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  UK to host Afghan-Pakistani talks   London: British Prime Minister David Cameron will hold key talks with the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan to discuss the Afghan peace process   Obama pledges end to Afghan war   US President has pledged to "finish the job" and end the Afghan war, addressing the US public live from a military base in Afghanistan   US 'committed to Afghan talks'   Washington: The US says it remains committed to Afghan reconciliation despite the suspension of talks by the Taliban Afghan government in talks with Taliban. Kabul   Karzai 'plans talks with Taliban'  The Afghan government is planning to meet the Taliban in Saudi Arabia in an attempt to jump-start peace talks Afghan government hints at Taliban talks. Kabul   Taliban ready for talks 'with foreigners'
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B. 2014-06-16 Pakistan and Kabul discuss security Kabul
2. 2013-11-18 Afghan-US security deal at impasse Kabul
3. 2013-06-25 US commits to Afghan Taliban talks Washington
E. 2013-06-20 Taliban flag row frustrates talks Doha, Qatar
F. 2013-06-19 Afghan government pulls out of talks Kabul
2013-06-18 US, Taliban to hold Afghanistan peace talks in Qatar Qatar
H. 2013-02-02 UK to host Afghan-Pakistani talks London
I. 2012-05-01 Obama pledges end to Afghan war Afghanistan
9. 2012-03-15 US 'committed to Afghan talks' Washington

  US, Taliban to hold Afghanistan peace talks in Qatar
Pakistan and Kabul discuss security  The Pakistani and Afghan leaders have discussed regional security amid air strikes against militants in Pakistan's north-west tribal areas Afghan-US security deal at impasse   Kabul: The Afghan government has rejected a key proposal of a security agreement with the US, putting the entire deal in doubt US commits to Afghan Taliban talks   Washington: US and Afghan officials say they are committed to talks with the Taliban, despite an assault on a CIA station and government buildings in Ka... Taliban flag row frustrates talks. Qatar Afghan government pulls out of talks

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  Kabul: President Karzai lashed out at the United States over the opening of a Taliban office in Qatar, pulling out of security talks with U.S. officials
  Representatives from the United States and the Taliban will engage in Afghanistan peace talks Thursday in an office that has opened in Qatar


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  The Afghan Taliban are prepared to open an 'office outside the country for talks with foreigners,' a spokesman for the movement said

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Dec.4   Afghan conference as Nato eye exit
Map of Bonn Germany  West Germany: A major international conference on Afghanistan's future is due to open in the German city of Bonn on Monday Oct.21 Clinton: US 'held meeting with Haqqanis' Sep.30 Karzai gives up on Taliban talks. Kabul Jun.18   Karzai: U.S. in peace talks with Taliban
  Kabul: The United States is involved in peace talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told a youth group

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Oct.15 Nato's 'safe passage' for Taliban
. Kabul Sep.4 Karzai sets up Taliban talks body. Kabul

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Nov.23 Obama, advisers meet on Afghanistan
. Washington Nov.16   Brown plans Afghan handover talks   London: Gordon Brown plans to host talks in the new year to discuss timing for handing over the campaign to the Afghan government Nov.11   Obama in Afghan troop level talks  Washington: US President has met his national security team to discuss strategy in Afghanistan as speculation mounts over a decision on troop levels Oct.31   Afghan rivals talk over vote boycott  Kabul: President Karzai's representatives were holding eleventh-hour talks with those of main rival Abdullah Abdullah in a bid to prevent the boyco... Oct.30 Afghan election talks break down. Kabul Aug.27   US envoy 'in angry Karzai talks'
  Kabul: The US special envoy to Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke has held an explosive meeting with Afghan President over the country's election

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Oct.10   U.S. would support talks with Taliban
  Washington: Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the U.S. would be prepared to reconcile with the Taliban if the Afghan government pursued talks Oct.5   Saudi hosts Afghan peace talks w. Taliban
   Saudi Arabia: In a groundbreaking meeting, King Abdullah recently hosted talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban militant group

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Jul.30   Taliban resumes talks on hostages  The kidnappers and Afghan negotiators resumed talks to free 22 South Koreans who were still alive despite 2 rebel deadlines expiring

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Sep.27   Bush meets with anti-terror allies
  Washington: U.S. President appealed Karzai and Musharraf to put aside their increasingly public differences Sep.26   Bush talks with Karzai  Washington: U.S. President rejects that the tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan is undermining the hunt for bin Laden

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Nov.29 Afghan factions edge closer to deal   Germany: The two main factions have agreed on the basic shape of an interim council Nov.28 Alliance opposes multi-national force. Germany Nov.27 Afghan conference starts
Map of Ruhr  Ruhr: Afghan leaders are discussing an interim administration to pave the way for a transitional authority to govern the for 2 years

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