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4 dead in car explosion  3 people died inside the vehicle on coastal road in al-Zahra. The other victim is to have been a passing motorcyclist   Hamas uses female suicide bomber   Israel: The militant group has used a female bomber for the first time in a suicide attack which killed 4 Israelis on the border with Gaza Bomb kills 3 Americans
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B. 2010-02-01 Explosives wash up on Israeli beaches Ashkelon, Israel
C. 2009-12-27 Blast kills 2 members of Hamas Beirut
3. 2009-07-21 Blast at wedding misses Fatah leader Gaza
E. 2008-07-25 Five die in Gaza City explosion Gaza
F. 2008-04-19 Suicide bomb kills 3 Palestinians Gaza
6. 2006-05-24 Palestinian security chief killed Gaza
H. 2005-09-23 Palestinians killed in blast Gaza
2005-01-13 Bomb attack rocks crossing Gaza

Suicide bomb kills 3 Palestinians  Also several Israeli soldiers were wounded when a suicide car bomb exploded at a Gaza border crossing Palestinian security chief killed  A Gaza security chief loyal to Abbas was killed in a car bomb   Palestinians killed in blast  At least 15 have been killed and scores injured during a parade by the militant Hamas group Bomb attack rocks crossing
  Gaza group 'bombed Egypt church' Map of Alexandria Egypt  A small Palestinian group linked to al-Qaeda was behind the New Year's Day bomb attack on a church in Alexandria in which 23 people died Explosives wash up on Israeli beaches   Two barrels filled with explosives washed up on beaches in Israel. Authorities disposed of both without injury   Blast kills 2 members of Hamas  Beirut: An explosion in a Beirut suburb killed two members of the Hamas militant group and injured two others Blast at wedding misses Fatah leader  A large explosion late at a party for relatives of a Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan injured at least 50 people   Five die in Gaza City explosion

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  A powerful explosion inside a car travelling past a beach in the Strip has killed four Hamas militants and a young girl

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  6 Israelis have died in a Palestinian attack at a crossing point between Israel and the Strip

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  A roadside bomb went off beneath a convoy carrying U.S. diplomats, killing 3 American members of a security
Jun.11 Suicide blast hits bus, 17 killed
  Jerusalem: Dozens of people were injured during rush-hour. Hamas said it carried out the bombing

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Jul.31 7 dead in Hebrew University blast
  Jerusalem: An explosion went off in a cafeteria. Hamas was claiming responsibility for the explosion in retaliation for attack in Gaza
Jul.4 At least 2 killed in car blast  A member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades was among two people killed in an explosion in a refugee camp May.19 Suicide blast hits Netanya market
   Israel: Bomber died along with one other person; 40 injured. The attack was claimed by the Islamic militant group Hamas Mar.13 Bomb kills 3 Israelis  Booby-trapped roadside bomb exploded next to a convoy on a road leading from the Qarni crossing Feb.3 3 dead in car blast  At least 3 Palestinians have been killed and one seriously wounded

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Sep.1 Palestinian official killed by car blast  Col. Khattab, 52, intelligence official, was killed and 2 injured. Israel denied any involvement Jun.22 Bomb kills 2 Israeli soldiers  Hamas claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Gaza May.25 2 Vehicle explosions. Israel Apr.30 5 killed in home blasts
Map of Gaza City Israel   Israel: 3 people, including a child, were killed in an explosion in Ramallah. 2 Palestinians were killed in Gaza City Apr.25 Explosion in Gaza kills 4 Mar.27 Hamas Claims Responsibility. Israel Jan.21 Bomb wounds Israeli soldier  An Israeli soldier has been seriously wounded in Gaza

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Dec.28 Explosions in Tel Aviv, Gaza
  Explosions killed 2 people and 15 injured

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