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Flooding kills more than 180 people in central and southern China Map of Guizhou China  Southern China: More than 180 people have been killed in flooding along the Yangtze River in China following torrential rain, officials say 11 missing after coal mine floods Map of Tongchuan Shaanxi China  Western China: It says 67 workers were in the mine shaft but most managed to escape 9 people swept away by flash flood in central Chinese city of Xi'an   A flash flood has struck a scenic area outside the central Chinese city of Xi'an, sweeping away nine Chinese tourists amid the heaviest rain... 2 children aboard overloaded bus among dead in heavy flooding   Southern China: 2 schoolchildren aboard an overloaded bus that plunged into a pond are among the dead in the latest round of flooding in the country's south 23 trapped in flooded coal mine in China   Northeast China: 56 workers were down the shaft when the flooding occurred Thursday afternoon at the privately owned Anzhishun Coal Mine in Jixi City Heavy flooding in southern China kills 12. Southern China Floods leave at least 107 dead in China. Northeast China China doubles Beijing flood death toll Floods at China mines trap '40'. Southern China Massive flooding affects millions in China. Southern China Deadly floods hit China Map of Zhejiang China
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B. 2016-07-20 At least 75 dead, missing in recent China flooding Beijing
2016-07-06 Heavy flooding in China leaves 181 dead or missing Wuhan, China
3. 2016-07-04 Flooding kills more than 180 people in central and southern China Guizhou, Southern China
E. 2016-04-24 11 missing after coal mine floods Tongchuan, Shaanxi, Western China
F. 2015-08-03 9 people swept away by flash flood in central Chinese city of Xi'an Xiaoyuhecun Valley, Xi'an, China
G. 2015-05-22 2 children aboard overloaded bus among dead in heavy flooding Guangxi, Southern China
H. 2014-08-14 23 trapped in flooded coal mine in China Jixi City, Heilongjiang, Northeast China
I. 2014-05-24 Heavy flooding in southern China kills 12 Qingyuan, Guangdong, Southern China
9. 2013-08-20 Floods leave at least 107 dead in China Heilongjiang, Northeast China

  Heavy flooding in China leaves 181 dead or missing Map of Wuhan China
At least 75 dead, missing in recent China flooding

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Jul. 20
  Beijing: Already, 576 people have been recorded as dead or missing nationwide in the first half of the year
Jul. 6
  Water levels are starting to recede in central and eastern China after downpours broke levees, flooded cities and villages, halted public transportation

Jul. 4

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  Southern China: Another round of torrential rains has flooded a once drought-stricken region, killing 25 people and leaving 25 missing
Jun.6 Fatal China floods follow drought. Southern China

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Aug.22 More than 94,000 flee flooding
. Northeast China Aug.21 50,000 evacuated after river overflows. Northeast China Jul.23 Record water levels test giant dam   Heavy rain and flooding have exacted a high toll and the country faced a new threat from a swollen Yangtze River dam Jul.22 5,700 homes lost in China floods. Northeast China Jul.21 Flooding fears intensify   Southern China: Tropical storm Chanthu has slowed, but it's edging ominously closer to an area already deluged with rain and deadly floods Jul.20 Death toll rises in floods   Sichuan: The death toll has risen to 34 as a result of floods and landslides in two provinces in central China Jul.12 4,200 evacuated after levees break Jun.22 Nearly 200 dead in flooding. Southern China Jun.19 Flooding in leaves 88 dead. Southern China

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Jun.17 Floods leave at least 100 dead  The flooding has added to the misery of a country still struggling after last month's devastating earthquake Jun.14 1 million flee from floods; 55 dead
Map of Sichuan  Sichuan: Flooding has forced more than 1 million to flee their homes across a stretch of southwestern China, including the earthquake-ravaged province Jun.9   Quake lake 'now draining'   Sichuan: Water has flowed into an abandoned town, as drainage from an unstable lake formed by last month's massive earthquake accelerates Water rising too fast at quake lake. Sichuan May.31   Race against time to drain 'quake lake'   Sichuan: Chinese soldiers and engineers were urgently trying to dig a spillway from an earthquake-created lake that is threatening to burst its banks May.26 China ready to dynamite 'quake lake'. Sichuan

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Jul.16 Toll rises after floods
. Southern China May.21 Flooding traps 57 in mine Map of Shanxi China  Rescuers now believe that an estimated 57 coalminers are trapped underground in the province of Shanxi

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Dec.2 Mine flood traps 42 miners  Rescuers are searching for 42 miners trapped after a flood at a coal mine Jun.23 Flood death toll 'over 500'
Map of Wuzhou China  Southern China: Summer floods have forced over one million from their homes. Southern China submerged beneath muddy waters Jun.11 64 killed in school flood   Northeast China: Fash flood and ensuing landslide smashed into a primary school in mountainous northeast China

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Sep.7 Flood deaths mount to 143
Map of Three Gorges China  About 60 people are missing in flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains Sep.5 Military called in for flood. Sichuan

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Aug.24 Flooded lake reaches crest  The swollen Dongting Lake slowly begun to ebb after thousands of people worked around the clock to erect barriers Aug.22 600,000 begun evacuating
Million people battling lake Map of Lake Dongting Hunan China
  Southern China: Families living nearby China's second largest freshwater lake have begun to flee their homes..    850,000 civilians and soldiers have mobilised to shore up dykes...
Aug.20 Flood emergency in province of Hunan Giant lake flood threatens millions
before year 2000
Jul. 1, 1931 Central China floods of 1931
Map of Nanjing China
  Estimates of the total death toll range from 145,000 to between 3.7 million and 4 million. In July alone rain totaling over 2 feet

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