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Pro-Taliban cleric pulls out of peace deal   NW Pakistan: Sufi Mohammad has announced he has pulled out of a deal in the Swat Valley, saying the government is not serious Musharraf foes set to hold talks  Leaders of ruling coalition are due to discuss their next steps after the exit of their long-time opponent, President Pervez Musharraf Hopes as talks continue   Dubai: The leaders of governing coalition are set to continue talks in Dubai on their pledge to restore judges sacked by President Musharraf   US tells Musharraf to step back  Negroponte, A senior US envoy, has urged Pakistani President to lift emergency rule and free opponents ahead of elections due in January   Musharraf in talks with Bhutto Map of Abu Dhabi  Abu Dhabi: The embattled president sat down with a major exiled opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in Abu Dhabi   Israel, Pakistan hold first talks
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B. 2014-06-16 Pakistan and Kabul discuss security Kabul
C. 2014-02-06 Pakistan enters talks with Taliban Pakistan
2014-02-04 Taliban criticise peace talks delay Islamabad, Pakistan
4. 2013-10-09 Pakistan Taliban 'open to talks' Tribal Areas
F. 2013-09-29 Leaders agree need for Kashmir calm New York
G. 2013-09-28 India warns Pakistan ahead of talks New York
H. 2013-09-27 India, Pakistan holding peace summit in New York New York
8. 2013-04-23 Nato urges Pakistan to fight militants Brussels
J. 2013-02-02 UK to host Afghan-Pakistani talks London

  India puts Pakistan talks on hold   Egypt: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: India will not start peace talks with Pakistan until the Mumbai attacks suspects are brought to justice Pakistan: Taliban leader will talk to U.S.  Pakistan's military has declared that is it in contact with Mullah Mohammed Omar and it can bring him to the negotiating table   Obama hails unity over al-Qaeda
Pakistan and Kabul discuss security  The Pakistani and Afghan leaders have discussed regional security amid air strikes against militants in Pakistan's north-west tribal areas Pakistan enters talks with Taliban   Taliban criticise peace talks delay Map of Islamabad Pakistan  Pakistani Taliban negotiators condemn the failure of government representatives to meet them in Islamabad, as peace efforts get off to a chaotic start   Pakistan Taliban 'open to talks'   Tribal Areas: Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud is open to 'serious talks' with the government but says he has not yet been approached Leaders agree need for Kashmir calm. New York India warns Pakistan ahead of talks. New York India, Pakistan holding peace summit in New York Nato urges Pakistan to fight militants. Brussels   UK to host Afghan-Pakistani talks   London: British Prime Minister David Cameron will hold key talks with the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan to discuss the Afghan peace process Crisis talks after Quetta blasts. West Pakistan Obama calls for 'balanced approach' to Pakistan. South Korea Pakistan dismisses Taliban links Pakistani president, military leader meet India and Pakistan hold arms talks Pakistan Taliban 'in peace talks'   Cameron and Zardari holding talks   London: Prime Minister David Cameron and President Zardari of Pakistan will try to patch up their differences during formal talks at Chequers later India, Pakistan: Fresh bid to mend ties

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  New Delhi: India and Pakistan are making a fresh attempt to soothe ties strained by the Mumbai attacks, amid Afghan crisis

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  Washington: US President has said after meeting his Afghan and Pakistani counterparts that they are united in the goal of defeating al-Qaeda


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  Istanbul: In a sign of warming relations, the countries' foreign ministers Shalom and Kasurimet met in Istanbul

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Jun.27 Upbeat end to South Asia talks
  New Delhi: India and Pakistan have wrapped up 2 days of peace and security talks, saying they have gained momentum
Historic India-Pakistan talks open  New Delhi: Foreign secretaries have wrapped up the first day of detailed dialogue Jun.20 India and Pakistan set up hotline  New Delhi: A new telephone hotline between the senior officials in the foreign ministries will alert each of potential nuclear risks Feb.16   Rivals pursue 'cordial' dialogue   Kashmir is high on the agenda in the 3 days of landmark discussions in Islamabad Feb.15 India, Pakistan set for key talks  Senior Indian officials have arrived in Pakistan to launch first formal talks in nearly 3 years Jan.6 India, Pakistan to open talks  Nuclear powers announced a historic agreement aimed at resolving their dispute over Kashmir Jan.4   India, Pakistan leaders meet
  President Musharraf welcomed Prime Minister Vajpayee

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Dec.28 Pakistan ready for talks with India
  Pakistan President Musharraf is ready to meet Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee at a regional summit in Nepal

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