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Deadly ambush of Marine convoy Five U.S. Marines killed in firefight  16 insurgents were also killed near the Syrian border in Ubaydi, as part of Operation Steel Curtain   Marines say 50 al Qaeda killed  The Marines had wrapped up Operation Iron Fist and established new outposts in Sa'da, a town near the Syrian border Blasts kill 6 US Marines   Western Iraq: A homemade bomb exploded near Karma in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, killing 4 Marines 14 Marines, civilian killed in bombing Map of Haditha Iraq  A roadside bomb blast killed 14 Marines and a civilian interpreter as they rode in a vehicle south of Haditha U.S. forces encircle Iraqi city of Haditha   Western Iraq: 1,000 U.S. Marines, sailors and soldiers encircled Euphrates River city in the Anbar province, killing 3 insurgents U.S. Marines lead offensive  Marines pushed north as they battled insurgents near the Syrian border to root out insurgents and foreign fighters 31 Marines killed in chopper crash
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Acquittal Main Event: Marines charged in Had...
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1. 2012-01-24 Haditha marine 'should serve no time' Camp Pendleton, Southern California
2. 2008-06-17 Senior officer cleared in Haditha deaths USA
3. 2008-06-04 Marine cleared over Iraq killings Camp Pendleton North, Southern California
E. 2007-10-19 Two marines to face Haditha trial Southern California
F. 2007-08-02 Marine ringleader convicted of murder Southern California
G. 2007-08-01 Marine guilty of conspiring to murder Iraqi Southern California
H. 2007-07-18 Marine guilty in Hamdaniya killing Southern California
2006-12-21 Marines charged in Haditha killings Washington

Marine jailed for Iraq death. USA Marine enters plea in Iraq case. Southern California Four Marines killed in action. Western Iraq Marines jailed after death  Baghdad: 8 troops being investigated in the death of an Iraqi civilian in April are being held in a military jail Charges of cover-up against Marines. U.S. Congress 2 Marines missing after crash US 'winding up' Iraq deaths probe   Washington: Pentagon: An investigation into claims that US marines may have deliberately killed civilians is nearing its end Four Marines killed in Iraq tank accident Marines fire on mosque to repel attacks. Sunni Triangle 10 Marines killed near Falluja
Haditha marine 'should serve no time'   Southern California: Sgt Frank Wuterich who admitted charges linked to the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2005 should face no time in detention Senior officer cleared in Haditha deaths   USA: A Marine Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani became the seventh person cleared of charges related to the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in Iraq Marine cleared over Iraq killings. Southern California Two marines to face Haditha trial  Southern California: Battalion commander Lt Col Jeffrey Chessani is charged with dereliction of duty and failing to report and investigate the deaths   Plan puts Marines' focus on Afghanistan  Baghdad: Gen. James Conway: The Marine Corps would like to reduce its forces in Iraq and move them to Afghanistan Marine ringleader convicted of murder. Southern California Marine guilty of conspiring to murder Iraqi. Southern California Marine guilty in Hamdaniya killing  Southern California: A military jury convicted Cpl. Trent Thomas of kidnapping and conspiring to murder an Iraqi man in an attempt to abduct and kill an insurgent... Marines charged in Haditha killings

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  Washington: 4 Marines have been charged with murder in the killings of 24 Iraqi civilians, and 4 officers are accused of failing to investigate.    Marine Corps: An investigation into the killings found initial reports were 'inaccurate an...

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  Sunni Triangle: A roadside bomb, fashioned from several large artillery shells, killed 10 Marines while they were on foot patrol

  Western Iraq: 5 troops in other incidents. Number of U.S. troops killed today is 36, the deadliest day for U.S. since the start of the war

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Nov.10 Battle rages in centre of Falluja
. Sunni Triangle Oct.30 Eight U.S. Marines killed Map of Falluja Iraq  Sunni Triangle: 9 wounded. Those casualties were outside Falluja in a single incident Sep.6 Falluja bomb kills 7 U.S. troops. Sunni Triangle Aug.12 Forces raid al-Sadr home Aug.10 Fighting flares again in Najaf cemetery Aug.9 Marines take lead in Najaf  Radical Shiite Muslim cleric al-Sadr vowed to fight American troops to the death Aug.6 Marines: 300 insurgents killed in Najaf  A spokesman for al-Sadr said 36 fighters had been killed and 70 wounded. Dozens of civilians were among the casualties 2 U.S. Marines killed in Najaf fighting Jun.21 Killed U.S. troops on video. Sunni Triangle Apr.29 US forces begin Falluja pullout  Sunni Triangle: Marines were leaving fortified positions in the south and west of the city. A new Iraqi force is expected to move in US force 'to pull out of Falluja'. Sunni Triangle Apr.18 11 more U.S. troops die Apr.6   Dozen U.S. Marines killed  Government buildings had been seized by 100 insurgents. The large-scale attack was mounted by remnants of Baath Party Apr.5 Marines, Iraqis join forces in Fallujah. Sunni Triangle

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Apr.16 U.S. Troops working to calm Mosul
Apr.13 Battle begins for Tikrit. Sunni Triangle US rescues soldiers held by Iraq Map of Samarra Iraq
  Sunni Triangle: Marines came across the prisoners near the town of Samarra while moving up the highway towards Tikrit
US forces enter Tikrit. Sunni Triangle Apr.9 Fighting flares up in Baghdad Mar.31 U.S. targets 'Chemical Ali' Mar.23 10 Marines Killed in Faked Surrender
  Pentagon: A group of fewer than 10 soldiers have been captured or killed by Iraqi military forces

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