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  Suicide blast hits bus, 17 killed
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  Suicide bomber killing two people  A female Palestinian bomber has blown herself in the busy French Hill suburb in the north of the city 1 dead, 15 wounded in bombing   Suicide bomber kills 8  A bomber detonated aboard a crowded bus at the height of rush hour, killing at least 8 people and wounding over 50 10 killed in suicide attack on bus  45 were also injured in the blast which was detonated not far from Sharon's residence   Suicide bombers kill 13  Tel Aviv: A bomber set off an explosion at a bus stop east of Tel Aviv. Another bombing killed 6 at cafe in West Jerusalem Powerful bus bomb killed 21
Jerusalem bus bombing wounds more than 20   A bus exploded, wounding at least 21 people in what police said was a 'terror attack,' raising fears of a return to the Palestinian suicide ... Thai bombs raise fears, questions in Israel  Israel's defense minister blamed Iran for a series of bombings in Bangkok, a day after attacks against the country's diplomats in India and ... Bomb explosion hits bus  1 killed, 30 people have been injured, some seriously, after a bomb explosion hit a bus in central Jerusalem Gunman opens fire in Jewish seminary

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  Palestinian gunman infiltrated Mercaz Harav in West Jerusalem in the Kiryat Moshe quarter and opened fire. He was shot dead by an Israeli army officer
 The gunman was carrying an AK-47 and a pistol and had time to swap weapons during the massacre. Hamas called the attack 'heroic' while not claiming responsibility. The White House has led international condemnation

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  The bomb exploded in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. The explosion damaged a second bus

  Dozens of people were injured during rush-hour. Hamas said it carried out the bombing
May.17   8 killed in bus attack  A 2nd suicide bomber blew himself up as emergency crews arrived at the scene of the blast at a busy junction

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Nov.21 Bus blast kills 11  A suicide bomber has killed at least 11 people plus himself and injured more than 40 Aug.1 Police: Cell phone triggered bomb  Bomb in a crowded cafeteria at Hebrew University kills five Americans and two Israelis Jul.31   7 dead in Hebrew University blast  An explosion went off in a cafeteria. Hamas was claiming responsibility for the explosion in retaliation for attack in Gaza Jun.19 Terror attack kills 6 at bus stop  A suicide bombing in northeast Jerusalem killed six people and wounded another 37 Jun.17 Bomb kills 19 on bus
  An apparent suicide bomber set off a blast outside Jerusalem during morning rush hour, killing 19 and wounding 50 others
Apr.12 Suicide blast kills 6  A female suicide bomber has blown herself up near a crowded market at a bus stop Mar.21 Explosion hits central Jerusalem  Explosion was caused by a suicide bomber and there are at least 2 killed and many wounded Mar.9 Explosion rocks café. 9 killed  30 injured in an explosion in a busy cafe a few hundred metres from the offices of Prime Minister Sharon Mar.2 7 killed in blast  A suicide bomber has struck in a religious neighbourhood. Killed includes an 18-month-old baby girl and the bomber Jan.27 2 die in suicide blast

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Dec.4 New suicide bombing; 5 injured
Dec.1 3 explosions killed 8, wounds 170
  2 suicide bombers detonated explosives which tore through the entrance to a crowded pedestrian mall
Sep.4 Bombing hits Jerusalem Aug.9 15 killed at pizzeria
  70 injured. Killed included 6 infants. Jerusalem Brigade, the wing of the Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility May.26   Bombs rock central Jerusalem  A car bomb exploded in a Russian Compound. A second in 9 hours has exploded in downtown Jerusalem Mar.26 Explosion rocks Jerusalem Feb.8 Car bomb injures 2

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B. 2016-04-18 Jerusalem bus bombing wounds more than 20
C. 2012-02-14 Thai bombs raise fears, questions in Israel Jerusalem
D. 2011-03-23 Bomb explosion hits bus Jerusalem
2008-03-06 Gunman opens fire in Jewish seminary Jerusalem
F. 2004-09-22 Suicide bomber killing two people Jerusalem
G. 2004-08-11 1 dead, 15 wounded in bombing Jerusalem
H. 2004-02-21 Suicide bomber kills 8 Jerusalem
I. 2004-01-28 10 killed in suicide attack on bus Jerusalem

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