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US bombers strike at Falluja
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Dozens killed in airstrikes  Coalition forces launched a series of airstrikes around Ramadi, killing 'an estimated 70 terrorists' Warplanes continue to hit Falluja  U.S. warplanes attacked targets in and around the insurgent-held city, while gunfire echoed through the night   U.S. bombs targets linked to al-Zarqawi Map of Falluja Iraq
U.S., Iraqi police in dispute over airstrike   Police said a U.S. airstrike killed a family of 6, but the U.S. military described it as an attack targeting insurgents that killed one 'armed... US air strike kills 'Iraq allies'   6 people have been killed in a strike near Samarra, with some reports suggesting they were US-allied anti-al-Qaeda Sunni fighters Military launches largest air assault Map of Samarra Iraq

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  50 aircraft are involved in Operation Swarmer with more than 1,500 Iraqi and U.S. troops near Samarra
 troops detained more than 30 people and found five caches of weapons on the operation's first day

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  Warplanes bombed houses used by wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the volatile city of Falluja

  Overnight strikes by bombers have killed 3 people. In Baghdad, 2 US helicopters crashed with the death of 2 soldiers
Oct.11   U.S. bombs al-Zarqawi meeting place Map of Falluja Iraq  An airstrike destroyed a building in Falluja used as a meeting place by wanted terrorist and his followers Oct.8 Falluja airstrike kills 14  An emergency room doctor said the airstrike hit a wedding celebration. U.S.-said the strike targeted terrorists Sep.13 U.S. strikes 'terrorist site'   The warplanes have conducted a 'successful precision strike' on a reported terrorist meeting site in Falluja Sep.8   Airstrike targets 'Zarqawi house'   A 'precision' strike has targeted a building in Falluja that was being used by followers of terror mastermind Jul.18 U.S. launches Fallujah air strikes  Airstrikes, an Iraqi official said, left 14 people dead and three wounded Jun.19   Airstrike on al-Zarqawi safe house kills 18 Map of Fallujah Iraq
  Coalition forces launched a missile strike against what they said was a house in Fallujah linked to wanted insurgent
Apr.28 Warplane fires on Fallujah  An AC-130 Spectre gunship fired its cannons, showering the area with flames and sparks   U.S. helicopters target Fallujah insurgents  The besieged central Iraqi city was the scene of new explosions and gunfire from the direction of a train station Apr.27 U.S. warplanes pound Fallujah targets
  Intense fire lit the sky where Marines have engaged in a 2-week standoff with insurgents
Jan.8   Black Hawk crash kills 9 Map of Fallujah Iraq  A U.S. helicopter made an emergency landing just south of Fallujah, killing all soldiers on board Jan.2 Copter shot down   Insurgent fire shot down a U.S. Army helicopter near Fallujah, killing an American soldier and wounding another

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Nov.6   6 killed in U.S. helicopter crash near Tikrit
  Black Hawk has crashed near Saddam Hussein's hometown. White smoke was seen rising from the wreckage

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B. 2008-06-25 U.S., Iraqi police in dispute over airstrike Tikrit, Sunni Triangle
C. 2008-03-22 US air strike kills 'Iraq allies' Samarra, Sunni Triangle
2006-03-16 Military launches largest air assault Samarra, Sunni Triangle
E. 2005-10-17 Dozens killed in airstrikes Sunni Triangle
F. 2004-11-05 Warplanes continue to hit Falluja Sunni Triangle
G. 2004-10-18 U.S. bombs targets linked to al-Zarqawi Falluja, Sunni Triangle
H. 2004-10-16 US bombers strike at Falluja Sunni Triangle
I. 2004-10-11 U.S. bombs al-Zarqawi meeting place Falluja, Sunni Triangle
J. 2004-10-08 Falluja airstrike kills 14 Sunni Triangle

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