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Venezuela, New Zealand, Malaysia, Angola to join UN Security Council Split mayoral vote prolongs Venezuelan stalemate   Venezuela MPs in punch-up over poll  Fistfights have broken out in the parliament over the recent disputed presidential election. Several legislators were left bloodied and bruised Venezuela vote audit to begin   Venezuela to audit all votes  Venezuela's top election official said Thursday that authorities will complete a 100% audit of votes cast in Sunday's presidential election Manual recount not possible, chief justice says Maduro declared official poll winner Venezuela challenger demands recount   Defeated presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has demanded a recount of votes, rejecting the election of Hugo Chavez's successor as 'illegitimate' Maduro wins Venezuela election
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Venezuelan campaign passes first hurdle   National election council has announced its approval of the first step in an opposition campaign to recall President Nicola Maduro Venezuela recall referendum: Voters told to confirm identities  1.3 million people who signed a petition for a referendum to oust President Maduro will need to turn up at regional electoral offices to confirm...   Venezuela election: Opposition 'supermajority' confirmed  Venezuelan electoral authorities have confirmed that the opposition has won 2/3 majority, enabling it to challenge President Nicolas Maduro   Venezuela opposition wins majority in National Assembly Map of CARACAS Venezuela
Venezuela opposition banned from running in election  President Nicolas Maduro, says the country's main opposition parties are banned from taking part in next year's presidential election Venezuela claims 41.5% turnout in violent constituent assembly vote

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  The opposition coalition said 88% of voters abstained and it refused to recognise the election

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  The opposition won control of the National Assembly by a landslide, delivering a major setback to the ruling party and altering the balance of power

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  Socialist candidate Nicolas Maduro, who was chosen by Chavez as his successor, has won a narrow victory in Venezuela's presidential poll
 Maduro won 50.7% of the vote against 49.1% for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. Capriles said he refused to accept the result without a recount
Venezuela votes on Chavez successor  People are voting in a presidential election. Acting President Nicolas Maduro, chosen by Chavez as his successor, is running against Henrique... Apr.13 Venezuela sees electoral law row   The opposition has made an official complaint against the government following allegations that it broke the law by continuing its campaign on... Mar.10 Capriles to stand in Venezuela poll Mar.9 Venezuela sets post-Chavez poll date

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Oct.7   Chavez wins Venezuela election
  President Hugo Chavez has won a fourth term in office, after opposition leader Henrique Capriles admitted defeat.    Chavez won 54% of the vote with turnout at about 81%. He ...
Oct.6 Vote for president after fierce campaign   Left-wing incumbent Hugo Chavez, first elected in 1999, is being challenged by opposition leader Henrique Capriles Sep.30 Chavez rival in big Caracas rally Map of Caracas Venezuela  More than 100,000 people have gathered in Venezuela's capital in support of opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Sep.29 2 killed as Venezuelan campaign turns violent Jun.11 Chavez registers for October poll Feb.9 Challenger to Chavez showing strength

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Feb.15   Chavez declares victory in referendum  Venezuelan President declared victory in a constitutional referendum that will allow him to run for a third six-year term in 2012 Venezuela awaiting poll outcome  Polls have closed in a referendum on removing limits on how often politicians, including President Hugo Chavez, can run for office

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Nov.30   Chavez renews reelection ambition  President Hugo Chavez has announced a plan to seek a constitutional amendment to allow him to stand for reelection to remain in power until ... Nov.24   Chavez passes election test  Candidates from President Chavez's party won a majority of the seats in local elections that were seen as a test of Chavez's influence

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Dec.2 Voters reject Chavez's referendum
  The voters narrowly rejected a referendum that would have bolstered Chavez's embrace of socialism and granted him an indefinite extension Nov.30 Chavez urges reform  Venezuelan President, addressing tens of thousands of supporters, has urged voters to approve constitutional changes in a referendum

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Dec.3 Chavez wins by wide margin
  Hugo Chavez takes 61% of vote to challenger's 38% to win re-election to another 6-year term.    Turnout was 62%. Hundreds of Chavez supporters set off fireworks and cruised downtown Caracas in caravans, honking horns. Th...
Chavez sees election win
Venezuelans to vote on president

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Nov.29 Opposition quit poll

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Aug.16 Observers endorse vote
Recall vote: Chavez claims victory  Initial results showed about 58% voted to keep the president in office while 42% favored ousting him Aug.15 Voting extended for second time

Referendum Main Event: Venezuela claims 41.5...
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B. 2017-12-10 Venezuela opposition banned from running in election Venezuela
2017-07-30 Venezuela claims 41.5% turnout in violent constituent assembly vote Venezuela
3. 2016-08-01 Venezuelan campaign passes first hurdle Venezuela
4. 2016-06-10 Venezuela recall referendum: Voters told to confirm identities Venezuela
F. 2015-12-08 Venezuela election: Opposition 'supermajority' confirmed Venezuela
G. 2015-12-06 Venezuela opposition wins majority in National Assembly CARACAS, Venezuela
H. 2013-12-08 Split mayoral vote prolongs Venezuelan stalemate Venezuela
I. 2013-04-30 Venezuela MPs in punch-up over poll Venezuela

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