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  Morsi orders military to keep order Map of Cairo  Cairo: President Morsi has ordered the military to maintain security and protect state institutions in the run-up to a referendum on the constitution 'No warning' of Libyan US attack  Washington: The Department of State has said it had no actionable intelligence about plans for last month's deadly attack on the American consulate in L... Egypt's state of emergency ends   Sudan 'declares border emergency'   Sudan has reportedly declared a state of emergency along its border with South Sudan after weeks of clashes   Security stepped up at Bahrain F1
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B. 2016-01-21 France to keep state of emergency 'until IS defeated' Paris
2. 2015-07-04 Tunisia beach attack: State of emergency declared Sousse, Tunisia
3. 2015-06-27 Tunisia launches security clampdown after Sousse attack Tunisia
E. 2014-10-30 Israel closed access to Temple Mount Temple Mount, Jerusalem
5. 2014-10-24 State of emergency imposed in Sinai El Arish, Sinai
G. 2013-11-12 Egypt lifting state of emergency Cairo
H. 2013-08-14 Egypt declares national emergency Cairo
I. 2013-08-06 Yemen security blitz as staff leave Sanaa, Yemen
2013-01-27 Curfew issued as Egypt death toll rises Port Said, Egypt

State of emergency imposed in Sinai Egypt lifting state of emergency. Cairo   Egypt declares national emergency Map of Cairo  Cairo: Egypt's presidency has declared a state of emergency after scores of people were killed when security forces stormed protest camps in Cairo Yemen security blitz as staff leave   Curfew issued as Egypt death toll rises Map of Port Said Egypt
  France to keep state of emergency 'until IS defeated'   Paris: PM Manuel Valls: France will seek to keep its state of emergency until a 'total and global war' against so-called Islamic State (IS) is over Tunisia beach attack: State of emergency declared   Tunisia has declared a state of emergency, just over a week after 38 tourists, mainly Britons, died in an attack in the resort city of Souss... Tunisia launches security clampdown after Sousse attack Israel closed access to Temple Mount Map of Temple Mount Israel

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  Jerusalem: Tensions between Palestinians and Israelis spiked in Jerusalem as a move Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called a 'declaration of war'

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  Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy imposed a 30-day curfew on Port Said after dozens of people were killed in riots that followed death sentences

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  Authorities in Bahrain have tightened security ahead of practice sessions for Sunday's Formula 1 Grand Prix
Jan.6   Syria vows to strike with 'iron fist'  The regime, reacting after a suicide bombing in the capital and continued violence, vowed to confront its foes with stern resolve

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Sep.10 Egypt on alert after Israeli embassy riot
Sep.2   Libya NTC seeks order in Tripoli   A military spokesman for the National Transitional Council said fighters would be encouraged to return home or enlist in the army Aug.26   UN urges return to order in Libya   UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called for the international community to work together to restore order in Libya and for fighting to end Aug.13 Somalia PM orders aid protection May.3   Pakistan dismisses US raid fears
  Pakistan has hit back at US statements suggesting it could not be trusted with details of the operation which killed Osama Bin Laden
Apr.30 Syrian troops storm Daraa mosque Map of Daraa Syria
  The army has seized control of Omari mosque which had become a centre for anti-government protests in the southern Syrian city of Daraa
 Soldiers other security forces blanketed the area around the mosque, the center of anti-government demonstrations in the city
Apr.19 Syria to lift state of emergency
  Syria's government has passed a law to lift the decades-old state of emergency as protests against the rule of President al-Assad continue Apr.16 Syria state of emergency 'to end'   President Bashar al-Assad says he expects a state of emergency to be lifted next week, after weeks of anti-government protests Mar.30 Syria leaves state of emergency in place  President Bashar al-Assad defied expectations and dashed widespread hopes during an anticipated nationally TV speech Mar.11 Security forces fire live bullets at protests Map of Sanaa Yemen  Yemen: Security forces fired live ammunition during protests in Sanaa University's Change Square Feb.27 Security forces in Libyan city switch sides Map of Zawiya Libya  Moammar Gadhafi seemed increasingly cornered as security forces defected to the opposition in a town a short drive from the capital Jan.27 Egypt on alert for mass protests   Egyptian security forces are on high alert, with thousands of people expected to join anti-government rallies after Friday prayers

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Sep.26 PM urges settlers to show restraint
. Jerusalem Mar.28 Israel to seal off West Bank. Jerusalem Mar.12 Israel seals off West Bank  Jerusalem: Israeli Defense Minister Barak has ordered the army to seal off the West Bank for 48 hours and tightened security around the old city of Jer... Jan.10 Israel to construct Egyptian border barrier  Jerusalem: The government has approved plans for the construction of a barrier along its border with Egypt in a bid to keep out illegal migrants and mi...

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Aug.19 Iraqi PM orders security review
. Baghdad Jan.30 Blackwater losing Iraq contract. Washington

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Dec.4 Hebron settlers evicted by force   West Bank: Israeli forces have evicted about 200 Jewish settlers from a disputed building in the mainly Palestinian city Jul.1 Deal to end contractors' immunity
. Baghdad

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Apr.15 Police stage violent protest
. Gaza

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