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UAE to cancel all of Iraq's $7B debt
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1. 2016-11-11 Egypt wins approval for $12bn loan from the IMF Cairo
C. 2016-04-26 Islamic State: Up to $800m of funds 'destroyed by strikes' Mosul
3. 2013-04-12 IMF recognises Somalia government Somalia
2011-12-16 UN lifts Libyan banks sanctions UN Security Council
5. 2011-12-13 Iraq PM calls for US investment Washington
6. 2011-06-05 IMF lends struggling Egypt $3 billion Egypt
H. 2011-05-25 Global banks held Libyan assets Global
I. 2011-05-02 $, shares climb on news of Laden's death USA
J. 2010-08-25 Oman to invest $20B in rugged beauty Oman

Lawmaker: Surplus 'not real money'. Baghdad Iraq's projected $80b surplus stirs anger
Egypt wins approval for $12bn loan from the IMF Map of Cairo  Cairo: The International Monetary Fund has approved a three-year $12bn (11bn) loan for Egypt to help the country out of its deep economic crisis   Islamic State: Up to $800m of funds 'destroyed by strikes'   Mosul: Up to $800m (550m) in cash held by so-called Islamic State (IS) has been destroyed in air strikes, a US military official says   IMF recognises Somalia government  The International Monetary Fund has recognised the government of Somalia after a break in relations of 22 years   UN lifts Libyan banks sanctions  UN Security Council: The UN Security Council has lifted sanctions on Libya's central bank and the country's foreign investments banks, diplomats say Iraq PM calls for US investment  Washington: Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, has called on US business leaders to invest in his country to help it recover from years of war   IMF lends struggling Egypt $3 billion  The International Monetary Fund has tentatively agreed to lend $3 billion to Egypt to support the country's economy for the next year   Global banks held Libyan assets  Some of the biggest and best-known financial institutions in the world held billions $ of Libyan state funds, a leaked report has revealed   $, shares climb on news of Laden's death  USA: The US dollar has rebounded, and stock markets have gained in Asia after US President Barack Obama said Osama Bin Laden was dead   Oman to invest $20B in rugged beauty  Oman's natural beauty remains relatively untouched compared to the Gulf's developed urban centers Abu Dhabi gives Dubai $10bn to pay debts Map of Abu Dhabi  Dubai's government has been given a handout from United Arab Emirates neighbour Abu Dhabi to help it pay off its debts Utility faces $2B debt demand  Dubai: The credit downgrades of government-owned companies have triggered a payment clause on a debt issued by the emirate's utilities provider Dubai debt woes 'a drama, but no crisis'

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  Market experts say the debt revelations will not lead the global economy back into recession, but have seriously damaged the Emirate's standing

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  U.S. Congress: U.S. auditors: Iraq is raking in more money from oil exports than it is spending, amassing a projected 4-year budget surplus of up to $80 billion

  Dubai: Dubai has forgiven the nearly $7 billion Baghdad owes it, Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki announced
May.5 Two die in currency riot   Somalia: Troops killed at least two people in Mogadishu, when they opened fire to halt riots over rising costs and counterfeit money

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Feb.19   Abbas warns of financial crisis  West Bank: Palestinian leader has said the Palestinian Authority is facing a 'real financial crisis'

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Aug.17 IMF: Violence curbing Iraq reconstruction. Washington May.8 Gulf nations discuss unified currency. Bahrain

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Dec.17 U.S. cancels Iraq's $4.1 billion debt
. Washington Sep.14 Iraq rebuilding funds shifted to security  Washington: The will shift more than $3 billion earmarked for Iraqi reconstruction to improve security and oil production

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Dec.30 Council member: Saddam hid $40 billion
. Iraq Dec.17   Iran 'owed billions for Saddam war'  Iraq: The head of Iraq's Interim Governing Council al-Hakim says Iran should be paid reparations for the war Dec.16 Joint plan to relieve Iraq debt
   Germany: The U.S., France and Germany have agreed on a plan to provide the Iraqi government with 'substantial' debt relief
Nov.3 Congress passes Iraq budget  U.S. Senate: The Senate has given final approval to Bush's huge emergency funding package for Iraq and Afghanistan Oct.30 $87 billion approved for Iraq, Afghanistan  U.S. Senate: On a 298-to-121 vote, the House is clearing the way for final Senate approval and a presidential signature Sep.7   Bush to ask 87 billions more for Iraq
  Washington: President has told the American people that Iraq is ''now the central front' in a global war against terrorism
Aug.27 Bremer: Iraq effort to cost tens of billions
  Washington: Iraqi revenue would not be enough to cover economic needs that 'almost impossible to exaggerate'

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