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  US and UN 'horror' at Syria report  A new report that Syria has systematically tortured and executed about 11,000 detainees since the start of the uprising   Bin Laden film attacked over torture  U.S. Senate: A new film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden is 'inaccurate' for suggesting torture helped lead to his discovery Torture tape delays US-UAE nuclear deal  A videotape of a heinous session, where a man is tortured by a member of the royal family, is delaying the ratification of a civil nuclear ...   Report: Rice, Cheney OK'd waterboarding  U.S. Senate: Top Bush officials gave the CIA approval to use waterboarding, as early as 2002, a Senate intelligence report shows   Obama: US lost moral compass on torture  The President left open the possibility of criminal prosecution for Bush officials who drew up the legal basis for interrogation techniques   US releases Bush-era interrogation memos
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  CIA report sparks prosecution calls  The UN and human rights groups have called for the prosecution of US officials involved in CIA interrogation of al-Qaeda suspects CIA lied over 'brutal' interrogations
  Trump says he believes waterboarding works  US President Donald Trump has said he believes waterboarding works, saying 'we have to fight fire with fire' Afghanistan decries CIA 'violations'

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  Kabul: Afghan President Asraf Ghani has said the CIA's brutal interrogation programme 'violated all accepted norms of human rights in the world'
  U.S. Senate: The CIA carried out 'brutal' interrogations of al-Qaeda suspects in the years after the 9/11 attacks on the US, a US Senate report has said


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  Interrogation tactics such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation did not violate laws against torture when there was no intent to cause severe pain
Feb.23 Guantanamo detainees treated humanely  A Defense Department review concludes that the operation does not torture detainees but rather treats them humanely and in accordance with the Geneva Conventions

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Jul.17 Ashcroft defends waterboarding  U.S. Congress: Ex-Attorney General: The controversial interrogation technique has served a 'valuable' purpose and does not constitute torture Feb.5 CIA admits waterboarding inmates
  The CIA has for the first time publicly admitted using the controversial method on terror suspects Jan.12 Water-boarding 'would be torture'  US national intelligence chief Mike McConnell has said that interrogation technique 'would be torture' if he was subjected to it

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Oct.10 Carter says U.S. tortures prisoners  Former President: The United States tortures prisoners in violation of international law Oct.6   Bush: 'This government does not torture'  President Bush defended his administration's methods of interrogating terrorism suspects Jul.20 Bush signs order banning 'torture'
  An executive order is prohibiting cruel and inhuman treatment, including humiliation or denigration of religious beliefs
Apr.7 CIA tortured me, says Iran envoy
  Jalal Sharafi, diplomat freed after being abducted in Iraq in February, has said he was tortured by his captors
Mar.27   Rumsfeld torture suit dropped  A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against former Defense Secretary and 3 high-ranking U.S. military officials

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Oct.27   Bush enters Cheney 'torture row'  Bush has reiterated his position that the administration does not condone torture, following comments by Vice President May.4 UN to quiz Washington on torture  The US is due to appear before the Committee on Torture for the first time since launching its war on terror

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Dec.15   McCain, Bush agree on torture ban  U.S. Congress: After months of opposition, the White House agreed to Republican Senator's call to ban torture by U.S. personnel Jan.13 Human Rights Watch criticizes U.S.  The torture of detainees at Iraq's prison and the treatment of those held in Guantanamo, dealt a blow to the U.S. credibility

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B. 2017-01-25 Trump says he believes waterboarding works Washington
C. 2014-12-09 CIA report sparks prosecution calls Washington
2014-12-09 CIA lied over 'brutal' interrogations U.S. Senate
E. 2014-01-21 US and UN 'horror' at Syria report Washington
F. 2012-12-20 Bin Laden film attacked over torture U.S. Senate
G. 2009-04-29 Torture tape delays US-UAE nuclear deal Washington
H. 2009-04-23 Report: Rice, Cheney OK'd waterboarding U.S. Senate
I. 2009-04-21 Obama: US lost moral compass on torture Washington

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