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Bush briefing warned of al Qaeda  The intelligence delivered to President on August 6, 2001 warns of al Qaeda's intentions to strike inside the U.S.   Hostages overshadow Cheney's visit  U.S. Vice President brought a message of solidarity to a nation torn over its commitment of humanitarian forces in Iraq   Bush: memo no 'actionable intelligence'  President said that the memo he read shortly before 9/11, contained no 'actionable intelligence'   Bush says US stands firm on Iraq
Saudis vow to avoid oil shortages US warns Israel off Arafat attack   Powell admits Iraq evidence mistake  US Secretary of State has admitted that evidence he submitted to the UN to justify war on Iraq may have been wrong FBI warns of possible transport plot Adu, 14, makes debut US considers Iraq reinforcements  The US is examining the possibility of sending more troops if the situation gets out of control US resolve in Iraq 'unshakable'  Bush has declared that the US resolve remains 'unshakable'   Rice: Al Qaeda not flagged as threat

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  National security adviser testified that there was 'no silver bullet' that could have stopped 9/11
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  President has told the Americans that the US remains firm in its commitment, despite ongoing violence
  Washington   FBI 'failed to connect terror warnings'  Ashcroft defended himself against accusations that he showed little interest in terrorist threats before the attacks Apr.14   Washington   Tenet: U.S. 'unprotected' on 9/11  The head of the CIA told the panel that the country needs 5 years to mount the clandestine service it needs   Washington   Pentagon to extend soldiers' tours  A request by Gen. Abizaid that will result in up to 20,000 U.S. troops remaining in Iraq an extra 3 months   Washington     Bush praises Sharon's pullout proposal
  President endorsed an Israeli plan, but denied the United States was taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  China     Cheney links HK stance to Taiwan  Vice President suggested there is a link between efforts to restrict self-government in Hong Kong and dealings with Taiwan Apr.16   Washington     Bush, Blair affirm June 30 Iraq handover
  President and Prime Minister vowed that the deadline for handing over sovereignty to the Iraqi people will be met
Apr.19   Washington   US chides Spain for Iraq pull-out  The US president has rebuked prime minister Zapatero for going ahead with his election promise   Washington   Jordan's king delays Bush meeting  King Abdullah has postponed his planned visit to Washington Apr.20   U.S. Supreme Court   Supreme Court hears Guantanamo appeal  A lawyer: The U.S. has created a 'lawless enclave' where men are being held without access to American courts Apr.22   Washington   Trial of 9/11 suspect to go on  An appeals court has ruled that the government's case against Zacarias Moussaoui can go ahead Apr.23   Washington   U.S. lifts most sanctions against Libya  The administration is opening the way for U.S. investments but still forbidding air travel and some exports Apr.25   Washington   Abortion activists on the march  Thousands from the US and some 60 other countries have arrived for a rally to try to ensure that abortion remains legal Apr.26   Iraq     US sets limits to Iraqi self-rule  The new government will have to delegate some of its powers to the coalition Apr.29   Washington     Bush undergoes 9/11 questioning  President and Vice-President Dick Cheney have begun their appearance before the commission investigating the 9/11 attacks Apr.30   Washington   Iraq prison abuse sparks outrage
  A coalition military spokesman is 'disgusted' by photographs that apparently show U.S. soldiers abusing detainees


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