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Kurds take key town from ISIS Map of Sinjar Iraq  Northern Iraq: Peshmerga fighters claimed to take control of Sinjar, the town that militants stormed in summer causing minority Yazidis to flee into nearby mountains Kurds 'break IS mountain siege'   Northern Iraq: Kurdish forces in northern Iraq are claiming their biggest victory yet against Islamic State (IS) militants Kurds help ISIS with terrain, language in battle for Kobani. Northern Syria IS forces 'pushed back' in Iraq. Northern Iraq   ISIS pushed back with help of U.S. airstrikes in Kobani Map of Kobani Syria
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B. 2017-05-09 Syria war: US to arm Kurds in battle for Raqqa Raqqa, Northern Syria
C. 2017-05-02 Many dead in IS attack on displaced people's camp Rajm al-Salibi, Shaddadi, Hassakeh, Northern Syria
3. 2017-04-25 Turkish jets bomb US-backed forces in Iraq, Syria Northern Iraq
2016-05-24 Kurds launch campaign north of IS-held Raqqa Raqqa, Northern Syria
F. 2016-02-13 Syria conflict: Turkey shells Kurdish militia Menagh, Northern Syria
G. 2015-12-17 Islamic State: Militants mount first major attack in months Mosul
H. 2015-11-13 Battle for Sinjar: IS-held town in Iraq 'liberated' Sinjar, Northern Iraq
8. 2015-10-11 Turkish air strikes on PKK rebels as country mourns Metina, Northern Iraq

  Kurdish PKK warns Turkey of long fight for freedom   The Kurdish rebel PKK movement has told the BBC that it is ready to intensify its fight against Turkey because Ankara is trying to make it s...   Syria conflict: Turkey shells Kurdish militia Map of Menagh Syria  Northern Syria: Turkey has shelled a Kurdish militia in northern Syria and demanded it retreat from territory it has seized, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Islamic State: Militants mount first major attack in months. Mosul   Battle for Sinjar: IS-held town in Iraq 'liberated'   Northern Iraq: Kurdish fighters have regained control of the strategic Iraqi town of Sinjar which had been held by Islamic State (IS) militants since last ... Turkish air strikes on PKK rebels as country mourns Map of Metina Iraq  Northern Iraq: The Turkish air force has pounded Kurdish militants a day after a deadly bomb attack on a rally for peace in the capital Ankara Many dead in Cizre violence as MPs' march blocked. Turkey PKK attack kills soldiers in south-eastern Turkey Islamic State storms Syrian city of Hassakeh. Northern Syria Syrian Kurds 'seize Tal Abyad'. Northern Syria ISIS claims blast near U.S. Consulate in Irbil. Northern Iraq Ocalan delivers call to Turkey Kurds   Islamic State 'driven out of Kobane' Map of Kobane Syria
  Syria war: US to arm Kurds in battle for Raqqa   Northern Syria: US President Donald Trump has approved supplying weapons to SDF, Kurdish forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, the Pentagon...   Many dead in IS attack on displaced people's camp   Northern Syria: More than 30 civilians and Kurdish-led fighters have been killed in an attack by Islamic State militants near Syria's north-eastern border with...   Turkish jets bomb US-backed forces in Iraq, Syria  Northern Iraq: More than 30 U.S.-backed Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish fighters were killed in a series of airstrikes carried out by Turkish jets   Kurds launch campaign north of IS-held Raqqa Map of Raqqa Syria

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  Northern Syria: A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters has begun a campaign to expel Islamic State (IS) militants from land north of Raqqa

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  Northern Syria: Kurdish forces have driven Islamic State (IS) militants from Kobane, officials say, ending a four-month battle for the northern Syrian town

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  Northern Syria: Kurdish fighters have pushed back ISIS militants in a number of locations as U.S. airstrikes on ISIS positions continue in and around the city
Oct.6 Street battles as IS enters border town   Northern Syria: Militants have entered the key Syria-Turkey border town of Kobane and taken control of 3 districts after fighting with Syrian Kurd defenders Sep.30 ISIS closes in on Kurdish town in Syria   Aleppo: Turkish soldiers and tanks took up position along the border with Syria as government debated whether to deploy troops to battle the terror ... Sep.1 Shia and Kurdish forces move against IS   Northern Iraq: Iraqi Shia militias and Kurdish forces are continuing their advance against Islamic State (IS) militants, a day after breaking the siege of ... Aug.18 Iraq crisis: Mosul dam recaptured from militants Map of Mosul dam Iraq
  Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi troops have retaken Mosul dam from Islamic State (IS) militants, US President Barack Obama has said
Aug.17 Kurds 'break IS hold on Mosul dam' Map of Mosul dam Iraq  Kurdish forces in northern Iraq are in near complete control of Iraq's largest dam after ousting Islamic State (IS) militants, Kurdish officials say

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Jul.20 Kurdish rebels release German hostages
. Turkey Feb.29 Turkey urges PKK to end struggle Feb.25   Turks claim 41 rebels killed  Northern Iraq: 2 military personnel died in a further day of fighting. The White House is in 'constant dialogue' with Iraq and Turkey about the operation Feb.23 Turkey: 35 Kurd rebels killed. Northern Iraq Feb.22 'Dozens dead' in Turkish assault. Northern Iraq

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Dec.24 Iraq Kurds warn Turkey over raids
. Northern Iraq Dec.1   Turkey attacks Kurd rebels in Iraq
  Northern Iraq: The Turkish military said it attacked 50 to 60 Kurdish rebels inside Iraqi territory, inflicting 'significant losses'
 A spokesman for the local Iraqi Kurdistan government denied there had been an attack. The Turkish military did not say whether Turkish troops had crossed into Iraq to conduct the operation
Turkish army fires on PKK in Iraq
. Northern Iraq Oct.24   Kurdish rebels pounded  Turkey: Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships have been bombing separatist positions along the Iraqi-Turkish frontier Oct.21 Turkey vows to defeat PKK rebels   44 die as Turkey battles Kurdish rebels   Turkey's leaders are considering their response after rebels killed at least 12 soldiers. Turkey immediately responded by killing 32 rebels Oct.10 Turkey hits rebels in Iraq  Northern Iraq: Turkey is shelling Kurdish rebel camps across the border in northern Iraq. The government unlikely to move toward sending ground troops

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Dec.4 Suicide Attack Kills 7 Kurdish Fighters
. Mosul

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Apr.11 Kurds start to leave Kirkuk
Chaos as Mosul falls to Kurds  Widespread looting has broken out, after the Iraqi army abandoned the city. People picking up banknotes from the street

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