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Hezbollah leader urges defiance. Beirut More protests as political crisis deepens. Beirut   Hezbollah tent city rises in mass protest  Beirut: Hezbollah and its allies kept up the pressure on the U.S.-backed government of Fouad Siniora to resign Protesters set up camp   Beirut: Thousand of supporters of Hezbollah and pro-Syrian allies have spent the night camped out, to protest against the government Huge rally demands PM quit
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Huge protest pressures government
Lebanon rubbish crisis: Thousands attend rally   Beirut: Thousands of people have taken part in a rally in the Lebanese capital Beirut in protest at a government they say is corrupt and ineffective Clashes follow Lebanon funeral   Beirut: Clashes have erupted outside government offices after thousands attended the funeral of security chief Wissam al-Hassan who was killed by a car... Anger erupts as Lebanon mourns  A day of national mourning is being held in Lebanon amid opposition protests over a massive car bombing a day earlier in Beirut   Lebanon's Hezbollah in anti-film rally  The leader of Shia movement has appeared in public to denounce the amateur anti-Islam film which has sparked worldwide protests   Hezbollah urges new film protests   The leader of the Shia Muslim militant group has called for fresh protests in Lebanon on Monday over a film deemed offensive to Muslims Deadly Lebanon clashes over Syria   Northern Lebanon: At least seven people have been killed and many injured in the Lebanese port city of Tripoli, in clashes linked to unrest across the border in...   Protests at Hezbollah power move  Supporters of caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri have taken to the streets in protest at efforts by Hezbollah to form the next government 7 die in clash with Lebanese troops  Beirut: At least 4 opposition protesters were killed in the southern suburbs while protesting the government's electricity rationing Assassination spurs calls for strike  Beirut: Phalange Party called for a two-day strike, a day after a powerful bomb blast killed an anti-Syrian lawmaker and 4 other people Palestinian marchers shot at. Northern Lebanon Thousands rally on Hariri anniversary. Beirut   Tension high for Hariri protest   Beirut: A commemorative rally is to mark the second anniversary of the killing of former Prime Minister Opposition halts strike  Opposition protesters burned tires and cars and clashed with government supporters Protesters barricade roads

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  Beirut: Hundreds have blocked major roads in and around the capital at the start of a general strike called by Hezbollah-led opposition

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  Beirut: Hundreds of thousands flooded central Beirut after a call by the Hezbollah-led opposition to topple the government

  Beirut: 200,000 people packed the streets, as Christian opposition leader called for Fouad Siniora to step down
 Demonstrators pitched tents outside the office of Siniora. Soldiers cordoned off the office complex with barbed wire
Nov.23 Funeral for minister turns into anti-Syrian
  Beirut: Hundreds of thousands packed Martyrs Square to honor slain Pierre Gemayel, cheering speeches by his supporters
Jun.1 Hezbollah spoof sparks protests. Beirut Feb.5   Danish consulate in Beirut ablaze  Thousands of protesters rallying while some of their number torched the consulate

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Dec.14 Anger in Beirut as editor buried  Tens of thousands lined the streets for the funeral of Gebran Tueni, an anti-Syrian member of parliament Mar.14   Massive protest marks Hariri death
  Beirut: Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Beirut for an opposition rally 4 weeks since Hariri was assassinated
Mar.8 Massive turnout at pro-Syria rally  Beirut: Tens of thousands of protesters have been mounting a rally in a square in front of the U.N. building in central Beirut Feb.27 Protesters vow to defy ban  Beirut: An interior ministry ordered to use all necessary means' to prevent demonstrations against Syria Feb.16   Hariri buried amid chaotic scenes  Beirut: The body of the assassinated former prime minister has been buried amid a passionate crush of mourners

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B. 2015-08-29 Lebanon rubbish crisis: Thousands attend rally Beirut
2. 2012-10-21 Clashes follow Lebanon funeral Beirut
2012-10-20 Anger erupts as Lebanon mourns Lebanon
E. 2012-09-17 Lebanon's Hezbollah in anti-film rally Lebanon
F. 2012-09-16 Hezbollah urges new film protests Lebanon
G. 2011-01-24 Protests at Hezbollah power move Lebanon
H. 2008-01-27 7 die in clash with Lebanese troops Beirut
I. 2007-09-20 Assassination spurs calls for strike Beirut

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