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  Madrid bomb shatters ETA cease-fire Map of Madrid
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B. 2010-02-06 Police seize explosives in central Portugal Obidos, Portugal
C. 2009-08-09 Majorca bar struck by bomb blast Palma-de-Mallorca, Spain
3. 2009-07-30 Travel chaos after Majorca bomb Palmanova, Spain
4. 2009-07-29 Car bomb injures 40 Burgos, Spain
F. 2008-06-01 Anonymous warning precedes bomb blast Zarautz, Basque
2006-12-30 Madrid bomb shatters ETA cease-fire Madrid
H. 2005-05-25 Madrid rocked by car bomb Madrid
8. 2005-02-09 Madrid car bomb: 42 injured Madrid

  Car bomb injures 40   A bomb exploded outside the Civil Guard barracks in the northern Spanish city, injuring at least 40 people and causing substantial damage Anonymous warning precedes bomb blast   Basque: 2 police officers suffered minor ear damage and another person was hurt by shattered glass in the explosion Bomb kills Spanish tourists Map of Marib Yemen
  Police seize explosives in central Portugal   Police seized more than 3,000 pounds of explosives from a house used by the Basque separatist group ETA Majorca bar struck by bomb blast Map of Palma-de-Mallorca Spain  A bomb has exploded in a beachfront bar and restaurant. A phone warning, from the Basque separatist group Eta, was received in advance   Travel chaos after Majorca bomb Map of Palmanova Spain

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  A car bombing in the island of Majorca has killed two Civil Guard officers and led to ports and airports being shut for several hours.    Some flights were turned back or ...

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   Yemen: At least 9 people have been killed after a suicide bomber drove an explosives-laden car into a tourist convoy

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  Spain has blamed a powerful bomb explosion at the country's busiest airport on Basque separatist group
 Spanish PM suspends ETA dialogue

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May.25   Madrid rocked by car bomb   Explosives packed in a small truck detonated after a warning call in the name of the Basque separatist group ETA Feb.9   Madrid car bomb: 42 injured
Map of Madrid  Basque separatists claimed responsibility for a powerful car bomb attack near convention center

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Apr.3 One killed in Madrid suburb blast
Map of Madrid  A police officer has been killed and at least 6 injured in a explosion Apr.2   Bomb found on rail track  Police have found an explosive device on a high-speed railway in the Toledo area Mar.12   Bombs were Spanish-made explosives  The explosive is similar to ones used in previous attacks by ETA Mar.11 Rail blasts: 200 dead Map of Madrid
  Madrid: A series of co-ordinated bomb attacks on Madrid's commuter trains at the height of the rush hour blamed on ETA
 The attacks took place at the height of rush hour when 3 separate trains were hit by near-simultaneous explosions along the southern part of Madrid's train network. The morning terror strikes at train stations also wounded at least 1,400. The deadliest blast happened on a train entering Atocha station

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Jul.22 Bombs explode in resorts  10 people, including 4 policemen, have been injured on Mediterranean coast in 2 bomb blasts blamed on ETA Jul.13 Bomb found in Pamplona hotel  Basque: Police have deactivated a powerful bomb they say was placed by the Basque separatist group ETA May.16 41 die in Casablanca blasts
   Morocco: 10 who took part in five near-simultaneous attacks also died. 4 detained. The targets included Spanish, Belgian and Jewish
Feb.24 Blasts damage diplomatic buildings   Venezuela: Near-simultaneous explosions badly damaged the Spanish Embassy and the Colombian consulate

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Sep.24 Explosion follows Bilbao car bomb  Basque: Three civil guards have injured in an attack, two of them seriously, in an explosion on a highway Sep.23 Two killed in Bilbao blast  Basque: An explosion ripped apart a car, killing people inside who were suspected to be members of ETA Aug.4   2 killed in resort explosion
  A car bomb wounded 40 others in front of a Civil Guard barracks in the southeastern tourist resort of Santa Pola Jun.22 Two more bombs exploded  Attacks came as a summit of European Union leaders was ending. Police blamed on the Basque separatist group ETA

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Oct.12 Blast rocks central Madrid   A powerful explosion caused by a car bomb. Several people have been injured Aug.22   Car bomb found in ETA swoop  Basque: Police arrested 8 ETA separatists and seized 160 kg of explosives Aug.20 Bomb in toy kills woman
. Basque Aug.6 Police attacked in Basque country

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