cont...   Assad confirms chemical arms plan   Damascus: President Bashar al-Assad has appeared on Russian TV to confirm that his country's chemical weapons will be placed under international contr... Sep.8 Assad says US has no chemical proof. Damascus   Syria chemical arms: 'Global red line' crossed - Kerry   Paris: US Secretary of State says he and Arab League foreign ministers have agreed that Assad's use of chemical weapons crossed a 'global red line' Sep.1 US 'has evidence of Syrian sarin use'   Washington: The US has evidence that the chemical nerve agent sarin was used in a deadly attack in Damascus last month, John Kerry says Aug.30   Syria attack killed 1,429 - Kerry   Washington: US Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Syrian government forces of killing 1,429 people in a chemical weapons attack in Damascus last ... Aug.28   Obama 'sure Syria behind attack'   Washington: US President Barack Obama says the US has concluded that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attacks near Damascus Aug.24 MSF-backed hospitals treated Syria 'chemical victims'. Damascus Aug.23 Obama: Syria chemicals grave concern. Washington Aug.22 UN chief calls for swift Syria probe Aug.21 Syrian rebels allege chemical attack
  Damascus: Opposition groups claimed that hundreds were killed when the government used chemical agents in rebel strongholds in the Damascus countryside.    Footage shows people carrying limp bodies, some haphazardly covered in sheets, others splayed, nearly nude, on the floor. The...
Jun.13 White House: Syria crosses 'red line'   Washington: Syria used sarin gas, against rebels, a move that is prompting the U.S. to increase the 'scale and scope' of its support for the opposition Apr.25 US suspects Syria of chemical attack
  Washington: US intelligence agencies believe 'with varying degrees of confidence' that Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels
Apr.23 Israel: Syria used chemical weapons. Jerusalem Mar.20 World agencies focus on chemical weapons claim

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Aug.20   Obama warns Syria on chemical arms  Washington: President Barack Obama has said the use of chemical weapons by Syria would be a 'red line' that would change his thinking on intervention in...

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