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Hornets kill 41 in northern China Map of Shaanxi China
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Zoo Main Event: Hong Kong culls chickens ove...
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1. 2017-01-29 Visitor mauled to death by tiger in Ningbo zoo in China Youngor Zoo, Ningbo, Southern China
C. 2016-07-24 Tigers maul two women at Beijing wildlife park
D. 2015-08-04 Hainan gibbon decline charted in Chinese records China
4. 2015-05-17 China lion shot after killing man in zoo and escaping Taian, Shandong, China
5. 2014-10-19 Bear bites boy's arm off in Chinese zoo Pingdingshan Hebin Park, Henan, China
G. 2014-09-08 Chinese city kills 5,000 dogs to control rabies Baoshan, Yunnan, Southern China
7. 2014-02-18 Panda dies amid abuse claims Zhengzhou, China
2014-01-27 Hong Kong culls chickens over H7N9 Hong Kong
J. 2013-10-02 Hornets kill 41 in northern China Shaanxi, China

Panda dies amid abuse claims   When visitors to a zoo noticed its 7-year-old female giant, Jin Yi, was missing, zoo officials initially claimed she had been sent away for...   Hong Kong culls chickens over H7N9
Visitor mauled to death by tiger in Ningbo zoo in China Map of Youngor Zoo Ningbo China  Southern China: A man has been mauled to death by a tiger after he entered its enclosure at a zoo in eastern China. The tiger was then shot dead Tigers maul two women at Beijing wildlife park Map of Badaling Wildlife World Beijing China  Tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing have killed one woman and injured another after the pair left their vehicle, Chinese media have reported Hainan gibbon decline charted in Chinese records  Historical Chinese documents have helped scientists to track the decline of the world's rarest primates China lion shot after killing man in zoo and escaping Map of Taian Shandong China  A lion in a Chinese zoo was shot dead after it killed one of its keepers and escaped its enclosure at the Taian Tiger Mountain Park Bear bites boy's arm off in Chinese zoo Map of Pingdingshan Hebin Park Henan China  A bear in central China has bitten off the arm of a 9-year-old boy who tried to feed it through its cage, Chinese city kills 5,000 dogs to control rabies Map of Baoshan Yunnan China

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  Southern China: Authorities have killed almost 5,000 dogs in one Chinese city after rabies was blamed for the death of five people
  Hong Kong has begun culling 20,000 chickens after the H7N9 bird flu virus was found in poultry imported from mainland China

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  Attacks by hornets in northern China have killed 41 people since July. More than 1,600 people have also been injured by stings in Shaanxi province
Sep.5 Tons of poisoned fish clog Chinese river   About 110 tons of dead fish from a 40-kilometer section of the Fuhe River in the central province of Hubei Apr.5   20,000 birds slaughtered as bird flu death toll rises Map of Shanghai
  Shanghai: Chinese authorities have killed more than 20,000 birds from a live-poultry trading zone in Shanghai after an unusual strain of bird flu
 Shanghai markets close over bird flu
Mar.12 China river pig toll nears 6,000 Map of Shanghai
  Shanghai: Officials say the number of pig carcasses found in Shanghai's Huangpu River has risen to nearly 6,000
Mar.11 Hundreds of dead pigs fished from Chinese river   Shanghai: At least 2,800 dead pigs have been fished from a Shanghai river since Friday, but authorities insist that tap water in the city is still safe...

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Jul.27   Quake devastated wild panda habitat  Southern China: 23 percent of the pandas' habitat in the area was destroyed in 2008, and fragmentation of the remaining habitat could hinder panda reproduct... Feb.11   China kills 13,000 birds to control epidemic   Western China: 500 fowl that had died in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region tested positive for the H5N1 virus Jan.10 Giant panda bites third victim  Beijing: 28-year-old Zhang Jiao fell into the panda pen while trying to catch a small toy thrown by his young son

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Dec.9   80,000 birds to die in flu scare  Hong Kong: Authorities ordered about 80,000 chickens killed after discovering dozens of birds had died of bird flu at a farm in the territory Jun.11 Bird flu find prompts mass slaughter  Hong Kong: Hong Kong officials plan to slaughter all live poultry in the territory's street markets after detecting the dangerous H5N1 bird flu virus

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Aug.7 Rare river dolphin 'now extinct'  A freshwater Yangtze river dolphins found only in China is now 'ikely to be extinct', a team of scientists has concluded

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Jul.31 Dog cull to fight rabies  A county has ordered all 50,546 dogs to be killed to fight a rabies outbreak which has killed three people

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Nov.6 Six million birds culled
Map of Liaoning China  Northeast China: Farmers in Liaoning province had co-operated with slaughter, and would be compensated

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