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Tsunami aid tops $3 billion  Indonesia: Australian will donate an additional $764.5 million. Germanyt was increasing aid to $660 million   Powell: U.S. values in action  Indonesia: U.S. is throwing its financial and military weight into southern relief efforts not to gain favor in the Islamic world Schumacher to donate $10 million. Germany   US presidents in tsunami aid plea
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Main Event: Troop escorts for aid workers
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B. 2006-02-01 'Scant help' for tsunami victims UN
C. 2005-06-24 Tsunami rebuild 'to take 10 years' Luxembourg
D. 2005-03-18 Tsunami aid shortfall over $4bn Southeast Asia
E. 2005-02-09 Bush seeks $950 million in tsunami aid U.S. Congress
F. 2005-01-25 Warning over tsunami aid 'holdup' Southeast Asia
G. 2005-01-14 Outside aid now welcome New Delhi
H. 2005-01-13 Thaksin: Send more aid to others Thailand
2005-01-13 Troop escorts for aid workers Aceh
J. 2005-01-11 Nations meet UN swift cash appeal Switzerland

Nations meet UN swift cash appeal   Switzerland: Concrete commitments worth $717m have been secured from donor countries Separatists threaten relief efforts  Aceh: Indonesia is restricting the movement of aid workers in the Aceh province UN warns over tsunami aid pledges  Geneva: A donor conference in Geneva is to discuss a practical timetable for delivering aid to the region Powell looks to tsunami long haul. Washington UN upbeat on tsunami hunger aid  World Food Programme is optimistic that none of the survivors of the Asian tsunami will lose their lives to hunger U.N. taking over relief effort
  'Scant help' for tsunami victims   UN: Aid agencies have accused governments in 5 countries hit by tsunami of failing to provide housing, relief   Tsunami rebuild 'to take 10 years'   Luxembourg: The United Nations said that it will take as long as 10 years to rebuild what was destroyed in the tsunami   Tsunami aid shortfall over $4bn  Southeast Asia: Governments around the world have been urged to honour their financial pledges Bush seeks $950 million in tsunami aid. U.S. Congress   Warning over tsunami aid 'holdup'  Southeast Asia: Only half the money requested by the UN in immediate aid for the victims has been received Outside aid now welcome. New Delhi Thaksin: Send more aid to others   Thailand: Prime Minister has called for more tsunami aid relief, but says his nation does not need financial assistance Troop escorts for aid workers

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year 2005 Top ^

  Aceh: The military has ordered troops to escort aid workers into Aceh province because of alleged rebel activity
  Indonesia: Colin Powell: The United Nations will take over coordination of tsunami relief and reconstruction efforts

  Washington: President Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior, have called on Americans to aid the Asian tsunami's victims
Somalia appeals for post-tsunami help Jan.2 UN 'optimistic' over aid effort  Southeast Asia: The emergency relief co-ordinator is increasingly optimistic about the massive relief under way in tsunami-afflicted countries Tsunami aid arriving  Aceh: The health workers are warning there could be a second wave of death from disease in the devastated areas Jan.1 U.N.: Tsunami aid rises to $2 billion
  Indonesia: The new amount includes contributions from many countries and the World Bank

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Dec.31 US pledges $350m in tsunami aid
  Washington: The US plans to increase by 10-fold its contribution to help the survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami Aid struggles to arrive as death toll 135K  Indonesia: The residents in some remote areas saw the arrival of aid workers and welcomed them as heroes Dec.30 UN urges 'special' wave response  Secretary General Annan has called for an unprecedented world response to disaster in the Indian Ocean Dec.29 US forms quake relief coalition
  Washington: The US, Australia, Japan and India have formed a coalition to lead aid efforts after the Indian Ocean sea surges
World sends help for tsunami victims  Southeast Asia: The countries and aid organizations donate money, supplies and personnel Dec.28   Quake prompts massive aid effort  Southeast Asia: One of the world's largest relief efforts is under way to help the millions of victims of the quake

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