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Ukraine, rebels are prepared to make a cease-fire deal. Donbass BRICS nations to create $100bn development bank. Northeastern Brazil Russia and Ukraine 'agree steps' towards new truce   G-7 leaders agree to impose new sanctions on Russia  Washington: Leaders of the G-7 had agreed to 'move swiftly' to impose new sanctions against Russia over its continued role in the unrest in Ukraine   Deal struck to calm Ukraine crisis   Geneva: Russia, Ukraine, the US and the European Union have said that all sides have agreed to steps to 'de-escalate' the crisis in eastern Ukraine   Putin signs Russia-Crimea treaty   Moscow: President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Crimea have signed a bill to absorb the peninsula into Russia US and Russia agree Syria UN draft. UN Security Council   US and Russia reach agreement in Syria weapons talks   Geneva: Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov have reached an agreement on a framework for securing Syria's chemical weapons Russia and US agree to hold Syria conference. Moscow New rules for US-Russia adoptions. Washington BP and Russia in Arctic oil deal. London France to help build Russian warships. Moscow   Obama hails nuclear treaty vote  Washington: The US president has welcomed the US Senate's ratification of a much-delayed nuclear arms treaty with Russia US and Russia agree on 'spy exchange'. Washington   Obama, Medvedev sign arms treaty  Moscow: The new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, a major nuclear arms control , reduces the nuclear stockpiles of both nations U.S., Russia OK nuclear cuts  Washington: President Obama: The United States and Russia have reached 'the most comprehensive arms control agreement in nearly two decades' Chavez in $2bn Russian arms deal   Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez: Russia has agreed to lend to buy weapons. The credit will be used to purchase 100 tanks and a anti-aircraft systems Venezuela to get Russian missiles 'Gas to flow' after deal  Moscow: Russian Prime Minister Putin has said agreement has been reached at talks to resume gas exports to Europe via Ukraine shortly Russia signs deal, restoring Europe's gas. Moscow EU bid to revive Russia gas deal. European Union Accord signed in Russia gas row  European Union: Russia and European Union have signed a deal, which could pave the way for the re-opening of gas supplies to Europe Russians 'agree Georgia deadline'. Moscow Russia signs cease-fire, tensions remain. Moscow   Georgia agrees to cease-fire proposal   French President Sarkozy: The presidents of Georgia and Russia have agreed to a 6-point plan to calm the conflict over separatist territorie... Russia and Ukraine reach gas deal. Moscow Russia, Ukraine reach natural gas deal  The Ukrainian natural gas company agreed to a price of $230 per thousand meters of gas Russia 'to ratify climate treaty'  Moscow: The government is expected to announce that the country will ratify the Kyoto Protocol Nato-Russia Council established. NATO   Putin and Bush sign nuclear arms deal  Moscow: Landmark nuclear arms treaty slashes the two countries' arsenals by two-thirds. It's banishing the legacy of the Cold War Russia and NATO agree joint action Russia and China sign alliance. Moscow Russia-Ukraine summit   Japan surrender signed Map of Tokyo Bay Japan
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Ceasefire Main Event: Ukraine ceasefire deal...
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1. 2017-07-07 Syria crisis: US, Russia and Jordan agree ceasefire deal Syria
C. 2016-09-09 Syrian conflict: US and Russia agree peace moves Geneva
3. 2016-02-22 Syria conflict: US-Russia brokered truce 'to start at weekend' Syria
E. 2015-04-13 Ukraine crisis: Further weapons withdrawals agreed Berlin
F. 2015-03-02 'Monitoring deal' on Ukraine truce Kiev
2015-02-12 Ukraine ceasefire deal reached Minsk, Belarus
H. 2014-10-30 Ukraine, Moscow clinch deal on Russian gas supply Brussels
I. 2014-09-19 Ukraine deal with pro-Russian rebels at Minsk talks Minsk, Belarus
9. 2014-09-05 Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels sign ceasefire deal Minsk, Belarus

  Ukraine, Moscow clinch deal on Russian gas supply   Brussels: A deal will guarantee that Russian gas exports flows into Ukraine throughout the winter despite their intense fighting in eastern Ukraine   Ukraine deal with pro-Russian rebels at Minsk talks Map of Minsk Belarus  Belarus: Ukraine's government and pro-Russia rebels have agreed a memorandum on a peace plan for the eastern conflict   Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels sign ceasefire deal Map of Minsk Belarus
Syria crisis: US, Russia and Jordan agree ceasefire deal   Syrian conflict: US and Russia agree peace moves   Geneva: Russia and the US have announced an agreement on Syria starting with a 'cessation of hostilities' from sunset on Monday   Syria conflict: US-Russia brokered truce 'to start at weekend'  A ceasefire in Syria agreed by Russia and the US is scheduled to come into effect at midnight on February 27, a draft of the plan reveals Ukraine crisis: Further weapons withdrawals agreed. Berlin 'Monitoring deal' on Ukraine truce. Kiev   Ukraine ceasefire deal reached Map of Minsk Belarus

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  Belarus: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a cease-fire agreement for eastern Ukraine had been reached, bringing an end to marathon talks.    Russia will face fresh sanctions from the EU if a deal to end the ...

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  Belarus: The two sides agreed to stop firing and the truce appeared to be holding. But the rebels had not changed their policy of splitting from Ukraine.    More than 2,600 people have died since rebels stormed severa...


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Sep. 2, 1945
  Tokyo: The surrender of the Empire of Japan was announced by Imperial Japan, bringing the hostilities of World War II to a close
Sep. 26, 1815   Holy Alliance between Russia, Austria, and Prussia
  Paris: A coalition created by the monarchist great powers of Russia, Austria and Prussia. It was created after the ultimate defeat of Napoleon
Jan. 9, 1792   Treaty of Jassy
   Romania: A pact between the Russian and Ottoman Empires ending the Russo-Turkish War and confirming Russia's dominance in the Black Sea

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