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US drone strike kills two militants in Pakistan. Tribal Areas FBI uses surveillance drones in US. U.S. Senate   Sources: Drone strike kills top militant   Tribal Areas: Wali-Ur Rehman Mehsud, the Pakistan Taliban's No. 2 leader was killed, a local tribal official and an intelligence official confirmed Deadly 'US drone strike' in Waziristan. Tribal Areas   Obama defends 'just' drones war   Washington: President Obama has defended the use of drones in a 'just war' of self-defence against deadly militants and a campaign that had made America safer CIA nominee defends drone strikes. U.S. Senate Drone strikes legal case revealed  Washington: The legal basis for using drone strikes to kill US citizens has been disclosed in a leaked justice department memo Pakistan militant Mullah Nazir 'killed in drone attack'   Tribal Areas: Senior Pakistani militant leader Mullah Nazir has been killed by a US drone strike in Pakistan, local security officials say Iran TV shows 'captured US drone'   Pentagon: Iran fires on U.S. drone   Iran said it took "decisive" action after a U.S. drone entered Iranian airspace in the Persian Gulf last week Yemen drone killings prompt US lawsuit. Washington US defends Pakistan drone strikes. Washington US drone kills al-Qaeda chief Map of North Waziristan Pakistan  Tribal Areas: A US drone strike on Monday in Pakistan targeted al-Qaeda's second-in-command Abu Yahya al-Libi, US officials say Pakistan US drone kills 10. Tribal Areas Report: Iran says it can control drone   Iran shoots down American drone
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B. 2017-06-20 US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria At Tanf, Syria
2. 2016-09-06 Yemen air strikes kill al-Qaeda fighters, says US Shabwah, Yemen
3. 2016-04-01 al-Shabab: US drone strike targets militant chief Jilib, Somalia
E. 2016-01-30 Iran claims it flew drone over US aircraft carrier, snapped photos Persian Gulf, Southern Iran
2015-11-13 US 'reasonably certain' strike killed Jihadi John Washington
6. 2015-05-07 Top al-Qaeda militant Nasser al-Ansi 'killed' in Yemen Mukalla, Yemen
7. 2015-04-23 US admits two hostages killed in al-Qaeda raid Washington
I. 2015-03-17 Syria claims downing of US drone Latakia, Northern Syria
J. 2014-06-23 Obama presses Putin to stem flow of arms Washington

Pakistan 'endorsed US drone strikes' Sharif urges Obama to end drone hits. Washington Suspected US drone strike kills 2 alleged militants in Yemen   3 US drone strikes kill 12 militants in Yemen  The U.S. has sharply escalated its drone war in Yemen, with 34 suspected Al Qaeda militants killed in less than two weeks Slew of drone strikes in Yemen kill dozens Map of Mareb Yemen
  US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria   U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle shot down an armed pro-regime Shaheed-129 UAV advancing on coalition forces in southern Syria on Tuesday Yemen air strikes kill al-Qaeda fighters, says US al-Shabab: US drone strike targets militant chief. Somalia Iran claims it flew drone over US aircraft carrier, snapped photos. Southern Iran US 'reasonably certain' strike killed Jihadi John   Washington: US forces have carried out a drone strike in Syria against the Islamic State militant known as 'Jihadi John' Top al-Qaeda militant Nasser al-Ansi 'killed' in Yemen   A US air strike in Yemen has reportedly killed Nasser al-Ansi, a top militant of al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula   US admits two hostages killed in al-Qaeda raid   Washington: A US counterterrorism operation in January accidentally killed Warren Weinstein, an American, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian Syria claims downing of US drone. Northern Syria Obama presses Putin to stem flow of arms. Washington Iran says it built copy of captured U.S. drone US halts shipments from Afghanistan. Kabul Suspected US drone kills five in Pakistan. NW Pakistan Taliban say leader killed by drone. Tribal Areas Drone strike targets Taliban chief Map of North Waziristan Pakistan

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  Tribal Areas: A drone strike targeting a vehicle used by Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud has killed five people, intelligence sources say
  Drone strikes against militants are intensifying as the U.S. Embassy there and in other Middle Eastern and African countries remain closed


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  A U.S. drone was shot down in eastern Iran, state media reported, citing a military source
Sep.30 U.S.-born Muslim cleric killed Map of Marib Yemen
   Yemen: Anwar al-Awlaki -- whose fluency in English made him one of the top terrorist recruiters in the world -- was killed Friday in an airstrike.    It was a joint U.S. military-intelligence operation. FBI: The killings of the cleric and computer expert Samir Kha...
Jun.4 Key Pakistani militant 'killed by US drone'   Tribal Areas: Officials confirmed reports from locals that Ilyas Kashmiri had died, have been one of nine people killed in the attack May.6 U.S. military drone targets Al-Awlaki. Yemen Apr.21   Gates: U.S. to use drones in Libya  Washington: President Barack Obama has approved the use of armed Predator drones in Libya, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Apr.14 Pakistan condemns U.S. drone strike Apr.11 2 U.S. troops believed killed by drones. Helmand Mar.18 Calls for revenge after US drones kill 40 Map of North Waziristan Pakistan
  Tribal Areas: Tribal leaders in the Pakistani region have vowed revenge against the US after drones killed more than 40 people near the Afghan border
Mar.17 Suspected drone strike kills up to 30   Tribal Areas: Pakistan's army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has condemned the latest raid by US unmanned drones as 'intolerable and unjustified'

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Aug.14 U.S. drone attacks kills 12 militants
Map of North Waziristan Pakistan  Tribal Areas: A militant hideout was targeted by a missile in the village of Issori in North Waziristan

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Jul.8 Drones 'kill dozens'
. Tribal Areas Jun.23 'Dozens dead' in US drone strike   Tribal Areas: At least 45 people, attending a funeral for others killed in a US drone strike, have died in a missile strike by a US aircraft in Pakistan

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May.13 Key al Qaeda operative killed
. Pakistan

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Mar.10 U.S.: Iraq has illegal drone aircraft

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Dec.23 U.S. drone shot down  Southern Iraq: The unmanned Predator was reported missing after being fired upon by Iraqi military aircraft, Gen. Myers said Nov.4 U.S. kills Cole suspect   Yemen: The United States killed 6 al Qaeda members with a Hellfire missile fired from an unmanned CIA drone at the car

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