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  Bush calls for economic stimulus package  Washington: The Package would have to represent roughly 1% of GDP to be effective. Bush backs tax rebates as the best way to stimulate the economy Bush details housing rescue plan  Washington: The President has outlined plans to freeze rates on sub-prime mortgages for 5 years to help people hit by the housing market crisis Bush signs 'pro-growth' tax cut  Washington: The President has signed into law a $70bn tax cut which he says will boost the US economy Bush presses China over currency  Washington: President Bush has urged the Chinese president to do more to close the US-China trade gap Bush seeks defence spending rise  Washington: President has proposed a $2,770bn annual budget, with more money for defence, but less for many social areas Bush Selects Bernanke as New Fed Chief   Washington: President named top White House economic adviser as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board in place of Greenspan Bush pledges no Katrina tax rise  Washington: US President has ruled out raising taxes to pay for the cost of the recovery effort on the hurricane-hit coast Bush seeks $50bn hurricane relief
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  Bush hails financial rescue plan
  Bush warning over bail-out delay  Washington: US President has warned the US economy is at a 'critical moment', and vowed to get his Wall Street rescue plan through Congress   Bush: Bail-out 'vital to easing crisis'

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  Washington: US President: Americans must support a massive bail-out of financial markets to ease a 'serious financial crisis'
  Washington: President George W Bush : The US is set to take 'unprecedented measures' to tackle the crisis gripping US financial markets


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  U.S. Congress: The President Bush is to ask Congress for more extra emergency funding to deal with the aftermath of Katrina
Feb.7 Bush budget seeks deep cutbacks  U.S. Congress: U.S. President has presented his 2006 budget to Congress, cutting 150 domestic programs

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Nov.24 Bush approves $400bn defence bill  Washington: Bush said the armed forces were engaged in a historic task to confront terrorism Sep.7 Bush to ask 87 billions more for Iraq
  Washington: President has told the American people that Iraq is ''now the central front' in a global war against terrorism
Apr.16 Bush calls for $550 billion in tax cuts  U.S. Congress: President used the backdrop of tax day to press Congress to approve tax cuts he says will spur a sagging economy Mar.25 Senate reverses Bush tax cuts  U.S. Senate: The Senate has reduced the size of proposed tax cuts by 50%, from $726bn to $360bn Jan.7 Bush unveils tax cutting package  Washington: The package is worth $674bn over 10 years and aimed at invigorating the sluggish US economy

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Jul.30 Bush signs bill to stop 'book cooking'  Washington: Accounting Industry Reform Act, a legislative recipe concocted to end accounting tricks that have alarmed investors Jun.28 Bush: 'Don't fudge the numbers'  Washington: US President pledged that Justice Department would hold accountable any firms engaging in corruption and deceit Feb.4 Bush unveils 'war' budget  Washington: A sharp increase in military spending and tax cuts are in the President's $2.13 trillion budget for 2003

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Oct.3 Bush package to boost economy
  Washington: President has announced a revitalisation package of $60bn to $75bn to avert a recession following suicide attacks
Sep.24   Bush calls halt to terror funding
   USA: Frozen the US assets of 27 individuals and organisations connected to to Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda and other groups Feb.27 Bush Appeals for Tax Cut  Washington: President is pushing for $1.6 trillion, retroactive tax break Feb.4 Bush begins effort on tax plan. Washington

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