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Bomb threat empties N. Irish parliament  The infamous Protestant militant Michael Stone tossed a bag into the building Police nab terror suspects   Ireland: 10 members of a paramilitary group are opposed to the Northern Ireland peace process Irish suspect arrested  West Bank: Suspected bombmaker was questioning him on the extent of his contact with Palestinian militants Police foil 'bomb attack'  Police have seized a huge bomb found packed into an abandoned van in Londonderry IRA urged to disband to save peace  Ulster Unionists threatened to walk out of the assembly's executive unless British officials move to exclude Sinn Fein Death threat footballer quits Omagh suspects face legal action  Lawyers acting for the families of the victims of bombing atrocity have served writs on 5 men IRA 'sorry' for civilian deaths
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1. 2011-04-09 Big bomb defused in Northern Ireland Newry, Northern Ireland
2. 2010-08-14 Bomb injures 3 children Lurgan, Northern Ireland
3. 2010-07-11 Roadside bomb explodes County Armagh, Northern Ireland
4. 2009-11-22 Police targeted in bomb attack Belfast, Northern Ireland
5. 2009-10-16 Police investigate explosion Belfast, Northern Ireland
G. 2009-03-26 Third man charged over police shooting Belfast, Northern Ireland
H. 2009-03-23 Teen charged in police shooting Northern Ireland
2009-03-09 Police officer shot dead in town Craigavon, Northern Ireland

Soldiers murdered as they lay on ground  The execution-style killing of 2 British soldiers and wounding of 4 other people in Northern Ireland was 'an attempt at mass murder 'Real IRA was behind army attack' Map of Dublin Ireland   Ireland: A Dublin-based newspaper has received a call supposedly from the Real IRA which claimed responsibility for the attack at army base Two die in Army attack Map of Antrim United Kingdom
Big bomb defused in Northern Ireland Map of Newry United Kingdom  Authorities in Northern Ireland on Saturday defused a bomb packed into a bin containing 500 pounds of homemade explosives Irish terror threat level raised  London: The threat level to Britain from Irish-related terrorism has been raised from moderate to substantial Bomb injures 3 children Map of Lurgan United Kingdom  Police in Northern Ireland said 'It was an absolute miracle' that children were not more seriously injured in a bomb explosion in County Armagh Roadside bomb explodes   Police suspect a roadside bomb that exploded in a border county was a lure, designed to draw them into the area Police targeted in bomb attack   A car carrying a 400-pound bomb was driven through barriers at the Policing Board headquarters. Two men ran away from the vehicle Police investigate explosion   38-year-old woman was injured and a vehicle was damaged. Some politicians blamed the explosion on terrorists Third man charged over police shooting   A 21-year-old man appeared in court in Belfast charged in connection with the murder of a police officer earlier this month Teen charged in police shooting  A 17-year-old faces murder charges in the killing of a policeman earlier this month Police officer shot dead in town Map of Craigavon United Kingdom

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  The attack happened near Lismore Manor, in Craigavon, as officers investigated reports of suspicious activity
  Two military personnel have been shot dead during a gun attack at a base in County Antrim. 2 further military personnel and 2 civilians injured
 The gunmen struck at Massereene army base in Antrim, 16 miles north of Belfast

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   Ireland: The Irish Republican Army has issued an unprecedented statement apologising for the killing during its 30-year campaign

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Nov.11 Teen killed in bomb explosion  17-year-old died from injuries after pipe bomb exploded in his hand during rioting between Catholics and Protestants Sep.5 Police injured at school blast
  Bomb caused panic among children and parents. Protestants confronted girls and their parents
Aug.13 3 injured in Belfast blast Aug.2   6 injured in explosion
  London: A suspected car bomb went off 100 yards from the Ealing Broadway station. Police blamed Northern Irish group
Aug.1 Car bomb defused Jul.17 Protestants hurled bombs Mar.4 Real IRA blamed for BBC blast
  London: Bomb exploded outside the BBC main office. London Underground worker suffered minor injuries

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