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HK students call for fresh protests   Hong Kong's student protest leaders have called on supporters to stage a major rally later on Friday after the government cancelled planned ... Hong Kong protesters make apparent concessions  Students occupying the area outside city government headquarters agreed to remove some barricades that have blocked the building's entrance Hong Kong protesters regroup at main protest site   Pro-democracy demonstrators are withdrawing from some protest sites and regrouping at the main site outside government buildings Hong Kong pro-democracy protests enter second week HK leader calls for 'return to order'   CY Leung has warned that police will take 'all actions necessary' to ensure government offices and schools reopen on Monday Police arrest 'triad gang' members Pro-democracy protesters scuffle with residents, cancel talks with government   Hong Kong protesters called off planned talks with the government on electoral reforms after mobs of people tried to drive them from streets HK protests: Talks accepted amid protest stand-off CY Leung refuses to quit as leader   Hong Kong's Chief Executive CY Leung says he will not resign, but has offered talks between his government and pro-democracy protesters China warns on 'illegal' HK protests   Beijing: China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned against 'illegal' protests in Hong Kong, amid major pro-democracy rallies in the territory Protesters target office of Hong Kong's chief executive
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Hong Kong protest leader alleges police assault during arrest Bailiffs begin clearing Mong Kok protest site   Protesters clash with police at Hong Kong legislature   Clashes have taken place between Hong Kong police and a small group of protesters who tried to break into parliament early on Wednesday   HK authorities clear protest site Map of Citic Tower Hong Kong Hong Kong  Hong Kong bailiffs are clearing out a protest site near government offices after the high court granted an injunction authorising the move HK protesters denied Beijing flight Kenny G angers China with Hong Kong protest visit Hong Kong protest talks agree little Hong Kong protests: leader says 'external forces' involved   In a television interview, CY Leung has accused 'external forces' of involvement in the territory's pro-democracy protests Hong Kong protests: Clashes at Mong Kok site Mong Kok camp retaken from police Map of Mong Kok Hong Kong Hong Kong  Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have retaken streets in the Mong Kok district cleared by the authorities just a few hours earlier HK police clear more protest sites Hong Kong's leader: Street blockades cannot continue Police clear pro-democracy protesters from tunnel   Hundreds of HK officers drove protesters from a tunnel in the dead of night in the worst violence since the street demonstrations began Hong Kong protests: Police remove more barricades Angry mob leads assault against pro-democracy protesters Hong Kong police remove barricades
Joshua Wong: Hong Kong protest leader avoids jail Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters set to return Police clear final Hong Kong protest site of Causeway Bay Hong Kong to shut down last, smallest protest site Arrests as Admiralty site is cleared Map of Admiralty Hong Kong Hong Kong  More than 200 activists have been arrested in Hong Kong after police cleared the main pro-democracy protest camp at Admiralty HK police move on main protest camp   Hong Kong authorities have begun clearing barricades at the main protest camp, after more than two months of pro-democracy demonstrations HK Occupy trio to report to police Hong Kong protesters told not to return HK protesters clash with police at government HQ Map of Admiralty Hong Kong

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  Pro-democracy activists and police have clashed in Hong Kong, as thousands of people tried to surround government headquarters overnight
  Police in Hong Kong have begun removing some of the barricades erected on major roads by pro-democracy protesters

  Activists took their fight to the doorstep of Hong Kong's chief executive, sitting down outside his office gates to express their dissatisfaction with him
Sep.30 HK protesters defiant on National Day   Pro-democracy crowds have stayed on the streets at the start of National Day - which activists hope will see the largest protests so far Sep.29 Hong Kong leader in protest appeal Hong Kong protesters stay on streets Map of government headquarters Hong Kong Hong Kong  Protests in Hong Kong are continuing after tens of thousands of people defied calls for them to dismantle their camps and return home Sep.28 Tear gas and clashes at HK protest Map of government headquarters Hong Kong Hong Kong
  Police have used tear gas to disperse thousands of pro-democracy protesters near the government complex, after a week of tensions
Sep.26 HK students scuffle with police in chaotic protest
  Scores of young pro-democracy activist faced off with riot police after a night of scuffles and arrests over Beijing's refusal to allow reforms
 150 students late Friday night forced their way into government headquarters, some scaling a tall fence. Police responded with pepper spray
Aug.31   Occupy Central anger over Beijing ruling   Democratic groups have vowed to fight a Chinese government ruling that effectively gives control over the candidates for the leadership election Jul.1 Hong Kong police arrest democracy protesters at sit-in

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Dec.17   Police clash with anti-WTO protesters  Hundreds of protesters have clashed with police outside convention center. 900 are rounded up

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Jul.3 China rejects HK protest call

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Jan.12 Falun Gong gathers

Human Rights Main Event: HK protesters clash...
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1. 2016-08-14 Joshua Wong: Hong Kong protest leader avoids jail Hong Kong
C. 2015-01-31 Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters set to return Hong Kong
D. 2014-12-14 Police clear final Hong Kong protest site of Causeway Bay
E. 2014-12-13 Hong Kong to shut down last, smallest protest site
5. 2014-12-11 Arrests as Admiralty site is cleared
G. 2014-12-10 HK police move on main protest camp Hong Kong
7. 2014-12-02 HK Occupy trio to report to police Central, Hong Kong
I. 2014-12-01 Hong Kong protesters told not to return Hong Kong
2014-11-30 HK protesters clash with police at government HQ Admiralty, Hong Kong

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