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House burned down, several others in danger from wildfire southeast of Athens   The fire broke out early Saturday afternoon in a forested area in the hills west of Keratea, 40 kilometers (25 miles) southeast of Athens   Firefighters get brief respite  Gentler winds gave firefighters some room to breathe, but the respite was only temporary Six wildfires ring Greek capital  Athens: Thousands of residents of Athens' northern suburbs have spent the night away from their homes as wildfires continue to threaten the area Fire threat empties Athens suburb Map of Agios Stefanos Greece
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1. 2015-01-03 Heat, smoke delay search of Greek ferry for bodies Brindisi, Southern Italy
2. 2014-12-29 Italy ferry death toll rises to 10 Corfu, Greece
3. 2014-12-28 Italy ferry fire: Evacuation hampered by winds Corfu, Greece
E. 2014-07-12 House burned down, several others in danger from wildfire southeast of Athens Keratea, Greece
F. 2009-08-24 Firefighters get brief respite Greece
G. 2009-08-23 Six wildfires ring Greek capital Athens
2009-08-23 Fire threat empties Athens suburb Agios Stefanos, Athens
I. 2009-08-22 Wildfire threatens Athens Athens

Italy ferry fire: Evacuation hampered by winds Map of Corfu Greece
  Greece, UK and Israel help tackle deadly forest fire in Cyprus Map of Troodos Cyprus  Aircraft from Greece, the UK and Israel have joined efforts in Cyprus to tackle one of the country's largest forest fires in years Heat, smoke delay search of Greek ferry for bodies   Southern Italy: For a second day, fierce heat from a slow-burning fire kept firefighters and other investigators from searching the hold and garages of a fe... Italy ferry death toll rises to 10 Map of Corfu Greece

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  The death toll following a fire on the Norman Atlantic ferry off Corfu has risen to 10, with the evacuation of all those on board now complete
  One person died while attempting to escape a blazing ferry stranded in the Adriatic Sea. Gale-force winds and choppy seas hampered the evacuation


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  Residents of an entire Agios Stefanos have been ordered from their homes as out-of-control wildfires blaze around the Greek capital
Aug.22 Wildfire threatens Athens  Greek firefighters planned to continue to work through the night to contain dozens of wildfires, including a massive blaze outside Athens

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Jul.25 Fire causes mass evacuations from resorts
Map of Rhodes Greece  Police evacuated more than 2,000 European vacationers from a strip of holiday resorts as fierce forest fires swept through the island

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Sep.27 Forests recovery 'to take decades'  The environmental charity WWF has said it will take at least 2 decades for forests to grow back in the areas destroyed by the recent fires Aug.29 Fire victims queue for cash  Hundreds of victims crowded into banks to receive up to $17,732 in aid promised by the government, which has been accused of mishandling Aug.28 Foreign firefighters aid Greece  A small fleet of foreign planes and helicopters is trying to battle dozens of wildfires that have killed at least 64 people Aug.27 MPs row over fire response  Opposition MPs have attacked the government's response to the devastating forest fires, which have claimed at least 63 lives Aug.26 Fires inch closer to Olympic cradle
Map of Olympia Greece
  The wildfires that have scorched southern Greece, reached the ancient city of Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic games,
Aug.25 63 died from forest fires Map of Peloponnese Greece
  The emergency workers continue to find the bodies of people burned to death by forest fires that are raging in the south of the country
 Karamanlis: Fires may have been deliberately set ahead of national elections. The newspapers are calling the southern Peloponnese region a 'crematorium'. The worst fires are concentrated along an 50 mile stretch on the west coast of the Peloponnese
Aug.24 Fires kill 27 in southern Greece
  At least 15 people have been killed on the deadliest day of wildfires this year. At least 9 people have burned to death in their cars Aug.16 Forest fire grips Athens suburbs  A fire intensified by fierce winds has swept across the northern outskirts of the capital, destroying dozens of homes Jul.26   Raging fires add to heat wave woes  Southern Europe is sweltering under the major heat wave as firefighters battle blazes raging in Greece, Italy and Macedonia

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