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Foot-and-mouth: man feared ill  England: Farm worker had been putting down livestock. Health officials are awaiting test results Virus 'fully under control'  England: The government's chief scientist has said that foot-and-mouth epidemic is fully under control UK considers vaccination plan  England: An emergency committee will discuss a limited foot-and-mouth vaccination New livestock virus case  Northern Ireland: A 2nd case of foot-and-mouth disease has been confirmed in N. Ireland EU hope foot-and-mouth contained  Sweden: European Union agriculture ministers meet at the 3-day talk in Sweden Foot-and-mouth murder charge  England: A man charged with murdering S. Smart, a slaughterman who was hit during a cull of livestock infected by foot-and-mouth French virus ban relaxed  France: The EU has relaxed bans on livestock products from France and Northern Ireland New animal virus scares hit Ireland UK begins mass animal burial. England Foot-and-mouth spreads in France   Foot-and-mouth reaches Netherlands
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1. 2007-08-08 UK eases foot-and-mouth farm ban England
2. 2007-08-06 UK disease outbreak prompts ban England
D. 2007-08-04 Foot-and-mouth strain identified Surrey, England
2007-08-03 Farm infected with foot-and-mouth Guildford, England
F. 2002-01-14 UK named foot-and-mouth free United Kingdom
G. 2001-08-24 New foot-and-mouth case England
H. 2001-07-31 Welsh sheep cull extended Wales
I. 2001-07-26 Massive sheep cull Wales

UK named foot-and-mouth free  United Kingdom: The last remaining county to suffer from foot-and-mouth has been given the all-clear New foot-and-mouth case  England: The infection was discovered in northeastern England Welsh sheep cull extended   Wales: 1,700 sheep to be cull. More sheep tested positive for foot-and-mouth disease Massive sheep cull   Wales: Fresh cases of foot-and-mouth forced thousands of sheep have been ordered to be destroyed in Wales New case of foot-and-mouth  England: 100 animals were slaughtered on farm as a precaution Humans' animal virus tests negative  England: 13 humans tested for foot-and-mouth disease have all been cleared Foot-and-mouth in humans
EU lifts ban on Brit meat exports  The European Union relaxed a ban on exports of livestock, meat and dairy products, imposed after an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease UK eases foot-and-mouth farm ban  England: Britain was easing a nationwide ban on moving livestock that was imposed after an outbreak of the disease in southern England UK disease outbreak prompts ban  England: International bans were slapped on British farming exports as the country s is halting work at a vaccine lab suspected to be the source of the infection Foot-and-mouth strain identified Map of Surrey United Kingdom  England: The strain of the disease found at a Surrey farm has been identified it is identical to that used at the Institute for Animal Health Farm infected with foot-and-mouth Map of Guildford United Kingdom

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  England: 60 animals on the farm at a farm in Surrey have been found to be infected with foot-and-mouth disease

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year 2001 Top ^

  England: 2 more cases are being investigated by health officials. There are a lot of similar to foot-and-mouth symptoms

  Llivestock disease has been confirmed on a farm
Mar.14   UN warns of foot-mouth
  France: UN Food and Agriculture Organization warned that no country can consider itself safe due to increased international trade
Mar.13 Foot-and-mouth hits France
  The first case of disease in mainland Europe has been confirmed
Mar.1 Foot-and-mouth restrictions  England: 32 farms are now known have been infected. The Irish Republic has set up extra checkpoints on the border

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