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  British security contractor on trial in Iraq  Daniel Fitzsimons, the first Westerner to stand trial in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq for killing two colleagues said he is 'not guilty of murde...   Amanda Knox 'murder knife' tests   Italy: An Italian court has appointed two independent experts to review crucial DNA evidence found on the knife allegedly used to murder British st... London bombings inquests to begin
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B. 2013-11-29 Trial begins for 2 men accused of UK soldier's murder London
2. 2013-10-31 Murdoch hacking trial reveals affair London
3. 2013-10-30 Prosecution opens Murdoch phone-hacking case Old Bailey, London
E. 2012-07-10 Mom suspected in 'honor murder' implicates husband Chester, Northern England
5. 2012-07-09 Terry denies racist abuse London
2012-01-31 Assange fight heads to UK high court London
H. 2011-01-23 British security contractor on trial in Iraq Iraq
I. 2011-01-22 Amanda Knox 'murder knife' tests Perugia, Italy

Trial begins for 2 men accused of UK soldier's murder  London: Two men went on trial Friday accused of the 'cowardly and callous murder' of British soldier Lee Rigby, who was hacked to death in a London street Murdoch hacking trial reveals affair  London: Former News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson were having an affair for at least six years from the late 1990s Prosecution opens Murdoch phone-hacking case Map of Old Bailey United Kingdom  London: The trial of former News of the World journalists accused of phone hacking has got under way at the Old Bailey Mom suspected in 'honor murder' implicates husband   Northern England: Shafilea Ahmed's parents have long denied killing the daughter. Farzana changed her story in court and implicated her husband, Iftikhar, in the... Terry denies racist abuse  London: One of England's biggest soccer stars went on trial Monday, accused of hurling racist abuse at another player during a match last year   Assange fight heads to UK high court
Rurik Jutting found fit to stand trial for HK murders

year 2014 Top ^

   Hong Kong: A British man charged with the murder of two women in Hong Kong has been ruled fit to stand trial by a judge

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year 2012 Top ^

  London: WikiLeaks founder's extradition fight goes to Britain's Supreme Court on for two days of hearings on whether he should be sent back to Sweden

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year 2010 Top ^

  The hearings for the 52 people killed by four suicide bombers in the 7 July 2005 London attacks are due to start
Aug.5   Model tells court of 'dirty stones' gift
  UN Tribunal: Naomi Campbell has testified that she was given some 'dirty-looking stones' after a 1997 dinner attended by ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor

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Nov.20 Prosecutor: Knox taunted, killed victim   Italy: Italian prosecutor: A resentful Amanda Knox toyed with a knife and then plunged it into her British roommate's neck, killing her Aug.18   Court allows bomber to drop appeal  Scotland: A court has formally allowed Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi to abandon his second appeal against his conviction over the Lockerbie bombing Jul.31 UK Pentagon hacker to face U.S. trial
  London: Gary McKinnon accused of hacking into U.S. government computers on Friday lost his court appeal to have his case heard in Britain
Jun.2 British woman's trial to begin in Laos   Samantha Orobator, 20, a pregnant woman held on drug-smuggling charges. She charged with carrying about half a kilogram of heroin Apr.28   Lockerbie bomber's appeal starts  Scotland: Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, convicted in the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, began an appeal of his conviction

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Jun.20 Mercenary plays down role    Equatorial Guinea: Simon Mann faced a possible verdict in his trial on charges of plotting a coup, a plot which Mann has testified was financed and planned by ... Jun.19 Mercenary implicates Thatcher    Equatorial Guinea: The trial of British mercenary Simon Mann implicated former friend Mark Thatcher in the alleged plot to overthrow the president of Equatorial... May.1 Jury sees video of London bombings
  Videos of the chaos and horrified reactions after the July 7, 2005, transit bombings were shown in the trial of 3 men charged with conspiracy

year 2004 Top ^

Aug.25 Mark Thatcher on bail over coup plot
   South Africa: The son of former UK Prime Minister has been arrested in connection with an alleged coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea Aug.6 Terrorism 'fund-raiser' in court
  England: Babar Ahmad was found in possession of a U.S. Navy battle group plan

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