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Bomb 'packed with nails'  London: The driver abandoned car in the center of the city that contained a bomb intended to cause huge numbers of casualties Bomb suitcase found  British police have found in High Wycombe a suitcase containing items which could be used to construct a bomb 4 blasts hit transport  London: Explosions have hit 3 Underground stations came two weeks to the day since July 7 terror attacks Bomb hunt focuses on masterminds  Police are now focusing on finding those who masterminded the suicide attacks that have killed at least 52 Rail blasts 'almost simultaneous'  London: Relatives continued a search for the missing in the London bombings that killed at least 50 people Bombs kill 52
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Car Bomb Main Event: 2 explosive-laden cars ...
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B. 2015-11-05 Russian plane: UK suspects bomb was placed in hold London
C. 2010-12-12 UK search amid Sweden bomb probe Bedfordshire, England
D. 2010-11-10 Yemen mail bomb 'timed to hit US' London
E. 2010-11-01 Bombs tip-off 'from al-Qaeda man' London
F. 2010-10-30 Bomb 'meant to explode on plane' London
6. 2007-07-14 Man charged over failed attacks London
7. 2007-06-29 Police hunting car bombers London
2007-06-29 2 explosive-laden cars linked London

  Russian plane: UK suspects bomb was placed in hold  London: UK investigators looking at what caused a Russian airliner to crash in Egypt believe a bomb was put in the hold prior to take-off UK search amid Sweden bomb probe   A property in the UK is being searched as part of the investigation into the weekend's bombing in Sweden, in which one man died   Yemen mail bomb 'timed to hit US'  London: Tests on a failed parcel bomb sent on a US-bound cargo flight last month show it could have been designed to detonate over the eastern US Bombs tip-off 'from al-Qaeda man'  London: The crucial tip-off that led to the discovery of parcel bombs on two cargo planes came from Jabr al-Faifi who handed himself in to authoriti...   Bomb 'meant to explode on plane'  London: Prime Minister Cameron says the device in a package sent from Yemen and found on a US-bound cargo plane was designed to go off on the aircraft Man charged over failed attacks  London: Dr Sabeel Ahmed, 26, of Liverpool, has been charged in connection with the failed car bomb attacks in Glasgow and London Police hunting car bombers   London: Anti-terrorism police have launched a huge manhunt for those who planted two car bombs in central London 2 explosive-laden cars linked
Controlled explosion carried out as Man Utd game called off Map of Old Trafford Manchester United Kingdom

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  Northern England: A controlled explosion has been carried out at Old Trafford after a suspect package was found before Manchester United's match against Bournemouth

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  London: A vehicle containing fuel, gas canisters and nails found near Trafalgar Square is clearly linked to another explosives-packed car.    Mercedes, with a bomb made up of petrol, gas cylinders and nails, had been found outside a nightclub in Haymarket. The seco...

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  London: A series of 4 'callous' and coordinated bombings in transport system. Power failed on crowded underground trains
 3 blasts took place in the subway system and one more hit a double-decker bus, all within an hour at morning rush. Prime Minister Tony Blair praised 'the stoicism and resilience of the people of London' in the face of the bloodshed. The Union Jack flew at half-staff over Buckingham Palace

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Jan.18 Apparent bomb threat diverts Delta flight  Passengers were fingerprinted and put up overnight in area hotels by the airline

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Nov.20 Bomb attacks kill 30
   Turkey: The bombings on the British consulate and a London-based bank coincided with a visit to Britain by Bush and were blamed on al Qaeda
Mar.18 London arrests after bombs found   3 men have been arrested after police found 2 homemade bombs in an apartment near Gatwick Airport

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Nov.3   Car bomb explodes  Police think an Irish dissident group was responsible. No-one was injured Aug.2   6 injured in explosion  London: A suspected car bomb went off 100 yards from the Ealing Broadway station. Police blamed Northern Irish group Apr.14 Real IRA suspected in blast  London: Powerful device was placed in the doorway of the postal sorting center. No one was injured Mar.4 Real IRA blamed for BBC blast  London: Bomb exploded outside the BBC main office. London Underground worker suffered minor injuries
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Nov. 5, 1605 Guy Fawkes arrested for trying to blow up Parliament
  London: Guido Fawkes was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605

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