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  Tamil Tigers announce cease-fire  Tamil Tigers: a new round of peace talks on ending the civil war is impossible as long as the government presses ahead with a military offen... Government pulls out of cease-fire
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  U.N., U.S. call for end to Sri Lanka fighting  UN Security Council: The Security Council and President Obama called for both sides in Sri Lanka's civil war to protect civilians and allow humanitarian aid   Rebels call ceasefire  Tamil Tigers fighting government forces in north-east Sri Lanka have declared a unilateral ceasefire   Tamil Tigers urged to surrender  UN Security Council: The Council has called on rebels in Sri Lanka to lay down their arms and let the UN help evacuate civilians from the war zone U.N.: Sri Lanka ceasefire 'inadequate'  The humanitarian chief John Holmes criticized a two-day pause in the fighting between the army and Tamil Tiger rebels as 'inadequate' Holiday truce begins  Armed forces are on orders to suspend attacks on Tamil rebels for 48 hours as the communities celebrate New Year Tamil rebels ready for cease-fire  Tamil rebels were ready to accept international calls for a cease-fire but won't lay down their weapons without a political solution in the civil... Sri Lanka rejects dialogue appeal  The government has rejected a call by international donors for Tamil Tiger rebels to negotiate terms of surrender with the government Sri Lanka Tigers urged to end war
  Sri Lanka rejects Tigers' offer  The defence secretary has rejected the Tamil Tigers' offer to enter a democratic process after their military defeat by government forces Rebels 'call ceasefire'

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  Tamil Tigers (LTTE) rebels trapped in a tiny enclave of northern Sri Lanka have declared a ceasefire
  The US, EU, Japan and Norway have urged Tamil Tiger rebels to lay down their arms and discuss ending hostilities with the government

year 2008 Top ^

  The government decided to withdraw from an internationally brokered cease-fire that had largely collapsed since the resurgence of fighting

year 2006 Top ^

Oct.16 Sri Lanka will talk despite attack  The government will retaliate against more attacks by Tamil rebels but remains committed to peace talks Oct.10 Tigers agree to resume peace talks  Tamil rebels have agreed to resume talks with the government representatives in Geneva on October 28 and 29 Jun.7 Sri Lanka, Tamil rebels hold meeting
   Norway: The government and rebels are meeting in Norway to discuss security for truce monitors
May.11 Crisis talks after raid
  International truce monitors are to hold emergency talks with Tamil rebels after a sea battle
Apr.27   Race to save ceasefire
  Truce monitors have travelled to north-east to try to ease tension after 2 days of government air strikes Apr.15 Peace talks in doubt  Tamil Tiger rebels are threatening to pull out of talks because of a row over the safe transport of regional leaders

year 2005 Top ^

Aug.18 Tamil Tigers agree to peace talks   The rebels have agreed to hold direct talks with the Colombo government.

year 2003 Top ^

Nov.8   Ceasefire 'holding'  The peace deal is holding despite a power struggle between the president and prime minister Jun.8   Rebels offered peace carrot  Japan: Sri Lankan Prime Minister has offered a provisional administrative structure for the Tamil-majority region

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.4 Tamil Tiger ban lifted
  Sri Lanka is paving the way for crucial peace talks scheduled to begin September 16 in Thailand Aug.14 Date set for peace talks Apr.10 Peace possible says prime minister Tamil Tiger chief 'wants peace' Feb.21 Permanent ceasefire
  Government and Tamil Tiger rebels have agreed to a ceasefire as part of a Norwegian initiative to end civil war

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1. 05-25 Sri Lanka rejects Tigers' offer Sri Lanka
05-17 Rebels 'call ceasefire' Sri Lanka
3. 05-13 U.N., U.S. call for end to Sri Lanka fighting UN Security Council
E. 04-26 Rebels call ceasefire Sri Lanka
5. 04-22 Tamil Tigers urged to surrender UN Security Council
G. 04-15 U.N.: Sri Lanka ceasefire 'inadequate' Sri Lanka
H. 04-12 Holiday truce begins Sri Lanka
I. 02-22 Tamil rebels ready for cease-fire Sri Lanka
9. 02-05 Sri Lanka rejects dialogue appeal Sri Lanka

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