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Wanted men 'control Red Mosque' Map of Islamabad Pakistan  Religious affairs minister has said wanted Islamic militants were holding women and children hostage inside the Lal Masjid Mosque leader's burqa plan fails
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B. 2017-03-16 Pakistan asks Facebook to help fight blasphemy Pakistan
2. 2014-04-05 Pakistani couple get death sentences for blasphemy Punjab, Pakistan
2012-09-01 Pakistan blasphemy case imam held Pakistan
E. 2012-08-19 Pakistan girl 'desecrated Koran' Pakistan
F. 2011-01-09 Rally in support of blasphemy law Karachi
G. 2010-11-29 Christian woman must wait for pardon Lahore
H. 2010-11-22 Christian woman accused of blasphemy Pakistan
I. 2010-05-19 Pakistan shuts down Facebook Pakistan
9. 2009-04-17 Radical cleric backs bloodshed Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan girl 'desecrated Koran'  An 11-year-old Christian girl has been arrested after being accused of desecrating pages of a book containing Islamic text Rally in support of blasphemy law  Karachi: Thousands of people turned out to show their support for current blasphemy laws and warn the government against changing the laws Christian woman must wait for pardon   Lahore: A court blocked the government from pardoning Asia Bibi sentenced to death for blasphemy until her case has been heard by an appeals court Christian woman accused of blasphemy  A preliminary investigation shows that Asia Bibi has been falsely accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammed   Pakistan shuts down Facebook  Pakistan is blocking access to Facebook in response to an online group calling on people to draw the Prophet Mohammed Radical cleric backs bloodshed   Maulana Abdul Aziz imprisoned for his role in a deadly mosque siege has vowed to continue his campaign to impose hardline Islamic law   Deal enshrines sharia law   NW Pakistan: President Asif Ali Zardari signed into law a peace deal for the nation's violence-plagued Swat Valley. The deal implements Islamic law Red Mosque rebel cleric killed in crossfire Map of ISLAMABAD Pakistan
Pakistan asks Facebook to help fight blasphemy  Pakistan says it has asked Facebook to help investigate 'blasphemous content' posted on the social network by Pakistanis Pakistani couple get death sentences for blasphemy   A Christian couple have been sentenced to death for blasphemy after allegedly sending a text message insulting the Prophet Muhammad Pakistan blasphemy case imam held

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  Police in Pakistan have arrested an imam accused of planting burnt pages of the Koran on a Christian girl accused of blasphemy

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  Cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the leader at the center of the week-long siege in Islamabad, has been killed
 His body was found in the Red Mosque basemen. 8 soldiers were also killed in the military operation

  Abdul Aziz, the head of a radical mosque at the center of a stand-off with security forces, was arrested while trying to escape clad in a woman's burqa

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Oct.30 Islamic leaders call for protest after attack   Islamist have blamed the U.S. for a military attack on a religious school that killed 80 people Feb.2   Anger grows over Muhammad cartoon
   France: The drawings sparked a fresh row when they were re-run in several papers, leading to the sacking of an editor

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Aug.24 Madrassas resist regulation drive
Jul.29   Madrassa foreigners 'must leave'
  President Musharraf says all foreign students at religious schools, some 1,400 pupils, must leave the country
May.16 Muslims doubt Quran climbdown. Afghanistan

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Jul.5   Iron Curtain Between West, Muslims
  President Musharraf: An iron curtain is descending between the West and the Muslim world

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Nov.15 3 Islamic militant groups banned  The government began sealing off more than 300 offices used by the groups. Security agencies were placed on high alert Feb.22 9 Shia worshippers killed  Karachi: Gunmen have opened fire inside a Shia place of worship in the city of Karachi as worshippers were arriving

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Oct.10 Islamic parties surge in poll
  The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), or United Action Front, has won the majority of the 20 or so seats
Feb.16 Musharraf berates Muslim world

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Nov.7   Musharraf: Ramadan warning  Support from Islamic countries may wane if U.S. strikes continue during Ramadan Nov.1   Bin Laden calls Pakistanis to arms
  Afghanistan: In a letter Bin Laden urged Pakistani Muslims to defend Islam against a Christian campaign Sep.24   Fax attributed to bin Laden  A fax sent to a news agency calls on Muslims to resist the invasion of the American crusader forces

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