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  Pakistan, India in Kashmir talks  President Musharraf arrived in India to watch a cricket match and discuss the Kashmir dispute India, Pakistan leaders meet
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B. 2008-01-20 Musharraf begins European visit Belgium
C. 2007-11-17 U.S. envoy meets with Pakistani leader Pakistan
D. 2007-11-16 U.S. envoy arrives to pressure Musharraf Pakistan
E. 2006-09-28 Blair, Musharraf meet London
F. 2006-09-06 Musharraf in Afghanistan Kabul
G. 2006-03-04 Bush, Musharraf show solidarity Pakistan
7. 2005-04-16 Pakistan, India in Kashmir talks India
2004-01-04 India, Pakistan leaders meet Pakistan

  U.S. envoy arrives to pressure Musharraf   Pakistan: Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte was expected to deliver a strong message, urging Musharraf to end his emergency decree   Blair, Musharraf meet  London: The talks expected to be frosty given the report that the Pakistani Intelligent Service has links to the Taliban   Musharraf in Afghanistan  Kabul: Pakistani President is for discussions with President Karzai on the ongoing fight against the Taleban   Bush, Musharraf show solidarity
  Musharraf begins European visit    Belgium: Pakistani President has begun an 8-day visit, with democracy and tackling terror on the agenda as he meets EU leaders   U.S. envoy meets with Pakistani leader

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year 2007 Top ^

  Deputy Secretary of State met with President Pervez Musharraf for 2 hours urge the president to help stabilize the growing unrest in his country

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   Pakistan: Bush gained reassurances from Musharraf that Pakistan is doing everything it can in the fight against terrorism

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  President Musharraf welcomed Prime Minister Vajpayee

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Jun.24 Musharraf: We are after al Qaeda
  Washington: Pakistani have launched a massive hunt in remote border areas, Musharraf said at a joint news conference with Bush

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Jul.29 Pakistan regrets 1971 war excesses   Bangladesh: During a landmark visit, Musharraf has said he regretted the violent events of Bangladesh's independence war Jul.21 Musharraf shuns Straw   Pakistan: Britain's foreign minister is seen as to bias towards India's position on Kashmir Feb.13   Bush welcomes Musharraf  Washington: US President pledged help towards erasing $1bn of Pakistani debt

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Nov.8   Musharraf visits England
  Pakistan President has called for a short and targeted military campaign against the Taliban Oct.16   Powell met Musharraf   Pakistan: US and Pakistan have said their goal is a broad-based multi-ethnic government in Afghanistan Oct.5   Blair praises Pakistan's support
  British Prime Minister and Pakistani leader Musharraf met to discuss the U.S.-led war on terrorism Jul.15 India, Pakistan cordial summit
  Prime Minister Vajpayee and President Musharraf met twice at Taj Mahal and described talks as frank and constructive
Jul.13 Musharraf arrives in New Delhi  Pakistan's President has arrived ahead of talks with Indian Prime Minister Jun.19 Pakistan-India set summit date
  General Musharraf, would visit India for the talks about the territory of Kashmir

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