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Afghan policeman kills US troops Map of Farah Afghanistan  Two US soldiers have been shot dead by a local policeman in Afghanistan, officials for the international Nato-led force in the country say   Double gun attacks in Afghanistan  Helmand: Two separate gun attacks on Nato-led troops in south Afghanistan have left a total of six US soldiers dead   Suicide attack kills 14 in Afghanistan   The Taliban claimed responsibility for two suicide attacks on government facilities that killed at least 18 people and wounded 27 others Afghan suicide attack 'kills 13'   Helmand: Twelve Afghan policemen and a child have been killed in a suicide attack in the southern Afghan city of Lashkar Gah NATO-Afghan raid killed 16 militants  Helmand: During the joint raid, government and international security forces faced 'strong opposition'. They also confiscated a drug cache Taliban put up stiff resistance Map of Marjah Afghanistan  Helmand: Foreign and Afghan forces encountered stiff resistance as the offensive entered its second week, and a civilian was mistakenly shot dead Steady gains for Afghanistan offensive Map of Marjah Afghanistan
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2015-12-23 Afghanistan Taliban 'push further' into Helmand town of Sangin Sangin, Helmand
C. 2015-12-21 Taliban militants 'close to capturing' Sangin
3. 2012-10-30 'Green-on-blue' attack kills 2 in Afghanistan Helmand
4. 2012-09-17 Attackers in Afghan raid wore U.S. uniforms Camp Bastion, Helmand
F. 2012-09-16 Attackers in brazen Afghanistan raid wore U.S. uniforms Camp Bastion, Helmand
G. 2012-09-14 Taliban attack 'revenge for film' Camp Bastion, Helmand
7. 2012-08-17 Afghan policeman kills US troops Farah, Western Afghanistan
8. 2012-08-11 Double gun attacks in Afghanistan Helmand
J. 2012-04-10 Suicide attack kills 14 in Afghanistan Herat, Western Afghanistan

  Taliban militants 'close to capturing' Sangin Map of Sangin Helmand Afghanistan  Helmand: Reports from the southern province of Helmand suggest Taliban militants are close to overrunning the strategically important town 'Green-on-blue' attack kills 2 in Afghanistan  Helmand: A man wearing an Afghan police uniform shot and killed two soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force Attackers in Afghan raid wore U.S. uniforms   Helmand: Insurgents who staged a daring, well-planned raid on Camp Bastion, where Britain's Prince Harry is deployed, were wearing U.S. Army uniforms Attackers in brazen Afghanistan raid wore U.S. uniforms   Helmand: Afghan insurgents who staged a well-planned raid on Camp Bastion, the military base where Prince Harry is deployed, were wearing U   Taliban attack 'revenge for film' Map of Camp Bastion Afghanistan
  Afghanistan Taliban 'push further' into Helmand town of Sangin Map of Sangin Afghanistan

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  Afghan government forces have lost control of the centre of the town of Sangin in Helmand province after days of fierce fighting, reports suggest

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  Helmand: The Taliban have told the BBC that they carried out an attack on Nato's Camp Bastion in Afghanistan in revenge for a film mocking Islam


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  Helmand: The NATO operation aimed at tackling a Taliban stronghold is making progress, but still has a long way to go
Feb.14 Coalition finds resistance, explosives   Helmand: 12 Afghan civilians were killed when two rockets fired by coalition forces missed their target, as the Taliban showed stiff resistance to the... Feb.13 Coalition troops find 'minimal interference'   Helmand: The major coalition assault against the Taliban claimed the lives of two coalition troops, but military officials regard the push as very promising Taliban stronghold under siege Map of Marjah Afghanistan
  Helmand: The major Operation Moshtarak to rout militants from a notorious southern Afghan stronghold claimed its first NATO casualties
Feb.6 Taliban members killed  Helmand: At least 16 Taliban members were killed during an Afghan/NATO-led military operation. The purpose of the mission was mine-clearing

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Apr.4 20 insurgents killed in Taliban stronghold  Helmand: NATO-led service member died after being wounded by a roadside bomb Mar.23 NATO-led troops kill senior militant  Helmand: The troops killed Maulawi Hassan and nine of his associates in an operation that targeted his house

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May.31 Afghan forces kill 100 militants  Security forces, aided by coalition troops, killed 100 suspected Taliban militants in a 2-day operation in southwestern Afghanistan May.27 12 dead as violence erupts
. Southern Afghanistan

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Oct.27 Coalition: 80 Taliban killed
Map of Helmand Afghanistan  Helmand: U.S.-led coalition forces killed Taliban fighters during a 6-hour battle outside a Taliban-controlled town in Helmand province May.12 Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah killed
  Helmand: The Taliban's top military commander in Afghanistan has been killed in fighting with Afghan and Western forces in the south of the country
 Afghan forces were backed by NATO air support in the Helmand province
Apr.29 Troops kill 'scores of Taleban'   NATO-led forces and Afghan troops have killed 87 had been killed in a 14-hour battle in the western province of Heart

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Aug.2 Ethnic fighting erupts

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