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Harrison Ford broke left leg in accident   England: 71-year-old Harrison Ford's left leg was broken in the injury he suffered while shooting the new Star Wars film, the US actor's publicist has... Ebola outbreak: Staff leave S Leone   Sierra Leone: A British firm has evacuated 'non-essential' personnel from Sierra Leone following an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus Child leukaemia 'not linked to power lines'  Children who live near overhead power lines do not have an increased risk of developing leukaemia cancer, a study has said Virus shuts top London restaurant   Chef Heston Blumenthal has shut his central London restaurant after it was hit by an outbreak of a vomiting virus at the Mandarin Oriental h... New 'superbug' found in UK hospitals  A new superbug NDM-1 that is resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics has entered UK hospitals Vicks nasal spray recalled over bacteria  London: Procter & Gamble is recalling Vicks Sinex spray in the United States, Britain and Germany after finding it contained bacteria   H1N1 vaccinations rolled out in UK  A mass H1N1 immunization program began in the UK, with the country's health minister urging all priority groups to take up the vaccine Sunbeds as harmful as cigarettes  London: The International Agency for Research on Cancer: Sunbeds pose a similar cancer risk as cigarettes and asbestos   Swine flu cases double to 100,000 in UK  There were 100,000 new cases in England last week, nearly double the number from the previous seven days Swine flu hits church wine. London First flu death outside Americas. Scotland Map offers hope in fight against malaria. London   PM urges Zimbabwe cholera action  London: Gordon Brown has urged the world to tell President Mugabe 'enough is enough' amid growing concern over the country's outbreak Melamine in Cadbury products   Hong Kong: Hong Kong authorities announced that 2 recalled candy products made by British confectioner Cadbury had high levels of melamine Superbug kills 90 in hospitals. England Farm infected with foot-and-mouth Map of Guildford United Kingdom
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Main Event: Scotland confirms case of Ebola
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B. 2015-01-03 UK nurse with Ebola now in critical condition Royal Free Hospital, London
2014-12-29 Scotland confirms case of Ebola Glasgow, Scotland
D. 2014-10-13 Heathrow to start screening for Ebola Heathrow, London
E. 2014-10-11 UK expects 'handful' of Ebola cases London
F. 2014-06-19 Harrison Ford broke left leg in accident Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England
G. 2014-02-07 Child leukaemia 'not linked to power lines' United Kingdom
H. 2014-02-02 Virus shuts top London restaurant
I. 2010-08-10 New 'superbug' found in UK hospitals United Kingdom

  Heathrow to start screening for Ebola   London: Heathrow airport is to start screening for Ebola among passengers flying into the UK from countries at risk   UK expects 'handful' of Ebola cases
  UK nurse with Ebola now in critical condition   London: Pauline Cafferkey, 39, who is being treated for Ebola in a hospital after contracting the disease while volunteering in Sierra Leone is now in...   Scotland confirms case of Ebola Map of Glasgow United Kingdom

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  Health officials in Glasgow, Scotland, have confirmed a case. The patient is a health care worker who returned from Sierra Leone
  London: The UK should expect a 'handful' of Ebola cases in the coming months, the chief medical officer has said


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  England: 60 animals on the farm at a farm in Surrey have been found to be infected with foot-and-mouth disease
Feb.5 Bans on UK poultry amid flu cull. England Feb.3   Bird flu virus is Asian strain
  England: The avian flu which killed 2,600 turkeys at a farm has been confirmed as the highly pathogenic H5N1.    Vets working to ...

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Dec.21   Flu 'could wipe out 62 million'
  England: The experts in The Lancet predict the toll today would be higher than in 1918, despite medical advances Dec.1   Pair test positive for polonium
  London: A contact and the wife of dead former spy Litvinenko have both tested positive for polonium-210
  Dead spy's contact 'has radiation'  London: An Italian academic Mario Scaramella who met Russian former spy on the day he was allegedly fatally poisoned

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Oct.18   Bird flu declared 'global threat'
  England: European Union foreign ministers declared the spread of the flu into Europe a threat requiring international action

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Jul.19 Full 'Dr. Death' horror revealed  England: Relatives of patients killed by Harold Shipman have been 'vindicated' in their struggle to reveal him as he killed at least 215

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Dec.7 Countess' sorrow at lost baby  England: Prince Edward's wife Sophie, 36, had an operation for an ectopic pregnancy

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