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Coalition in major split
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  Pakistan government makes history   Pakistan's government has become the first elected administration in the country's history to complete a five-year term of office   Pakistan 'offers school stipends'  Families of 3 million of poorest children will get cash sums if their child attends school, announced ahead of a action for a girl shot by the...   Pakistanis 'knew of Bin Laden home'  Mid-ranking Pakistani army officials may have known that Osama Bin Laden had a safe house in Pakistan, leaked Wikileaks to indicate Pakistan PM loses vital partner
Nawaz Sharif in talks on new government Map of Islamabad Pakistan

year 2013 Top ^

  Pakistani ex-PM has been holding talks with party colleagues on forming a government, after claiming victory in parliamentary elections

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year 2011 Top ^

  The second-largest party in Pakistan's ruling coalition quit the government over fuel price increases and other complaints

year 2008 Top ^

  Former Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif has pulled his PML-N party out of the multi-party governing coalition
May.12 Ministers set to resign  Ministers belonging to PML-N, one of the main parties, are set to hand in their resignations, just 3 months after general elections Government set to split  Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif says his PML-N has announced it is pulling out of the government Mar.9 Anti-Musharraf parties to share power
  Shortly after making their coalition official, main opposition parties called on President Musharraf to immediately convene parliament
 Asif Ali Zardari, head of the Pakistan People's Party, and Nawaz Sharif, head of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, were signing an agreement to make their parties' coalition official.
Feb.21   Leaders agree on coalition  Former Prime Minister Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, Bhutto's husband said their parties will work together in the national parliament

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.23   Bhutto: Government's weakened  Pakistani opposition leader accused the government of failing to crush Islamic militants Nov.16   Bhutto rejects new interim cabinet
  The opposition leader, freed from house arrest, has rejected Musharraf's new interim government, deeming it 'not acceptable'

year 2003 Top ^

May.2 India restores ties with Pakistan
  New Delhi: India is appointing a new ambassador to Islamabad and renewing air links between the neighbors

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.5 Coalition deal hits Musharraf  Islamic parties have struck a deal with a pro-democracy bloc to forge a civilian government Sep.24 India blames Pakistan for temple attack
  New Delhi: Pakistan has condemned the attack and denied implications it was involved, saying India is too quick to accuse Aug.14 Pakistan accused of double standards  New Delhi: Prime minister has accused Pakistan of attempting to control Jammu and Kashmir through 'cross-border terrorism' Jun.14 US condemns bomb attack
Map of White House USA  Washington: The White House has condemned a suicide attack on the US consulate as a 'vivid reminder' of the dangers Americans face Jun.8   Pakistan protests over spy plane  The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has lodged a formal protest with India for deliberately violating its airspace Jun.3 India and Pakistan trade harsh words   Kazakhstan: The leaders of Pakistan and India have been blaming each other for the current military confrontation in Kashmir Jun.1   India rules out Musharraf meeting  Diplomatic efforts to get the leaders of Pakistan and India to meet are foundering, amid continuing tensions over Kashmir May.28 India hits back over 'dangerous' speech  New Delhi: Foreign Minister, Jaswant Singh, has responded angrily to a speech by Pakistani President Musharraf May.8 Musharraf condemns attack. Karachi Jan.13   Bush urges Pakistan-India dialog  Washington: In a telephone conversations, US President is urging them to work to reduce tensions

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.14 Post-Taliban government discussing  Afghanistan: U.S. envoy James Dobbins is in Pakistan for urgent talks Jun.20 U.S. condemns presidency move

Main Event: Anti-Musharraf parties to share...
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B. 2013-05-12 Nawaz Sharif in talks on new government Islamabad, Pakistan
C. 2013-03-16 Pakistan government makes history Islamabad, Pakistan
D. 2012-11-10 Pakistan 'offers school stipends' Pakistan
E. 2012-02-28 Pakistanis 'knew of Bin Laden home' Pakistan
F. 2011-01-02 Pakistan PM loses vital partner Pakistan
G. 2008-08-25 Coalition in major split Pakistan
H. 2008-05-12 Ministers set to resign Pakistan
I. 2008-05-12 Government set to split Pakistan
2008-03-09 Anti-Musharraf parties to share power Pakistan

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