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  Opposition rally on revolution anniversary Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
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B. 2015-02-14 Rafik Hariri: Lebanon marks 10th anniversary of death Martyrs Square, Beirut
2. 2014-01-25 Four dead as Egyptians mark uprising Cairo
3. 2014-01-24 Egypt tense on uprising anniversary Egypt
4. 2013-09-14 Morsi backers in 'symbolic' march marking Cairo crackdown Cairo
5. 2013-02-11 Clashes as Egypt marks Mubarak fall Cairo
2013-01-25 Fatal clashes mark Egypt uprising Suez, Egypt
7. 2013-01-24 Opposition rally on revolution anniversary Tahrir Square, Cairo
I. 2012-12-07 Gaza to mark Hamas anniversary Gaza

  Egypt tense on uprising anniversary   Rival political groups in Egypt are to mark the third anniversary of the 2011 uprising which ended in the overthrow of President Hosni Mubar... Morsi backers in 'symbolic' march marking Cairo crackdown Kurds remember Halabja gas attack. Northern Iraq Clashes as Egypt marks Mubarak fall. Cairo   Fatal clashes mark Egypt uprising Map of Suez Egypt
  Rafik Hariri: Lebanon marks 10th anniversary of death   Beirut: Ceremonies and prayers of remembrance are being held in Lebanon on the 10th anniversary of the assassination of the former Prime Minister   Four dead as Egyptians mark uprising Map of Cairo

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year 2014 Top ^

  Cairo: As Egyptians mark the anniversary of their revolt in the name of democracy, there has been a powerful sign of the country's stunning reversals

year 2013 Top ^

  Opposition supporters are protesting across the country on the second anniversary of the uprising, with five people killed in Suez

  Cairo: Police have clashed with protesters gathering in Tahrir Square in the capital, ahead of the second anniversary of the uprising

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Dec.7   Gaza to mark Hamas anniversary   Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend a rally in the Gaza Strip to mark the 25th anniversary of the Palestinian Islamist group ... Feb.16 Libya marks uprising anniversary   Libyans are marking the anniversary of the uprising that led to the overthrow of Col Muammar Gaddafi after his rule of more than 40 years Feb.13 Bahrain activists hit by teargas
Map of Manama Bahrain  Bahraini security forces have fired teargas and stun grenades at protesters gathered ahead of the first anniversary of pro-democracy demonstrations Feb.10 Strike to mark Egypt anniversary Jan.24 Thousands on revolution anniversary Map of Tahrir Square Egypt
  Cairo: Thousands of people gathered under rainy skies in Tahrir Square early, one year after the start of the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak

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Dec.24 Libya celebrates independence day

year 2009 Top ^

Apr.9 Rally marks anniversary of Hussein's fall
. Baghdad Feb.14 Thousands mark Hariri's assassination. Beirut

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May.15 Abbas pledge on 'catastrophe' day
. West Bank Mar.19 Protesters march on Iraq anniversary  Washington: Several hundred anti-war protesters marched through Washington, splattering red paint on government offices and scuffling with police   Bush speech hails Iraq 'victory' Map of Pentagon USA  Washington: President Bush has delivered a speech at the Pentagon to mark the fifth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq Mar.18   Bush: War in Iraq must go on  Washington: 5 years after, Bush will mark the anniversary by insisting that a continued U.S. presence there is crucial Feb.13   Crowds mass for memorials   Beirut: Thousands of people are gathering to mark three years since the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.15   Huge rally marks Hamas anniversary
  Gaza: Hamas marked the 20th anniversary of its founding with a message of strength and defiance Nov.12   Deadly clash at Arafat rally
  Gaza: At least 6 people have been killed in gunfire at a rally organised by Fatah to mark 3 years since the death of Yasser Arafat Apr.28   Hundreds celebrate Saddam 70th birthday  Iraq: People brought flowers and unlit candles to Saddam Hussein's tomb. Children wore white and sang songs and poems Apr.9 Thousands protest Baghdad's fall
Map of Najaf Iraq  Iraq: Anti-U.S. protesters marched in the Shiite holy city of Najaf to mark the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad Feb.22 In Samarra, rubble marks grim anniversary  Sunni Triangle: A year ago, the bombing of this city's revered Shiite mosque set off a sectarian violence

year 2006 Top ^

Mar.19 Debate over Iraq strong as ever
  Washington: On the 3rd anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion, Iraqi and US officials differed on whether there is a civil war
Feb.14   Mass rally for Hariri anniversary  Beirut: Thousands of people gathered in Beirut's Martyrs Square to celebrate slain former Lebanese Prime Minister's life

year 2004 Top ^

Mar.19   Bush marks 1-year anniversary of war
  Washington: President is praising the coalition's progress

year 2003 Top ^

Oct.9   Bush marks 6 months since Saddam's fall  New England: President is defending the U.S.-led invasion that toppled the Iraqi leader

year 2001 Top ^

Feb.25 Anniversary of Gulf War  Kuwait: 10th anniversary was joined by former U.S. President Bush and former British Prime Minister Major

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