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Chemical specialists sent to Tianjin Map of port Tianjin China  China has sent a team of military chemical experts to the northern city of Tianjin, after explosions left at least 50 dead, state media report Beijing Marathon runners wear masks to combat smog China plans to take 5 million older vehicles off road  Beijing: China's government says it plans to take 5 million older commercial vehicles off the road this year in an effort to clean up smog-choked cit... China says one-fifth of its farmland is polluted. Beijing Asian air pollution strengthens Pacific storms China water pollution hits 2.4m. Western China Beijing air pollution at dangerously high levels Smog descends on NE China, closing roads, airport. Northeast China Lung cancer cases soar in Beijing Beijing announces emergency measures amid fog of pollution Airports, schools remain closed as smog blankets Chinese city. Northeast China Tons of poisoned fish clog Chinese river China chemical leak 'kills 15'. Shanghai China coal policy 'cut lifespans' China river pig toll nears 6,000 Map of Shanghai  Shanghai: Officials say the number of pig carcasses found in Shanghai's Huangpu River has risen to nearly 6,000 Hundreds of dead pigs fished from Chinese river. Shanghai Beijing pollution at hazard level   Air pollution in the Chinese capital Beijing has reached levels judged as hazardous to human health Alert over oil leak on Great Barrier Reef Map of Great Barrier Reef Australia
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Explosion Main Event: Beijing issues second ...
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B. 2017-01-07 Beijing pollution: Police force to combat toxic smog Beijing
2015-12-17 Beijing issues second ever pollution red alert Beijing
D. 2015-11-29 Chinese authorities boost smog alert level in Beijing Beijing
E. 2015-11-27 Beijing hit with severe air pollution Beijing
F. 2015-11-08 Heavy smog shrouds northeastern China as winter begins Shenyang, Northeast China
G. 2015-09-05 Blue sky vanishes immediately after Beijing's parade Beijing
7. 2015-08-15 Evacuations as sodium cyanide found port, Tianjin, China
8. 2015-08-13 Chemical specialists sent to Tianjin port, Tianjin, China

Chinese authorities boost smog alert level in Beijing  The authorities in the Chinese capital, Beijing, have issued 'orange level', their highest smog warning so far this year. Beijing hit with severe air pollution  Smog engulfed large parts of the country despite efforts to clean up the foul air. The U.S. Embassy reported the level of the poisonous, tiny... Heavy smog shrouds northeastern China as winter begins   Northeast China: Air quality reached extremely hazardous levels in the city of Shenyang, as northern China began to burn coal to heat homes for winter Blue sky vanishes immediately after Beijing's parade  Less than 24 hours after the end of China's massive military parade, Beijing is back to its usual smoggy self Evacuations as sodium cyanide found Map of port Tianjin China
Beijing pollution: Police force to combat toxic smog  A new team of environmental police will try to reduce hazardous levels of toxic smog engulfing Beijing, the city's acting mayor has said China smog sparks red alerts in 10 cities  Hazardous smog blanketing China's north-east has sparked more red alerts, with authorities advising residents in 10 cities to stay indoors Beijing issues second ever pollution red alert

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  Beijing authorities have issued a second pollution red alert, little more than a week after the first ever such warning
  The Chinese authorities have ordered the evacuation of residents within a 3km radius of the Tianjin blast site over fears of chemical contamination.    At least 104 people ar...


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  Queensland: The Shen Neng I, a Chinese ship, has run aground off north-eastern Australia, sparking an alert of an oil leak into the Great Barrier Reef

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Dec.6 Beijing vows to punish polluters  China will severely punish anyone responsible for an explosion at a plant which poisoned the water supply Nov.27 Harbin water supply resumes   Northeast China: Mains water supplies in the city have resumed 5 days after they were cut due to a toxic chemical spill Nov.26 Harbin ready to restore water supply   Northeast China: Authorities were making last-minute preparations to restore running water to 3.8 million people in this city Nov.25 Oil firm apologizes for toxic slick  China National Petroleum Corporation has apologized for an explosion that led to a slick entering the Songhua River Nov.24 Toxic leak was 100 tonnes
Map of Jilin China  Northeast China: A blast at a plant 12 days ago sent the equivalent of 10 tanker-loads of toxic chemicals into the Songhua river China warns Russia of toxic slick   Beijing: The chemical spill has disrupted life in the city of Harbin and will reach Russia in about 2 weeks Nov.23 Toxic slick flows into Harbin   Northeast China: A slick of river-borne toxins from a chemical plant explosion began entering the city of 3.8 million people Nov.22 Harbin water supplies cut off Map of Harbin China
  Northeast China: Emergency measures are in force amid fears the city's drinking water could be contaminated after an explosion

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Apr.17   Mass evacuation in Chongqing   Southern China: 150,000 people have been evacuated after a series of explosions hit a chemical plant and kill at least 9

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Dec.25 233 died in gas disaster
Map of Chongqing China
  Southern China: Thousands flee the disaster. A gas well burst in the Chuan Dongbei gas field, releasing natural gas and sulfurated hydrogen

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