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UN critical of Israel over Gaza   Palestinians count toll: 1,300 killed  Gaza: Palestinian Authority's Central Bureau of Statistics: 5,400 others were wounded during Israel's 3-week offensive; 22,000 buildings were dama... Gaza 'looks like earthquake zone' Bodies dug from rubble during cease-fire. Gaza U.N. condemns shelling of aid complex. Gaza   U.N.: Israeli strike kills 1 aid worker  Gaza: U.N. officials: Israeli forces fired on a U.N. aid convoy, killing at least one contract worker and prompting the U.N. to halt some of its o... Israel accused over Gaza wounded Hamas mortars led to attack near school. Gaza   10 dead as Israeli missile hits near school
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Main Event: Strike hits shelter in Gaza, UN...
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B. 08-19 Gaza conflict: 'Nine Palestinians killed' as truce ends Gaza
C. 07-30 Gaza conflict: Israel to investigate school shelling
D. 07-30 Israeli 4-hour ceasefire ends; Palestinians claim strike hits market Gaza
E. 07-26 Deaths in Gaza now more than 1,000 Gaza
F. 07-25 Ceasefire aim as Gaza deaths top 800 Gaza
07-24 Strike hits shelter in Gaza, UN official says
H. 07-21 Gaza conflict: Five dead at hospital hit by Israeli strike Gaza
I. 07-19 Gaza conflict: Casualties mount amid fresh violence Gaza

  Gaza conflict: Israel to investigate school shelling   Israel says it will investigate the shelling of a school housing displaced civilians in Gaza, and apologise if Israeli fire was responsible   Israeli 4-hour ceasefire ends; Palestinians claim strike hits market   Gaza: The ceasefire for parts of Gaza ended Wednesday, during which Gaza militants fired 27 rockets at Israel   Deaths in Gaza now more than 1,000   The death toll in Gaza has passed 1,000, Palestinian medical officials say, 19 days after Israel launched an offensive against Hamas militan...   Ceasefire aim as Gaza deaths top 800   Efforts to secure a ceasefire between Israel and the militant Hamas movement are intensifying as more people have been killed in the 18-day ... Strike hits shelter in Gaza, UN official says Map of Beit Hanoun Gaza Israel  A strike on a UN shelter in Gaza on Thursday has killed and injured multiple people, a United Nations spokesman said Thursday Gaza conflict: Five dead at hospital hit by Israeli strike Gaza conflict: Casualties mount amid fresh violence   A Palestinian family and an Israeli Bedouin father were among those killed in Israel's ground campaign and rocket attacks from Gaza Huge rise in Gaza displaced, says UN Gaza airstrikes toll 'passes 170'  One bomb fell on a center for the disabled. Another wiped out 18 members of the same family Thousands flee northern Gaza after Israeli warnings   Thousands of Palestinians are fleeing northern parts after Israel warned it was targeting the area in its campaign to stop rocket attacks Medical crisis in Gaza as conflict endures  Patients being treated on the floor, because emergency rooms are overcrowded, medical sources say Death toll mounts from Israel strikes   Gaza: The strike targeted a Hamas official. The strike on a home in Gaza has killed at least 10 people. Gaza militants continue to fire rockets at Israel Palestinians: 13-year-old boy killed in Gaza Israel 'regrets' deaths in Egypt   Jerusalem: The Israeli defence minister has said he 'regrets' the deaths of Egyptian policemen on the border as Cairo considers recalling the ambassado...   Palestinians 'flee Syrian camp'   Northern Syria: Thousands of Palestinian refugees have been forced to flee a camp in the port of Latakia amid shelling by government troops Israel soldier killed near Gaza Israeli PM 'regrets' deaths. Jerusalem   Deaths as Israeli forces storm aid ship
Gaza conflict: 'Nine Palestinians killed' as truce ends Airstrike hits UN school in Gaza as Israeli troops start redeploying Map of Rafah Israel

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  10 were killed in Gaza Sunday after a school sheltering displaced people was hit in an airstrike, as Israel signaled a possible scaling back of its troops

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  Gaza: More than 10 people onboard a flotilla carrying aid for the Palestinian territory of Gaza were killed when security forces boarded the boats
 Armed forces boarded the largest vessel overnight, clashing with some of the 500 people on board' about 64 km out to sea. Israeli soldiers were shot at and attacked with weapons; the activists say Israeli troops came on board shooting. The activists were attempting to defy a blockade


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  Gaza: A missile struck near a U.N. school in northern Gaza. The school was being used as a shelter for civilians

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Mar.1 Palestinians: Israel attacks kill dozens   Gaza: 45 Palestinians been killed since Friday, Palestinian sources said, and 2 Israeli soldiers have died. Israel wants to stop rocket attacks Feb.28 Four children die in strike. Gaza

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Nov.8 Israeli raid 'kills 19 civilians'
  Gaza: Palestinian sources: At least 18 Palestinians have been killed by tank fire in the town of Beit Hanoun by tank shells Aug.30 UN denounces Israel cluster bombs
Aug.4 Israel's bombs cut off Beirut
  Israel is saying the attacks were designed to thwart Syrian attempts to arm Hezbollah Jul.30 Israeli air attack kills 28 civilians
  Southern Lebanon: Israel mistakenly destroyed a building near a Hezbollah rocket-launching site in Qana. Initial claim: 60 died
 The airstrikes hit a residential building that housed refugees, which was near Hezbollah rocket launching sites It was the deadliest attack in 19 days of fighting between Hezbollah and Israel. The IDF said that residents of the town had been warned to leave by radio and by air-leaflets because it was a combat area. Annan again called for an end to the fighting.
Jul.25   Israeli airstrike hits U.N. observer post
  Southern Lebanon: The strike is killing at least two of the agency's observers, according to the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon.    The observers were Austrian, Finnish, Canadian and Chinese UNIFIL said there had been 14 incidents of fire close to t...
Jul.23   UN appalled by Beirut devastation  Egeland, the emergency relief chie, has condemned the devastation caused by Israeli air strikes

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