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Nato 'hits Pakistan checkpoint'   Tribal Areas: Pakistani officials have accused Nato helicopters of firing on a military checkpoint near Afghan border, killing at least 12 soldiers Libya says NATO strikes kill 15 civilians. Eastern Libya   Nato admits Tripoli target error   Nato has admitted 'a weapons systems failure' may have led to civilian casualties in morning's air strike in the Libyan capital   Nato probes Libya 'civilian' raid   Nato is investigating Libyan government claims that it bombed a residential area of the capital, Tripoli, killing several civilians   Tripoli 'Nato strike kills five' Map of Tripoli Libya
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2014-06-10 Nato forces kill five US troops in Afghanistan Zabul, Southern Afghanistan
C. 2014-03-05 Five Afghan soldiers 'killed in Nato strike' Charkh, Logar, Afghanistan
3. 2013-10-07 Karzai: Nato has caused suffering Kabul
E. 2013-04-07 Afghan children 'killed by Nato' Kunar, Afghanistan
5. 2013-03-02 Nato apology for Afghan boys' deaths Uruzgan, Afghanistan
G. 2012-05-27 Nato air strike 'kills Afghan family' Paktia, Afghanistan
7. 2012-02-10 NATO probes report of Afghan civilian deaths Kapisa, Afghanistan
I. 2011-11-26 Nato raid prompts Pakistan review Pakistan

  Five Afghan soldiers 'killed in Nato strike' Map of Charkh Logar Afghanistan  Afghanistan: A Nato airstrike has killed five Afghan soldiers in eastern Afghanistan, Afghan government officials say Karzai: Nato has caused suffering. Kabul Afghan children 'killed by Nato'   Afghanistan: Up to 12 civilians - 10 children and two women - are reported to have been killed in a Nato air strike in eastern Afghanistan Nato apology for Afghan boys' deaths   Afghanistan: The Nato-led Isaf force has apologised for the deaths of 2 boys, killed when a helicopter fired on them, mistaking them for insurgents Nato air strike 'kills Afghan family'. Afghanistan Nato pressed over Libya deaths NATO probes report of Afghan civilian deaths. Afghanistan   Nato raid prompts Pakistan review   Pakistan has ordered a review of all co-operation with the US and Nato after the alliance struck a Pakistani army checkpoint, killing at least...   Nato admits Pakistan troop deaths
  Nato forces kill five US troops in Afghanistan Map of Zabul Afghanistan

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  Southern Afghanistan: Five American soldiers have been killed accidentally by their own side in southern Afghanistan, US military sources have confirmed

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  Nato spokesman: It is 'highly likely' that Nato aircraft were behind a deadly overnight raid on a Pakistani border checkpoint
 Pakistan says at least 24 soldiers were killed. Prime Minister Gilani called it 'outrageous'. Pakistan is blocking Nato supply convoys, and ordering a review of co-operation and demanded the US vacate the remote Shamsi airbase

   Libya: At least five people have died in a Nato air strike that hit a house in the Libyan capital, Libyan government officials say
May.21 Libya blames NATO for crisis Apr.7 Nato 'in Libya rebel hit apology'   Nato raid kills Libyan rebels Map of Ajdabiya Libya  Eastern Libya: Rebels in eastern Libya say their forces have been mistakenly hit by a Nato air strike, and at least 13 rebel fighters are said to have been killed. Apr.5 Libya rebels 'disappointed' by NATO  Efforts to prevent forces loyal to Gadhafi from attacking civilians have been complicated by weather and to hiding military equipment Mar.26 NATO: civilians 'accidentally killed'  Helmand: Civilians were accidentally killed during a NATO airstrike in Afghanistan, the organization's International Security Assistance Force said Mar.10 Nato 'kills Hamid Karzai cousin'. Southern Afghanistan

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Apr.3   Afghan soldiers killed in friendly fire   Northern Afghanistan: German forces with the NATO-led command killed at least five Afghan soldiers in a friendly fire incident Feb.23 Forces in Afghanistan to limit night raids  A new classified directive to coalition forces puts restrictions on nighttime raids of Afghan homes and compounds

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Sep.3 'Scores die' in explosion
Map of Kunduz Afghanistan
  Northern Afghanistan: At least 90 people have been killed after NATO air strike blew up a fuel tanker hijacked by the Taliban
Jun.24 'Shift needed' in Afghan combat  Afghanistan: The new commander of US and Nato-led troops Gen McChrystal has said troops must shift from conventional warfare to protecting Afghan civilia...

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Jun.23   Karzai blasts NATO over deaths   Kabul: Afghan President upset over the deaths of civilians caught in the middle of fighting between coalition troops and militant fighters Jun.22 NATO strike 'kills 25 civilians'
  Helmand: Taliban militants stormed police posts, prompting heavy fighting and air strikes that reportedly left 25 civilians and 20 militants dead
 Province of Helmand
Jun.17 Children die in Afghan air raid  Eastern Afghanistan: 7 children were killed in a US-led coalition air strike against an al-Qaeda hideout in eastern Afghanistan May.9 NATO raid 'kills 21 civilians'
  Helmand: Provincial governor: An air strike by Western forces killed 21 civilians, including women and children in a village in the southern Helmand province

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Oct.28 NATO commander: Mistakes made in strike
. Kabul Oct.26 Nato confirms raid deaths  Southern Afghanistan: Nato has confirmed that at least 12 civilians were killed in an air strike it carried out in southern Afghanistan 'Civilians killed' in Nato raids  Southern Afghanistan: Scores of civilians have been killed during operations against Taleban in southern Afghanistan

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