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Attack brings U.S. death toll near 4,000  3 soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb that struck their vehicle while they were on patrol   Bomb kills 5 US troops  The suicide bomber approached the patrol on a street and blew himself up. 3 other troops and an Iraqi interpreter were also injured   Soldiers killed in bombing   A suicide bomber has killed 8 Iraqis, including soldiers, in an attack on Army Day celebrations Mortar barrage kills 3 in Green Zone  3 people, including one U.S. service member, were killed in a barrage of up to 35 mortars fired 6 more U.S. troops reported killed  2 soldiers died when a roadside bomb exploded near their patrol in east Baghdad. 2 Marines killed in Anbar province 5 U.S. troops killed  4 U.S. soldiers and a Marine were killed during separate combat operations in Baghdad and Anbar province 14 U.S. troops killed in 48 hours
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Toddler, U.S. soldier, police die in attacks  Sadr City: A mortar round crashed through a home in eastern Baghdad, killing a 16-month-old child and wounding three other civilians, U.S. soldier kills 4 troops  A soldier opened fire on his fellow soldiers, killing four American soldiers. The soldier also died. Three others were wounded U.S. files complaint against suspects  The U.S. Army has filed a criminal complaint in Iraq against 12 people suspected in an ambush nearly two years ago that left 7 U.S. soldiers... Bombs kill eight, wound more than 30  A string of bombings around the capital has killed 8 people, including 3 Iraqi soldiers who died when their weapons truck was hit U.S. Embassy staff, soldiers killed  Sadr City: An explosion rocked a municipal building, killing six Iraqis, two U.S. soldiers and two civilian U.S. Embassy employees Rocket attacks kill 3 U.S. troops  Sadr City: Fighting between U.S. troops and the Mehdi Army militia loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr at least 20 dead and 52 wounded in Sadr City U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 4,000
48 killed outside army recruitment center

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  A suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden vest in central Baghdad as men were queuing up outside an Iraqi army recruitment center
 At least 129 people were wounded in the blast

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  4 soldiers died in a roadside bombing while patrolling a neighborhood, bringing the American toll in the 5-year-old war to the grim milestone.    Pentagon spokesman earlier played down the significance of the figure. Insurge...


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  A roadside bomb struck a military vehicle in northeastern Baghdad, killing 5 U.S. soldiers, 4 Iraqi civilians
Feb.11   U.S.: Iran to blame for killing U.S. troops
  The U.S. military presented evidence it says shows Iran's supreme leader is behind bombings that have killed 170 U.S. troops.    Senior defence officials told reporters that the 'explosivel...
Feb.7   Fifth U.S. chopper in 18 days down
  An insurgent group claimed responsibility for downing a U.S. helicopter and 'burning it down completely'
 Fewer than 10 troops may have been on the copter

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Nov.16 Attacks kill 13; 4 U.S. troops die  In eastern Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on a bakery, killing 9. 3 U.S. soldiers were killed in action in Diyala province Apr.23 3 U.S. troops killed by roadside bomb  8 soldiers have been killed over the weekend

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Dec.25 2 U.S. soldiers killed  2 Task Force Baghdad soldiers were killed in bombings May.24   8 American soldiers killed
  3 soldiers died in a car bombing in central Baghdad. 4 other American soldiers were killed by a bomb

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Apr.4 Shias kill 7 US troops
  Sadr City: At least 24 US troops have been wounded in the clashes in the Sadr City area

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Jul.6 2 US soldiers killed
  Soldiers have been killed in separate attacks after their patrols came under attack

Terror Main Event: 48 killed outside army re...
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2010-08-17 48 killed outside army recruitment center Baghdad
2. 2009-05-16 Toddler, U.S. soldier, police die in attacks Sadr City
D. 2009-05-11 U.S. soldier kills 4 troops Baghdad
E. 2009-03-22 U.S. files complaint against suspects Baghdad
5. 2009-01-12 Bombs kill eight, wound more than 30 Baghdad
6. 2008-06-24 U.S. Embassy staff, soldiers killed Sadr City
H. 2008-04-06 Rocket attacks kill 3 U.S. troops Sadr City
I. 2008-03-23 U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 4,000 Baghdad
J. 2008-03-22 Attack brings U.S. death toll near 4,000 Baghdad

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