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Gunmen kill elderly Christian couple  Baghdad: Attackers gunned down an elderly Christian couple inside their home, the latest in a string of religious-rooted violence 37 dead in Iraqi rescue mission  Baghdad: Iraqi security forces stormed a Catholic church where al Qaeda gunmen were holding worshippers hostage, ending an hours-long standoff 6 Baghdad churches bombs in 24 hours
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  Isis militants 'seize Iraq monastery and expel monks'  Mosul: Islamist militants in Iraq are reported to have seized an ancient Mar Behnam monastery near Mosul and expelled the monks   ISIS destroys shrines and mosques  ISIS is leaving a path of destroyed churches and mosques in its wake as it storms across Syria and Iraq, and has even set its sights on Mecc... Christmas a day of terror for Christians in Iraq  While millions around the world prepare to celebrate, a dwindling number of believers in Iraq will be forced to mark the birth of Christ in ... Iraq unrest prompts TV channel ban  Baghdad: Iraqi authorities have suspended the licences of 10 satellite channels because of a rise in sectarian unrest Iraq militias kill 'emo' youths  Dozens of Iraqi teenagers have been killed in recent months by militias who consider them to be devil worshippers, human rights activists cl... Christians killed in Iraq attacks
  IS destroys iconic al-Nuri mosque in Mosul Map of al-Nuri mosque Mosul Iraq

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  ISIS destroyed Mosul's al-Nuri mosque and its iconic leaning minaret known as al-Hadba when fighters detonated explosives inside the structures

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  Baghdad: Two people have died and 14 injured in a series of attacks on Christian homes in the Iraqi capital


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  At least four people were killed and 32 wounded as. Most of the churches were damaged in the bombings

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Oct.13 Attacks on Iraqi Christians continue  Mosul: Gunmen killed a Christian businessman and wounded his nephew in a drive-by shooting Oct.11 Threatened Christians flee Mosul
Map of Mosul Iraq  At least 900 Christian families have fled the city in the past week, terrified by a series of killings and threats by Muslim extremists

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Sep.15   Bounty set over Prophet cartoon  The head of al-Qaeda in Iraq has offered a reward for the murder of a Swedish cartoonist over his drawing depicting the Prophet Muhammad

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Nov.24 Shiites torch Sunni people, mosques
  Baghdad: Enraged Shiites burned people to death and denounced Sunni leaders and the U.S. after a bloody assault on Sadr City Aug.20 20 pilgrims killed, hundreds wounded
  Baghdad: Gunmen opened fire on crowds of Shiite pilgrims. Hundreds of thousands of were heading to a shrine
Jul.1 Bin Laden tells Sunnis to fight Shiites
  Osama bin Laden: Osama bin Laden in a tape posted on the Web encourages Sunnis to retaliate against Shiites in Iraq
Mar.5 Gunmen kill 3 in mosque attack. Baghdad Feb.22 Gunmen strike 27 mosques, kill imams  Baghdad: Gunmen killed 3 Sunni imams in the wake of a bomb attack at one of the holiest Shiite sites

year 2005 Top ^

Aug.30 Shia pilgrims killed
. Baghdad May.28 Shias 'tortured and shot' Feb.19   Violence mars Shia festival  Suicide bombers have killed more than 30 people as Shia Muslims marked Ashura Jan.21   Car bomb kills 14 near mosque  Baghdad: A bomb detonated outside the Shouhada al-Taf mosque in Baghdad as worshippers celebrated a Muslim holiday Jan.17 Catholic archbishop kidnapped in Mosul  Basil George Casmoussa, 66, was taken captive. Exploding taxi kills 2 U.S. troops in Ramadi

year 2004 Top ^

Oct.15 Blasts at churches  Baghdad: Five churches in 4 neighborhoods were damaged by by improvised explosives devices Aug.15 Najaf mosque under threat  25 foreigners holed up inside the Imam Ali Mosque have rigged it with explosives and are threatening to blow it up if attacked

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Apr.10 Clerics killed at Shiite shrine  A crowd hacked to death 2 Muslim clerics, one a Saddam Hussein loyalist, the other a returning exile

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B. 2017-06-21 IS destroys iconic al-Nuri mosque in Mosul
2. 2014-07-21 Isis militants 'seize Iraq monastery and expel monks' Mosul
D. 2014-07-09 ISIS destroys shrines and mosques Iraq
4. 2013-12-23 Christmas a day of terror for Christians in Iraq Iraq
5. 2013-04-28 Iraq unrest prompts TV channel ban Baghdad
G. 2012-03-11 Iraq militias kill 'emo' youths Iraq
2010-12-30 Christians killed in Iraq attacks Baghdad
I. 2010-12-05 Gunmen kill elderly Christian couple Baghdad
J. 2010-10-31 37 dead in Iraqi rescue mission Baghdad

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