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Antarctica's ice losses double
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B. 2017-07-12 Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica A68, Antarctica
2. 2016-03-30 'Drastic' Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise Antarctica
2014-05-19 Antarctica's ice losses double Antarctica
4. 2014-05-12 'Nothing can stop glaciers' retreat'
F. 2013-11-20 Polar storm grounds Prince Harry ahead of South Pole trek Antarctica
G. 2013-08-29 Largest ice sheet 'vulnerable' East Antarctic Ice Sheet, Antarctica
H. 2013-04-01 Melt 'causes Antarctic sea ice rise' Antarctica
I. 2010-02-25 Vast iceberg 'may disrupt ocean currents' Antarctica

'Drastic' Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise
Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica Map of A68 Antarctica

year 2017 Top ^

  A68 is the fourth largest in Antarctica and weighing more than one trillion tons, 5,800 square kilometers (2,239 square miles)

year 2016 Top ^

  Global sea levels could rise by more than double the current best estimate, according to a new analysis of climate change in Antarctica

year 2014 Top ^

  Antarctica is now losing about 160 billion tonnes of ice a year to the ocean - twice as much as when the continent was last surveyed
May.12 'Nothing can stop glaciers' retreat' Map of West Antarctica Antarctica
  Key glaciers in West Antarctica are in an irreversible retreat, a study team led by the US space agency (Nasa) says

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.20 Polar storm grounds Prince Harry ahead of South Pole trek
  Bad weather is keeping Britain's Prince Harry and a team of UK veterans stranded in South Africa, their take-off point to Antarctica Aug.29 Largest ice sheet 'vulnerable' Map of East Antarctic Ice Sheet Antarctica  The world's thickest ice sheet may be at greater risk from variations in the climate than previously believed Apr.1 Melt 'causes Antarctic sea ice rise'
  Climate change is expanding Antarctica's sea ice, according to a scientific study in the journal Nature Geoscience

year 2011 Top ^

Apr.21 Ozone hole 'has dried Australia'
  The Antarctic ozone hole is about one-third to blame for Australia's recent series of droughts, scientists say

year 2010 Top ^

Feb.25 Vast iceberg 'may disrupt ocean currents'
  A vast iceberg - the size of Luxembourg - which broke off the Antarctic continent could disrupt the world's ocean currents and weather patterns

year 2009 Top ^

Aug.13 Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast'
  Pine Island glacier, one of the largest glaciers in Antarctica, is thinning four times faster than it was 10 years ago Apr.3 Large ice shelf expected to break  Satellite images released by the European Space Agency show new cracks in the Wilkins Ice Shelf where it connects to Charcot Island Jan.21 Study: Global warming hits Antarctica  U.S. research: Rather than being the last bastion to resist the warming, for the past 50 years much of the continent has been getting warmer

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.29 New rifts form on ice shelf  Scientists have identified new rifts on an ice shelf that could lead to it breaking away from the Antarctic Peninsula Mar.26 Massive ice shelf on verge of breakup  Some 220 square miles of ice has collapsed and an ice shelf about seven times the size of Manhattan is 'hanging by a thread'

year 2002 Top ^

Mar.18 Antarctic ice shelf collapses  A vast ice shelf in Antarctica has collapsed and is now floating freely

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