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Obama to nominate new Fed chief. Washington   Obama warns of US default danger   Washington: US President has warned that Wall Street should be concerned that a faction of Republicans is willing to allow the country to default on its...   Obama 'offering to cut US pensions'   Washington: US President Barack Obama is prepared to offer cuts to Americans' pensions to strike a deficit deal with Republicans, a White House official... Obama signs budget cuts into effect   Washington: US President Barack Obama has signed into effect a wave of steep spending cuts which he has warned could damage the US economy Obama takes stand on debt fight. Washington President Obama praises US 'fiscal cliff' deal
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  Trump nominates Jerome Powell as Fed chair  Washington: Trump has named a Republican and multi-millionaire, as his pick to lead the Federal Reserve   Trump outlines major tax cut plans  Washington: US President Donald Trump has called for major tax cuts as part of a longstanding Republican effort to overhaul the US tax system Trump 'a genius' if he paid no taxes - allies    USA: White House candidate Donald Trump's allies have said he is a 'genius' if a report is true that he paid no federal income taxes for 18 years Trump in apparent reverse on taxes for rich. USA   Obama to seek tax raises on wealthy  Washington: President Obama is to use Tuesday's State of the Union speech to call for tax increases on the wealthy to help the middle class, officials s... Obama open to short-term debt rise. Washington   Janet Yellen nominated by Obama to head US Federal Reserve
  Trump hails 'largest tax cut' in US history

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  Washington: US President has hailed sweeping tax reforms after they were given final approval by Congress, despite fierce criticism by Democrats

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  Washington: US President Barack Obama has officially nominated Federal Reserve vice-chair Janet Yellen to be the next head of the US central bank

  Washington: Obama has hailed a deal reached to stave off drastic taxation and spending measures as 'just one step in the broader effort to strengthen the economy'

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Nov.9 Obama to address looming fiscal cliff   Washington: Re-elected President will make a statement on the economy later, setting the stage for a political showdown over a looming budget crisis Apr.16 Senate blocks Obama Buffett Rule. U.S. Senate Feb.22 Obama seeks US corporate tax cut. Washington Feb.13 Obama budget plan to tax the rich. Washington

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Sep.19 Obama outlines US deficit plans
  Washington: US President Barack Obama has begun outlining his plans to reduce the US deficit and to kick-start economic growth Sep.17 New Obama plan to tax wealthiest
  Washington: US President is planning a higher minimum tax rate on the richest Americans to ensure they are taxed at the same rate as the less wealthy Apr.13 Obama urges cuts and taxing rich   Washington: President Obama calls for raised taxes on the rich as well as cuts in government spending in what he terms a balanced approach

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Dec.17 US Congress passes Obama tax deal
. House of Representatives Jul.21 Obama signs financial reform law   Washington: President Barack Obama has signed into law the biggest overhaul of American financial regulation in decades Apr.22 Obama pushes case for bank reform bill  New York: US President Barack Obama will push the case for more government regulation of big banks in a speech to financial leaders Jan.21 Obama pushes new bank regulation   Washington: US President has proposed significant new curbs on the activities of banks to try to prevent future financial crises, include limits to the size of banks

year 2009 Top ^

Sep.14 Obama issues warning to bankers   Washington: US President has warned bankers against complacency, saying that some in the industry are ignoring the lessons of the financial crisis Feb.21 Obama hails 'fastest' US tax cut
. Washington Feb.2 Obama predicts more bank failures. Washington

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.30 Bush warning over bail-out delay
. Washington Sep.24   Bush: Bail-out 'vital to easing crisis'   Washington: US President: Americans must support a massive bail-out of financial markets to ease a 'serious financial crisis' Sep.19   Bush hails financial rescue plan
  Washington: President George W Bush : The US is set to take 'unprecedented measures' to tackle the crisis gripping US financial markets
Jan.18 Bush calls for economic stimulus package. Washington

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Dec.6 Bush details housing rescue plan
. Washington

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Feb.6 Bush seeks defence spending rise
. Washington

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Sep.7   Bush seeks $50bn hurricane relief  U.S. Congress: The President Bush is to ask Congress for more extra emergency funding to deal with the aftermath of Katrina

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.7   Bush to ask 87 billions more for Iraq
  Washington: President has told the American people that Iraq is ''now the central front' in a global war against terrorism
Jan.7 Bush unveils tax cutting package. Washington

year 2001 Top ^

Oct.3 Bush package to boost economy  Washington: President has announced a revitalisation package of $60bn to $75bn to avert a recession following suicide attacks

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1. 2017-12-20 Trump hails 'largest tax cut' in US history Washington
C. 2017-11-02 Trump nominates Jerome Powell as Fed chair Washington
3. 2017-09-27 Trump outlines major tax cut plans Washington
E. 2016-10-02 Trump 'a genius' if he paid no taxes - allies White House, USA
5. 2015-01-18 Obama to seek tax raises on wealthy Washington
6. 2013-10-11 Obama open to short-term debt rise Washington
2013-10-09 Janet Yellen nominated by Obama to head US Federal Reserve Washington
I. 2013-10-08 Obama to nominate new Fed chief Washington

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