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  Senate leader Harry Reid voices fiscal cliff fear
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Yellen confirmed as next Fed chair   The US Senate has confirmed Janet Yellen as the next head of the US Federal Reserve. 56 senators voted in favour of Ms Yellen with 26 oppose... Apple 'among US's big tax avoiders'  Apple has been accused of being 'among America's largest tax avoiders' by a Senate committee JP Morgan accused of hiding losses  US bank JPMorgan Chase has been accused of hiding its huge trading losses by a US Senate panel   US Senate approves key tax deal
US shutdown: Trump and Democrats blame each other
  Recriminations have begun over the failure of the US Senate to pass a new budget and prevent the shutdown of many federal services

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  The US Senate has approved a deal to avert tax hikes and spending cuts known as the 'fiscal cliff'

  The US appears to be heading over the 'fiscal cliff', with prospects dim for a deal to avoid tax rises and spending cuts, the US Senate leader says
Jul.16 HSBC 'allowed money laundering'  A US Senate probe discloses how lax controls at Europe's largest bank left it vulnerable to being used to launder dirty money from around the... Jun.13 JP Morgan boss sorry for losses  JP Morgan Chase chairman and chief executive Jamie Dimon has apologised for the bank's $2bn losses on high-risk trades Apr.16 Senate blocks Obama Buffett Rule  Senate Republicans have blocked the Buffett Rule, President Barack Obama's proposal to raise tax rates for top earners to at least 30%

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Dec.17 US Senate passes key funding bill
  The US Senate has passed a spending bill worth nearly $1tn, averting an impending shutdown of federal government services

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Jul.15 US financial reform passed by Senate
  The Senate has given final approval to the biggest overhaul of American financial regulation in decades
May.20 Senate approves reforms of Wall Street
  The US Senate has passed a bill providing the most sweeping overhaul of financial regulations since the 1930s Apr.28 Republicans allow financial reform debate
  Republicans in the Senate have dropped their objection to a debate on the most significant reforms to financial regulations since the 1930s Apr.27 Goldman Sachs' under fire at hearing   Chief executive Lloyd Blankfein has denied his bank contributed to the US financial crisis by betting some of its own investment products would fail Apr.26 Senate bars bank reform debate  Republicans have blocked moves to start debating a bill to introduce the most significant reforms to financial regulations for 60 years

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Oct.1 Senate backs new bail-out bill
  The Senate, 74 to 25, has approved a new version of a $700bn rescue plan for the troubled US financial system Sep.23 Congress cool after bail-out plea  Lawmakers have expressed strong scepticism about a bail-out of the banking system, following a 5-hour Senate hearing on the rescue plan

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Nov.3 Congress passes Iraq budget
  The Senate has given final approval to Bush's huge emergency funding package for Iraq and Afghanistan Oct.30 $87 billion approved for Iraq, Afghanistan  On a 298-to-121 vote, the House is clearing the way for final Senate approval and a presidential signature Mar.25   Senate reverses Bush tax cuts  The Senate has reduced the size of proposed tax cuts by 50%, from $726bn to $360bn

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May.10 Senate OKs budget plan  Compromise budget resolution that calls for $1.35 trillion in tax cuts over 11 years was approved by 53-47 vote

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