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Nasa extends shuttle search
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Shuttle recovery teams redeployed  More than half of those searching in Nacogdoches County were reassigned to neighboring counties NASA memo warned of tile damage
  Seal 'caused' shuttle disaster  The seal probably broke between protective tiles on the left wing, according to preliminary results   Debris suggests shuttle tires blew out  Tires and debris suggest that the left tires blew out and superheated gases were flowing out of the left wing's wheel well   Engineers warned of shuttle wing burning  The day before the Columbia broke up, engineers expressed concern that its left wing might burn off   NASA: debris part of shuttle wing  A piece of Columbia debris found in far west Texas came from the upper section of the left wing NASA: puncture may be to blame

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  Engineers convinced Columbia's left wheel well was punctured, allowing super heated gas to leak into the wing
  The memo noted that debris striking the left wing after takeoff might have 'the potential for a large damage area to the tile'

  Experts have extended their search for debris and crew remains across the western United States
Feb.2 NASA probe progressing, assessing data  Federal investigators formed teams to undertake the task of determining what went wrong when Columbia broke apart Sensors: rising temperatures on Columbia
  In the final minutes something occurred on the craft's left side, significant enough to make the space craft roll to the right
Clues sought for shuttle disaster  Nasa has vowed to leave 'no stone unturned'. police teams scoured large areas in Texas for shuttle fragments Feb.1 Remains found among shuttle debris  NASA will conduct its own investigation, as will the Congress, and the government is forming an independent commission NASA mourns, seeks answers  Investigators were working to determine what caused the shuttle Columbia to disintegrate into a trail of flaming debris Space shuttle and crew lost
  Columbia broke up as it descended toward a planned landing, showering debris across southeastern Texas
 Those killed on the flight were commander Rick D. Husband; pilot William C. McCool; payload commander Michael P. Anderson; mission specialists David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla and Laurel Clark; and Israel's astronaut, Ilan Ramon. The loss was caused by damage sustained during launch when a piece of insulation broke off

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