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US Congress in final push to reach 'fiscal cliff' deal   Senate leader Harry Reid voices fiscal cliff fear
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House Republicans pass $1.4tn tax overhaul bill  House of Representatives: A controversial overhaul of the US tax code slashes corporate rates. President Donald Trump made a rare visit to Congress to rally lawmakers   US House passes $1.1tn budget bill  House of Representatives: The US House of Representatives has passed a $1.1tn budget, hours before government was due to shut down at midnight on Thursday Yellen confirmed as next Fed chair. U.S. Senate US budget deal reached in Congress Apple 'among US's big tax avoiders'. U.S. Senate JP Morgan accused of hiding losses. U.S. Senate No deal in sight on US budget cuts   US Senate approves key tax deal
US shutdown: Trump and Democrats blame each other  U.S. Senate: Recriminations have begun over the failure of the US Senate to pass a new budget and prevent the shutdown of many federal services   Trump hails 'largest tax cut' in US history

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  Washington: US President has hailed sweeping tax reforms after they were given final approval by Congress, despite fierce criticism by Democrats

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  U.S. Senate: The US Senate has approved a deal to avert tax hikes and spending cuts known as the 'fiscal cliff'

  U.S. Senate: The US appears to be heading over the 'fiscal cliff', with prospects dim for a deal to avoid tax rises and spending cuts, the US Senate leader says
Jul.16 HSBC 'allowed money laundering'. U.S. Senate Jun.13 JP Morgan boss sorry for losses. U.S. Senate Apr.16 Senate blocks Obama Buffett Rule. U.S. Senate Feb.14 Congress 'hatches payroll tax cut deal'

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Dec.19 US Republicans object to tax deal
. House of Representatives Dec.17 US Senate passes key funding bill  U.S. Senate: The US Senate has passed a spending bill worth nearly $1tn, averting an impending shutdown of federal government services

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Dec.17 US Congress passes Obama tax deal
. House of Representatives Sep.30 'US bill on yuan would hurt both countries'  Beijing: U.S. House's passage of legislation designed to combat Beijing's manipulation of currency Jul.15 US financial reform passed by Senate  U.S. Senate: The Senate has given final approval to the biggest overhaul of American financial regulation in decades May.20 Senate approves reforms of Wall Street   U.S. Senate: The US Senate has passed a bill providing the most sweeping overhaul of financial regulations since the 1930s Apr.28 Republicans allow financial reform debate  U.S. Senate: Republicans in the Senate have dropped their objection to a debate on the most significant reforms to financial regulations since the 1930s Apr.27 Goldman Sachs' under fire at hearing   U.S. Senate: Chief executive Lloyd Blankfein has denied his bank contributed to the US financial crisis by betting some of its own investment products would... Apr.26 Senate bars bank reform debate. U.S. Senate

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Mar.19 US lawmakers vote for bonus tax  House of Representatives: House of Representatives had voted in favour of a bill to levy a 90% tax on big bonuses from firms bailed out by taxpayers

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Oct.3 House backs $700bn bail-out plan
  House of Representatives: The House of Representatives has passed by 263-171 vote a government plan to rescue the US financial sector
 The package is to buy the bad debts of failing financial institutions on Wall Street. The vote was the second in a week, following its shock rejection of an earlier version. Bush praised lawmakers for their spirit of co-operation before signing the bill into law
Oct.1 Senate backs new bail-out bill   U.S. Senate: The Senate, 74 to 25, has approved a new version of a $700bn rescue plan for the troubled US financial system Sep.29   $700 billion bailout package failed
  House of Representatives: Democrats and Republicans immediately blamed each other for the failure of the bailout package in the House Wall Street bail-out goes to vote   House of Representatives: The House of Representatives is debating ahead of a vote on a $700bn plan to bail out Wall Street Sep.28 US lawmakers publish rescue deal  The move, backed by both Republicans and Democratics, allows the Treasury to spend up to $700bn buying bad debts from ailing banks Sep.27 'Great progress' in US bail-out  Congressional leaders have reached the broad outline of a rescue plan for the US financial system; but details remain to be worked out Sep.23 Congress cool after bail-out plea  U.S. Senate: Lawmakers have expressed strong scepticism about a bail-out of the banking system, following a 5-hour Senate hearing on the rescue plan Aug.5 Iraq's projected $80b surplus stirs anger
  U.S. auditors: Iraq is raking in more money from oil exports than it is spending, amassing a projected 4-year budget surplus of up to $80 billion

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Sep.7   Bush seeks $50bn hurricane relief  The President Bush is to ask Congress for more extra emergency funding to deal with the aftermath of Katrina

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Nov.3 Congress passes Iraq budget  U.S. Senate: The Senate has given final approval to Bush's huge emergency funding package for Iraq and Afghanistan Oct.30 $87 billion approved for Iraq, Afghanistan. U.S. Senate

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