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Thousands told to evacuate in face of California dam risk   At least 130,000 people have been told to evacuate their homes after a spillway at the tallest dam in the US was weakened by heavy rainfall Fire retardant foam engulfs California airport hangar   San Francisco Bay Area: A sea of flame retardant foam has flooded the streets around an airport hangar after a fire alarm malfunctioned in a hangar at San Jose airp... Louisiana floods: Obama 'heartbroken' after tour 'Historic' Louisiana flooding: Three dead West Virginia deadly floods: Hundreds rescued, 23 dead Map of West Virginia USA
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B. 2017-09-01 Trump seeks $7.8bn for flood recovery U.S. Congress
2017-08-30 Flood: 'No way to prevent' chemical plant blast or fire
3. 2017-08-29 Houston floods: Night curfew to stop robbery and looting Houston
4. 2017-08-28 Storm Harvey: 'Catastrophic' flooding expected to worsen Houston
5. 2017-08-27 Up to 2,000 rescued as Houston hit by 'catastrophic floods' Houston
6. 2017-02-12 Thousands told to evacuate in face of California dam risk Oroville Dam, California
H. 2016-11-18 Fire retardant foam engulfs California airport hangar SJC, San Francisco Bay Area
I. 2016-08-23 Louisiana floods: Obama 'heartbroken' after tour
J. 2016-08-13 'Historic' Louisiana flooding: Three dead Louisiana

Houston floods: Night curfew to stop robbery and looting Map of Houston  The US city of Houston has declared a night-time curfew as it battles the impact of Hurricane Harvey Storm Harvey: 'Catastrophic' flooding expected to worsen Map of Houston  Houston: The flooding in the US state of Texas is only expected to worsen in coming days as waters rise following a storm of historic proportions Up to 2,000 rescued as Houston hit by 'catastrophic floods' Map of Houston
  Trump seeks $7.8bn for flood recovery  U.S. Congress: US President has asked Congress for $7.8bn (6bn) as an initial payment to help with recovery efforts following flooding in Texas and Louisiana Flood: 'No way to prevent' chemical plant blast or fire Map of Arkema plant Crosby Houston TX USA

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  Houston: During heavy rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, the Arkema plant at Crosby lost refrigeration of chemical compounds which need to be kept cool
  Up to 2,000 people have been rescued from floods in and around Houston, as Tropical Storm Harvey continues to batter Texas with heavy rains


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  Mid-Atlantic states: Hundreds of people stranded by floods have been rescued in West Virginia, with the death toll now standing at 23, officials say
Jun.24 Twenty people die in West Virginia floods Map of West Virginia USA  Mid-Atlantic states: At least 20 people, including an eight-year-old boy and a toddler, have died in flooding. Heavy storms and flooding have caused widespread damage Apr.18 Houston floods: Disaster zone declared after 'historic' rainfall

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Dec.29 Missouri floods close Mississippi near St Louis
Oct.4 South Carolina flooding 'once in 1,000 year event' South Carolina flooding brings mass power cuts and rescues Sep.15 Flash floods kill nine people in Utah Jul.19 Man drowns in Demi Moore's swimming pool. Los Angeles May.29 Death toll from floods in Texas and Oklahoma reached 24 Map of Dallas
  Dallas: Dozens of people are rescued in the state of Texas. 3 missing with another 15 people dead from tornadoes in northern Mexico and Texas.    The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott asks for a Presidential declaration of a disaster t...
May.25 Texas and Oklahoma flooding: Three dead
Map of Wimberley Texas Texas  Two people were killed in weather-related accidents in Oklahoma and a man lost his life in San Marcos, Texas May.24 Rain deluge brings floods to Texas and Oklahoma

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Nov.22 Flood warnings for US snowmelt
. Upstate New York Sep.8 Arizona floods: Jan Brewer declares state of emergency Jul.29 Los Angeles flood hits university

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Oct.29   Severe flooding as Sandy strikes
  New Jersey: A major storm bringing torrential rain, high winds, flood surges and heavy snow has made landfall on the east US coast

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Oct.28 US military to survey Thai floods   Southern Thailand: The Thai authorities have asked US military helicopters to survey flooding, which has hit the north and is now threatening the capital Bangk... Aug.31   Obama declares floods disaster in NC & NY
  Washington: The move allows the two states to tap extra federal funds for relief efforts. President earlier signed emergency declarations for other states Aug.30 Vermont and New York await Fema help
. New England May.14 Key Mississippi floodgates opened   Louisiana: US army engineers have opened floodgates that will inundate up to 3,000 sq miles of land in an attempt to protect large cities along the riv...

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Sep.8 Jolie: Keep hope alive in Pakistan
Aug.25 Flood victims give USAID chief an earful. Pakistan Aug.19 US pledges Pakistan full support. Washington Aug.14   U.S. helicopters arrive to assist relief  Pakistan: Two Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopters arrived to assist with humanitarian and rescue efforts in Pakistan Jun.11 Floodwaters hit campsites, leave 16 dead   Southern U.S.: At least 16 people have died in the state of Arkansas after floodwaters hit campsites in a mountainous national park

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Mar.27 Flood fear forces evacuations   U. S. Midwest: Thousands of people have been asked to evacuate their homes, as the swollen Red River reaches its highest levels for 112 years

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Sep.12 Sea floods island
. Texas

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Jun.28 Severe floods leave 10 dead
. New York

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Sep.28 Morgue boss: 'These are horrible times'
. New Orleans Sep.23 Storm overcomes levee  New Orleans: Water is pouring over a patched-up levee, increasing fears that rains brought by Rita could flood the city again Sep.13 City may lose 160,000 homes. New Orleans Sep.10 Police hunt for dead  New Orleans: City police are making the recovery of bodies of Hurricane Katrina victims top priority Sep.6 Flood survivors 'must leave city'  New Orleans: The mayor has ordered the forced evacuation of people refusing to leave, amid fears of serious threats to health Water pumped from flood-hit city. New Orleans Sep.1 Up to 60,000 trying to flee city  New Orleans: Police and National Guard troops struggled to restore order. Looters and armed gangs were roaming the streets Aug.31 City evacuations under way  New Orleans: Bush called the disaster 'one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history'

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Sep.22 U.S. alert as 700 die in Haiti floods

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