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Key Afghanistan ministers 'fired'  Kabul: The Afghan parliament has passed a vote of no confidence in two of the interior and defence ministers and demanded that they be replaced Wedding bomb 'kills top Afghan MP' Map of Samangan Afghanistan
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1. 2016-06-05 MP Sher Wali Wardak killed in Kabul bomb blast
C. 2013-11-23 Verdict on Afghanistan security pact due at Loya Jirga Kabul
D. 2013-11-20 Loya Jirga to debate US-Afghan security deal Kabul
4. 2013-08-13 MP Fariba Ahmadi Kakar abducted in Ghazni Ghazni, Afghanistan
F. 2013-05-17 Afghan MPs to debate women's rights Kabul
G. 2012-08-04 Key Afghanistan ministers 'fired' Kabul
2012-07-13 Wedding bomb 'kills top Afghan MP' Samangan, Northern Afghanistan
I. 2011-01-26 Afghanistan inaugurates new parliament Kabul

MP Fariba Ahmadi Kakar abducted in Ghazni   The Taliban have kidnapped a female Afghan MP as she and her children were travelling in a rural area south of the capital Kabul Afghan MPs to debate women's rights
MP Sher Wali Wardak killed in Kabul bomb blast Map of 5th police district Kabul Afghanistan  Afghan lawmaker Sher Wali Wardak and at least three other people have been killed in a bomb explosion in the capital, Kabul, local media say   2 dead, 31 wounded as Taliban attack Afghan parliament Map of parliament Afghanistan  Kabul: Tne militants are detonating a suicide car bomb at an entrance and sending gunmen to storm the building, engaging security forces in a gunfight Verdict on Afghanistan security pact due at Loya Jirga   Kabul: A meeting of Afghan elders is expected to back a security pact letting thousands of US troops remain after combat operations end in 2014 Loya Jirga to debate US-Afghan security deal

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  Kabul: An assembly of more than 2,000 Afghan elders is due to discuss the text of a long-awaited bilateral security agreement with the US
  Kabul: Afghan MPs are to debate a law to prevent violence against women, amid a fierce argument between leading Afghan women over tactics

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  Northern Afghanistan: A well-known Afghan politician and at least 20 other people have been killed in a suicide attack in the northern province of Samangan

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Jan.26 Afghanistan inaugurates new parliament  Kabul: The parliament was inaugurated four months after a nationwide election that critics said was marked by extensive fraud

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Nov.21 Afghan MPs barred for poll fraud  Kabul: Afghanistan's election watchdog has disqualified 19 candidates who stood in the September poll for a fraud. 7 of them are members of the par... Oct.7 Pentagon blasted over contractors
  U.S. Senate: A Senate report rips into the Pentagon for failing to keep track of tens of thousands of private security contractors in Afghanistan Jan.23 Parliamentary election 'postponed'  Kabul: Afghanistan is to postpone its parliamentary elections by four months until September Jan.16   Lawmakers reject most of Karzai's picks
  Kabul: Afghan President's second attempt to seat a new Cabinet failed Saturday with the parliament rejecting a majority of his selections Jan.2 MPs reject most Karzai cabinet nominees  Kabul: The parliament has turned down 17 out of President Hamid Karzai's 24 nominees for his new Cabinet. Energy minister was among the rejected

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Aug.1 UK troops 'given too many tasks'
  London: Report from MPs: The military mission in Afghanistan has failed to deliver what it promised - as troops are being given too many tasks

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Mar.13   Parlament extends Afghan mission  Canada: House of Commons voted to extend the country's mission in Afghanistan until 2011, with the stipulation that NATO send reinforcements

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Mar.27   Prodi backed in key Afghan vote  Rome: Prime Minister's government has won a vote in the Senate to keep Italy's troops in Afghanistan

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Dec.19   Cheney attends parliament ceremony
  Kabul: U.S. Vice President celebrated a milestone in Afghanistan's transition; National assembly took its first oath

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Dec.13 Afghans gather for loya jirga  Kabul: Delegates from across Afghanistan have begun a meeting of grand assembly, to ratify a new constitution

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Jun.12 Brawl, walkouts mar loya jirga  60 to 70 delegates have walked out of traditional council gathering after a brawl broke out outside the assembly Jun.11 Loya jirga completed its first session  Tribal council is welcoming the former king and setting the scene for the election of a new president and government Former king opened loya jirga
  Kabul: Mohammed Zahir Shah has told a traditional gathering that he wants to adopt a democratic system based on Islam
Jun.10 Ex-king to open loya jirga  Afghan leaders are preparing to open their traditional assembly to choose an interim government Jun.9 Last-minute delay to loya jirga

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